Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Is Mary Carey Running For Mayor Of Philadelphia?

As if tonight's blog posts couldn't get any weirder. AVN is reporting that Mary Carey, who once ran for governor of California and has also stated that she'd like to run for President, man I'd love to see that cabinet, told Daily News' Jenny DeHuff that she is thinking of moving to Philadelphia, run for Mayor and preside over The Wing Bowl.
Carey, who turns 35 on June 15th will be appearing at Philly's Center City's Gold Club to celebrate her birthday. She begins appearing at the club tomorrow (Friday) and will be making appearances through Saturday and appearing with contortionist/cam model Lacey Rain and if you attend and mention DeHuff's article you get a free Mary Carey autograph!
For the full article which includes more information on the club go here:


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