Monday, July 6, 2015

Meet The Director And Cast Of Safe Landings

Xbiz and some of the other various adult news sites did a great article on Safe Landings, the porn film I have a non-sex dialogue only role in. You can read it hear, it's an awesome read and my summarizing of it wouldn't do it justice.
But I wanted to do my own kind of cast introduction and believe me I will be spotlighting all of the cast and hitting them up for interviews, one of which already sent me an interview and will be posting soon.
I am super excited about being a part of this film and equally excited about my part. It's a small role but very meaty and I have two very powerful scenes in the film which will look amazing on my reel and will open up a lot of doors for me and, I believe, will have mainstream Hollywood consider me for roles they have been overlooking me for because of the stuff I have on my reel now and the way I look.
So ladies and gentlemen meet the amazing writer/director and cast of Safe Landings!

First up, the talented woman who brought this story and characters to life. A fabulous writer who knows how to tell a story and tug at your heartstrings and I'm thrilled to be directed by her. Ladies and gentlemen writer/director Kay Brandt:
And now the cast.
The two leads of the film August Ames:
And Xander Corvus:
The supporting cast is made up of Brenda James who read with me in the audition:
Marcus London:
Ryan McLane:
And Alison Rey who I met at the audition and who has been interviewed by me; I'll be posting that soon:
Pretty sexy cast, huh?
As I said, I'm honored to be a part of this. The script is great and I am Facebook friends with Kay's publisher, Selena Kitt, so I'm happy to help her out as well.
It's also exciting to be a part of the kick off film to the new line Adam and Eve is starting of turning erotic novels into adult films. As an erotic novelist I am looking at this as a way to get involved with the line and maybe get some of my films turned into books or even help with the adaptations. Plus who knows this could lead to some award nominations or wins or even other non-sex roles in adult films.
The film is scheduled for a fall release and will debut on


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