Friday, June 19, 2015

News Of Deshaun Hayes' Passing In March Has Just Been Released

Okay seriously no body else die for a very long time! I HATE HATE HATE reporting it!
AVN has just reported that news of popular performer Deshaun Hayes' passing back in March due to apparent liver disease has just been released to the media. Hayes passed away on March 7th. He was only 37 years old.
He made his debut back in 2005 and appeared in 80 films over his eight years in the industry. He probably would have done more but he scaled back his work in films in 2010 after he started experiencing health problems.
A very well-liked man who didn't smoke or do drugs, Hayes was originally from Chicago and later lived in Lexington. He was also a fitness fanatic, you can tell from the pictures, and was really into cars, again he looks like he would be, and DJ'ing.
A memorial service was held for Deshaun in Lexington on March 14th.
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Rest in peace handsome!


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