Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hot Octopuss Calls For Gwyneth Paltrow Boycott

Now this is a boycott I can get behind 100%! When it comes to Paltrow I've never tried to hide the fact that I have the same feelings for the star as Kathy Griffin does; I can't stand Paltrow. I agree with Kathy when she says that Paltrow just has a condescending way about her and has an aura about her like she thinks she's better than everyone.
Anyway, British sex toy manufacturer, Hot Octopuss, has called for a boycott after Paltrow's announcement that she plans to turn Hustler Hollywood on The Sunset Strip into a swanky nightclub. Paltrow recently purchased the landmark sex shop. Hot Octopuss is asking fans to get on Twitter and tell Paltrow just how much we object to that idea using the hashtag: MakeLoveNotClub.
This marks the second Twitter initiative the company has launched after their Sex Not Stigma global conversation that encouraged couples to talk openly and honestly about sex. In an effort to get Paltrow to start thinking more sex positively the company sent her its Pulse Duo sex toy.
Here's hoping the campaign works. I'm getting on Twitter right now to voice my support to MakeLoveNotClub! Click here: to read the whole story.


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