Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy 45th Anniversay Penthouse Forum!

Yes dear readers, how time flies. 45 years ago Penthouse forum was born as an insert in Penthouse Magazine with the subtitle The International Journal Of Human Relations and quickly helped shape a generation with topics and advise on how to improve relationships with your partner in the bedroom, answering all your questions on adultery, divorce and even marriage, giving helpful tips to increase the old sex drive and of course the infamous letters; how many of us haven't called shit on a too good to be real sex story by saying the old but never tired line: "Dear Penthouse Forum..."
The thing that really set Penthouse Forum apart was that it was intended to be read by both men and women.
The special anniversary issue is a fun blend of the classic and contemporary that includes some truly classic letters from the 70s as well as columns by Mandy Stadtmiller and Dennis Hof and a pictorial of Ash Hollywood this special edition is not to be missed and is a must own for every Penthouse fan. Plus look at the cover, why wouldn't you want that magazine?
Link to the full article can be found here:
Happy 45th Penthouse Forum and here's to another great 45 years!


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