Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spotlight On Dare Dorm!

I love college themed porn. Always have. Always will. As an erotica writer, my favorite stories that I have written all involve lusty co-eds, horny frat boys and tempting teachers that are always willing to lend a helping hand for that struggling student to get a little XXXtra credit. Even back when I was reviewing porn I always made sure to get the college themed porn. There's just something about watching college kids hanging out in their dorms, talking, drinking and fucking before studying for that big midterm. That's why I am still thanking every god and goddess that ever existed that I found Dare Dorm.

As far as web based porn sites go, Dare Dorm ranks up there with the best. And if college kids are your pleasure this site is for sure gonna be number one on your list.
The premise for the site is simple enough. The site has videos that have been "submitted" from various college across the country. Dare Dorm offers a challenge to college students everywhere, send in a video of you and your buddies throwing your best and most wild party and you have the chance to win $10,000. Who wouldn't fuck on camera for that? I know I would.

All of the scenes are pretty formulaic and follow the same basic "script" but hey it works and, let's tell the truth, if you guys are anything like me, you just fast forward through the clips until the clothes come off, the dicks get hard and the pussies get wet.

Usually the scenes start off as follows: we are introduced to our group of horny and, presumably, strapped for cash academics. There's always one alpha who is trying to convince his, and in some cases, her friends, to go along with this brilliant idea because every school on this site has the best video that is for sure going to win the 10k no problem. It doesn't take much to convince the others and then the fun starts, usually in the form of a party; there's booze, jokes and sometimes games like spin the bottle, truth or dare etc. In a couple videos they've had foam parties and strip beer pong. Give it a few more minutes and then the fun starts.
The cool thing about the site is, if it is in a big dorm party scenario there's always plenty of people that are standing around enjoying the show so it can fulfill any voyeuristic fetishes the viewer may be into.
The thing that Dare Dorm gets right too is they actually employ real people or amateur porn stars that don't have household names or big followings to keep the "real" aspect of the site. It can be fun to watch the scenes and find someone you may know working as an extra for a hundred bucks. And you'll feel like Nancy Drew when you discover other scenes the performers have appeared in.  Some of the guys have appeared in Dick Dorm; Dare Dorm's gay themed brother site, I'll spotlight them another day and a few of the guys have always done stuff for Corbin Fisher and other gay online studios. Which ones you may ask? Well you'll just have to keep checking back for when I spotlight them. ;)
The other nice thing about Dare Dorm is the variety of people they use so they will appeal to whatever kind of person you are into. There's good looking muscular jock guys, skinny nerdy guys, hot girls with big tits, more plain looking girls that have more real looking bodies, etc. The performers all look like they are enjoying it too. There hasn't been one instance where I've been able to point out that someone was there against their will or was hating themselves for being on the site; something I'm pretty good at being able to pick out.
So there you have it my scintillating sinners. Why not celebrate hump day and Thanksgiving one day early by heading on over to and giving thanks that there are good looking, barely legal kids that are willing to put all the inhibitions aside and fuck on camera for money.