Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cody Cummings Leaves Next Door Studios And May Have A Twitter Stalker

And let's just continue this Sunday with bizarre gay porn Twitter stuff with the most boring guy in the business: Cody Cummings. Okay I'm sorry for all of you that may be fans but I never got Cummings. I don't know why he ever got into the gay porn business if he's so straight, I don't know why studios hire him, I don't know why people pay to see his boring jerk off videos. If you ask me, he should just go do straight porn or just suck it up, take it like a man and start fucking dudes.
Okay, so a few years ago Cody left Next Door Studios, some say he was fired, some say he quit, I don't know and I don't care I just thought maybe he was finally going to be gone. Nope. A few months later he was back at the studio. Well now he's gone again and he took to Twitter seeming to claim that NDS has "fucked him." Whatever that means. Cummings then goes on and says that if people are "real fans" they will cancel their memberships to
The real interesting thing is when he gets a Tweet from someone suggesting that he just take the plunge and do real gay porn. Cody responds with "I've thought about it for sure." So has he realized that he's on minute 16 of his 15 minutes of fame? Or is this just a weird stunt for attention?
The real interesting thing is when an obsessed fan joins in and starts Tweeting and she's legit crazy. Like Fatal Attraction get guns for protection she's around every corner crazy.
To see her Tweets and Cody's click here:


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