Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Get's A Six Figure Offer From Vivid

I guess it pays to pretend to be black.
Rachel Dolezal has gotten her second offer to do porn and this one is even more money then the $50,000 offered her.
Xbiz is reporting that Steven Hirsch, the co-founder of Vivid, has offered Dolezal six figures to do a sex tape for the company.
But it gets even juicier.
Apparently, Dolezal has already filmed a sex tape with her ex-husband. This was found out after reporters snooped around the old court filings.
Hirsch has reportedly said that if Dolezal accepts his offer she will have "free reign" in her own sex tape.
No word on if Rachel is considering either offer. More details as I get them.
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