Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nina Hartley Stars As Hillary Clinton In Dogfart's Hillary Gets The Black Vote Parody

This makes me smile. For multiple reasons. One, I love Nina Hartley, she's one of my favorites so anytime news breaks of her appearing in ANYTHING I'm happy. Two, I love the fact that a company is brave enough to parody not only politics but such an important issue in politics: the black vote. Three, I like to think that this is how all politicians get the vote of ANY demographic that is hard to reach and four, you got to love any porn company who's name is Dogfart.
Okay, now onto the story, Nina Hartley and James Bartholet star as Hillary and Bill and there are twelve black staffers, man I'm already salivating thinking of the potential gangbang scene there, in Dogfart's latest parody, Hillary Gets The Black Vote, directed by Billy Watson.
Production on the film wrapped earlier this week and the company is hoping to make it available next week. I'm already standing in line!
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