Thursday, December 4, 2014

Boomer Banks Bottoms In Raging Stallion's New Fall Blockbuster Auto Erotic Part 2

He has the biggest dick in porn today. Ten inches. Uncut. Power top. He has worked exclusively for Falcon and Raging Stallion ever since the president of the studio, Chris Ward, saw him in the film Timberwolves. Well now Boomer is bottoming for the first time in a scene that is being called "monumental" and a "milestone" in his career. He is bottoming for Sean Zevran in Auto Erotic Part 2 which was just released on November 26th. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Pretty impressive right? Not many guys who have a great dick and a great ass but Boomer is the total package.
Now onto the scene and I must admit I haven't watched it yet, I was just turned onto this event happening last night, so this is just a description of what I've read, but I do have some awesome caps from the scene to show you guys and rest assured, I will be reviewing this scene soon.
The scene between Boomer and the equally hot Sean Zevran is a flip scene, so you can enjoy these two studs putting all of their talents to use in one scene. There's lots of making out, blow jobs, hard cocks, rimming and, apparently, Boomer proves to be quite the power bottom, moaning and shouting as Sean makes him take every inch of his hard dick, fucking him until Boomer is about to cum and then they flip and Boomer shows the world why he is one of the best power tops in the business.

I for one can't wait to see the scene especially when I read an interview with Boomer who said that his bottom debut happened spontaneously. Apparently he had been wanting to bottom on film for a while but didn't know when or with who. He said that he found Sean hot-who wouldn't-and liked his cock-who doesn't-and that's when he knew it was the right time. All I can say is God bless you Sean Zevran and God bless you, Raging Stallion for this beautiful gift you have given us.
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