Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spotlight On Seka

I love this woman. She is my favorite of the Golden Age Porn Goddesses. If I could I would marry her. I can't describe my crush on her maybe it's because she's a broad, the kind of woman that I absolutely love; the kind of woman who is more comfortable in sweats and jeans then in a skirt. The kind of woman who can smoke, play cards, play pool and tell dirty jokes with the best of them. Plus you got to love any woman who is described by Jamie Gillis as being "a bit above porn" and a "white trash queen."
She was born Dorothea Hundley on April 15th 1954 in Virginia. Seka, who is of Cherokee and Irish descent, has described her childhood as plain and normal. She has a brother and sister. One week after her eighteenth birthday she married her first husband Frank Patton. The marriage lasted a year. Her second marriage to Ken Yontz lasted two years.

Seka appeared in two hundred and fifty films and directed two films during the 70s and 80s. With a resume like that it's not surprising that is a member of both the AVN and X-Rated Critics Organization Hall Of Fame.
She had numerous stage names when she first entered the industry including Sweet Alice, Platinum Princess, Dottie and Linda Grasser before finally choosing the name Seka after a female blackjack dealer she knew in Vegas.
In 1982 she took a break from the industry saying they were no longer paying her what she wanted. She also said the HIV epidemic was also a factor and is quoted as saying: "that's why I don't make movies anymore. I like to live." She supported herself by stripping and doing nude modeling. It is also around this time that she began operating her fan club.
She did return to movies briefly in the 90s with her last film being American Garter.
Seka has listed her favorite male performers as Jamie Gillis, who she performed with several times, the legendary John C. Holmes, Mike Ranger and Paul Thomas. Her favorite female performers were Veronica Hart, the amazing Aunt Peg, Kay Parker and Candida Royalle.

In 1997 she was the host of her own radio talk show on 97.9 FM The Loop in Chicago called Let's Talk About Sex. She hosted the show for three years. She also appeared in various talk shows including Montel, Oprah, Larry King and Donahue. She also had an appearance on SNL.
In 2005 she moved to Kansas City and operated her fan club through her website
In February 2007 she shot her first hardcore scene in 15 years. It was an online scene.
In 2010 she appeared in the amazing documentary After Porn Ends. It's a very good documentary and I highly recommend it.