Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rest In Peace Herald Price-Fahringer

Now I must report some sad news. We have lost a truly great man and champion of not only free-speech but also the industry. Herald Price-Fahringer, well-known free speech attorney, has sadly passed away from prostrate cancer. He was 87 years old.
With over 50 years of practice in New York, Herald represented hundreds of clients in the adult entertainment industry including Al Goldstein and Larry Flynt in both civil and criminal matters including zoning involving both topless shows and peepshows.
He argued 100 obscenity cases in 25 states and argued First Amendment cases in front of The Supreme Court 15 times; he only lost 2 of those cases. His impressive resume also includes arguing and/or briefing 400 cases in the federal court of appeals in multiple states.
Besides handling cases for business he also represented dozens of individuals who were charged with homicide, racketeering, arson, gambling and extortion.
He appeared on Inside Edition, Good Day New York and Good Morning America and was general counsel on The First Amendment Lawyers Association.
Herald, a long time resident of Buffalo who commuted frequently to New York City for cases, attended Buffalo Law School and eventually became a name partner with the firm Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria; this firm still handles many cases in the adult entertainment industry.
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Rest In Peace Herald. We have lost a true advocate.


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