Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breaking News: Clover Dropped From Agency Following Domestic Violence Arrest

Seriously? What is it with these porn stars and domestic violence?
The folks over at Xbiz are reporting that Clover, real name Casey Purser, was arrested on the 23rd in Las Vegas before the AVN Awards for possession of cocaine and domestic violence charges against fellow performer Morgan Lee. Clover is being held at The Clark County Detention Center and is scheduled to appear in front of a judge tomorrow (Monday) bright and early at 7:30. What a way to start your Monday and your week right? His bail is reportedly set at $8000.
To add insult to injury, Clover has also been dropped by his agency ATMLA. Mark Schechter, the owner of ATMLA, told Xbiz that as soon as he heard about the arrest he severed his ties with Clover. Schechter is quoted as saying, "the ATMLA family is close knit with high professional standards, and we are appalled at his criminal acts" before going on to further say, "our industry already unjustly suffers from a tremendous amount of negative stigma. There is no place in this industry for a person who perpetrates domestic violence against women, disrespect for women or a propensity for violence. I hope this becomes a lesson for anyone else in this industry who demonstrates this type of behavior that this industry will not tolerate violence against women."
Bravo Mr. Schechter. I completely agree with this statement and stand by your decision one hundred percent. I wish more of the higher ups in the adult entertainment industry held your same ideals and values and were brave enough to stand by their convictions and beliefs.
Morgan Lee did appear at the AVN's and, like a true professional, walked the red carpet. She even sent this tweet out prior to the ceremony: Even though shit went ruff today I'm for sure walking that red carpet and hope makeup artist Jenn Marie Jaen can walk with me.
Morgan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and we are standing strong with you and give you all our love and support.
Clover my thoughts and prayers are with you as well and I hope that you get the help you need and are able to conquer whatever demons you are battling before it is too late.
To read the full article go here:

EDIT: I have just been informed by a source over at AVN that apparently this isn't Clover's first arrest. He has been arrested for probation violations, a DUI, another charge of domestic violence and even animal cruelty. All I can say is poor guy. Will family and/or friends please intervene and get him help before it's too late?


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