Monday, March 16, 2015

Rest In Peace Dell Williams

AVN has reported this sad news and it breaks my heart passing it on as we have lost a truly amazing woman. Dell Williams, the founder of the first sex boutique that catered exclusively to women, has died at the age of 92.
Williams passed away last Wednesday at her Manhattan home. Aside from her boutique she was also an Army Wac, advertising executive and a former actress.
In 1974 she opened up her boutique, Eve's Garden, after purchasing the Magic Wand, a vibrator, at Macy's and feeling uncomfortable shopping for the device at the department store. She bought the wand after attending a workshop put on by Betty Dodsen who encouraged the women in attendance to practice masturbation.
Williams opened Eve's Garden so women could have a comfortable and discreet place to shop for sex toys. At that time most of the sex shops were owned by and catered to men.
Eve's Garden started as a mail order business before Williams opened up the store on the upper level of a Manhattan office building on West 57th. The store also eventually had a website as well
Williams was born on August 5th, 1922 as Dell Zetlin. The Williams surname came after she modified the spelling of her husband, Ted Willms, last name. She later had the marriage annulled. She also wrote her memoir Revolution In The Garden, which I plan to read. If you would like to read more about this amazing woman's life you can order the book here: and you can visit Eve's Garden here:
Williams, who had no surviving immediate family, was a founding member of Veteran Feminists Of America and also served on the advisory board of Spirituality And Sexuality. In 1977 for her contributions to women's sexual health she was named woman of the year by The National Women's Health Coalition and in 1988 she was included in that year's edition of The Foremost Women Of The Twentieth Century and in 1994 she was listed in Who's Who Worldwide which is a registry honoring outstanding female business leaders.
The full article at AVN can be read here:
Rest In Peace you amazing woman.


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