Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Breaking News: Cal State LA Cancels Sex Toys R Us Event

Happy hump day my devoted delighters of all things porno. Here is a quick little scoop I just found out about thanks to the good folks over at Xbiz.
Now this is the first I'm hearing about the event but I'm still disappointed as it sounds like a ton of fun and something I think is needed; especially in a city as prudish as LA and I know that's gonna anger a lot of people but it's true. I was out to dinner with a friend last night and we both agreed that when it comes to sex the majority of California residents are prudes. We both wished that the people here could be as open as New Yorkers are with sex and expressing their sexuality and what has happened at Cal State LA kind of proves our point.
So the event, called Sex Toys R Us, was being sponsored by an unnamed adult store and the gender and sexuality resource center at El Sereno College.
Campus officials were reportedly angered by the flyer that used the words handcuffs, swings and the hashtag playtimeatcalstatela. They reportedly said these things were "not appropriate."
Reportedly there was also concern because there were two high schools on campus. Okay, I can kind of get that but unless there was pictures of naked people using sex toys on the flyers is it really going to fuck up a bunch of high school kids who you know have already downloaded a gazillion hours worth of porn. Also, I'm sure that people would have had to show I.D. to get into the event and if you're going to "be concerned" over a flyer that high school kids can see does that mean we should take down all of The Fifty Shades Of Gray billboards that are up? Actually we should. That book was a piece of shit and the movie's gonna be an even bigger piece of shit. Anyway, off the soapbox Joe.
There are also reports that parents, administration and students were upset because the event was being funded by students' fee.
According to the article though, a lot of students were really receptive to the event and of even having classes on sexual education and sexual pleasure. I am in agreement with those students!
The full article, though it's pretty short and, like yesterday's, was hard to paraphrase and not plagiarize, can be read here:
What are your guys' thoughts on this? I'd love to hear 'em. Leave a comment below.


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