Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Burlesque Icon And Legendary Stripper Blaze Starr Has Passed Away

Man this has been a bad few weeks for our industry. We have lost another talented performer who was a legend, an icon and opened the doors for many female performers. Blaze Starr, a legendary stripper and burlesque icon, passed away Monday due to a heart attack at the age of 83.
Known for both her off stage notoriety as well as her 38DD's Starr was born on April 10th, 1932 as Fannie Belle Fleming in West Virginia. Before she found fame as a dancer she worked as a child washing laundry and was, unfortunately, the victim of gang rape.
When she was fifteen she began performing as a country singer in Washington D.C. When she was 18 she moved to Boston where she began stripping. She began working at a strip club on The Block called The 2 O'Clock Club. Starr would later buy the club and the club's owner, Red Snyder, would later become her manager.
In fact it was Red who introduced the world to Starr's tits. The story goes that he gave her a guitar and expected her to sing but when he found out the audience was made up primarily of soldiers he asked her to take her top off. Starr originally refused until Snyder appealed to her patriotic side with the magic words, "do it for America" and the rest is history. Starr, who reportedly wanted to be a movie star, loved the cheers from the crowd.
In 1954, Esquire Magazine ran an article on her and said she was Lily St. Cyr's successor.
Starr also made all of her own costumes and designed her own house in Baltimore which was valued at a hundred grand.
Starr was also known for the numerous affairs she had, mostly with politicians and, allegedly, with President Kennedy himself. She was also rumored to have had an affair with the police officer who arrested her, Frank Rizzo who would become mayor of Philly, after a club she was performing at in Philly was raided. Guess that's one way to avoid jail time or a hefty fine.
She wrote her autobiography in 1974 which can be found here: Lolita Davidovich and Paul Newman would star in the film version.
This amazing woman, who once said that she got nude with class, and who once said that if she had to live her life over again she wouldn't change a thing and would just do a lot more of it, seduce more men and try a lot harder, will be forever missed.
Thanks to AVN for the great biographical piece on her life which can be found here:
Rest in peace beautiful angel. Corrupt Mary Magdalene, Mother Theresa, Mother Cabrini and The Virgin Mary for me!



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