Monday, March 2, 2015

Vadim Black Is Now A $250 Escort In Florida

Okay I have to admit that this guy is very fascinating to me.
For those of you who don't know about Vadim Black here's a quick little rundown:
He first came to light as one of the guys over at Broke Straight Boys. Then for whatever reason he left the company and went to work for Dallas Reeves, and those of you who have followed my blog know ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about him and my opinions of him and his company. Black's stint at Dallas Reeves didn't last that long and soon he was back at Broke Straight Boys and even part of their reality show Broke Straight Boys TV.
Last year he went on a Twitter rant about how he was tired of "bitchy queens" and he admitted on Twitter that he "hates fags."
After that he then did an interview saying he has "deep issues" to work out and that some of those issues came from dealing with disclosing his porn career to his career.
Well, here's where things get interesting, at least for me.
There are rumors circulating that he may be, once again, gone from Broke Straight Boys. His Twitter account is gone-though that doesn't mean anything-and he is now escorting under the name Trey at where he lists some of his interests as rimming, being open to exploring new things and labeling himself as a versatile bottom; pretty interesting label and profession for a guy who "hates fags." Why not do straight escorting? Go to Vegas and see if Cowboys4Angels has any openings, hell if the dude who runs was interested in hiring me at one time-yes true fact-he'll do cartwheels to get Vadim.
His rates are reasonable, I guess. I have never escorted and have never paid for an escort so I can't tell you. You decide:
First hour=$250
Each additional hour=$200
Well, all I can say is I hope he is careful and happy with this new career path and that any "deep issues" he's had he has worked through them.
If you wanna see his profile or read more about it here you go:



  1. This guy is definitely into men but in denial. Russian roots may be the cause?

  2. Vadim or Trey or Luke (MTV) is a very hot guy. Got to be one of BSB's top models too. He'll do well escorting. The guy is an incredible bottom.

  3. You know he offers cam shows on his Instagram now? But its all a con. He has been advertising cam shows for $80 then when people pay he stops replying and blocks them. Literally stealing money from his fans. He's a nasty guy.