Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NakedSword Is Having A Christian Wilde Tribute All Month Long!

If you're a fan of Christian Wilde, and who isn't, then you are going to be falling on your knees and sucking NakedSword's cock, and swallowing NakedSword's cum, after you read what they are doing this month.
NakedSword is honoring Wilde this month with a film festival by showing all of his best films, from both NakedSword and other studios, on their site! How fucking cool is that?
Wilde was the first NakedSword exclusive model that was signed to NakedSword's Originals when it was launched four years ago. He was with the company for two years and even earned a Grabby Award for Best Actor for his work there.
Guess I know what I'm going to be binge watching when I'm done with Orange Is The New Black. ;)
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