Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dicky Johnson Launches His New Site

So some of you know that I love me some hot trans men and Dicky Johnson is no exception! I just think he's one of the sexiest trans men working in the industry today and he's a fellow bisexual so my chances of getting with him are pretty good, at least in my own head.
Well, I have some good news for fans of The Johnson, he's now got his own site! Yes! The award nominated Johnson has teamed up with Kennston to launch his first site. Dicky is also behind the site and Kennston has announced that it plans to launch more FTM performer sites this year! I think this is awesome as there aren't a lot of sites out there dedicated to the FTM performers like there are for the MTF performers.
For more info, including a great quote from Dicky and a link to his site-I've visited it's amazing!-go here:

Congrats Dicky!


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