Thursday, July 9, 2015

Michael Hoffman, Surprisingly, Releases A Free Video On XVideos

In a move that I never saw coming everyone's favorite straight masturbating bodybuilder, Michael Hoffman, has released a free video to the fans on XVideos.
The vid was posted on July 4th and comes days after the announcement that Hoffman had sold all of his flexing and solo videos to; this also marks, as far as I'm aware, the first video Michael has posted since he had his YouTube meltdown and said he was not going to post anymore videos because he couldn't have a "normal" life because of them.
The 8 minute video starts with Michael apologizing to the fans and admitting that he screwed a lot of people and then offers this tape as a sort of apology to people who he owes videos too.
It's standard Michael Hoffman: flexing, shots of his ass, him fingering himself-let me just say he must either finger himself a lot or get fucked with a dildo or get pegged because that digit just slides right in with no lube or spit and his hole looks pretty big; just saying-and then shots of him stroking although he doesn't cum in this video and doesn't get hard until the last ten seconds or so.
Have to say, it's a pretty boring tape but I'm not a fan of solo or jerk off videos. My philosophy has always been if I want to watch an asshole masturbate I'll jerk off in front of the mirror haha.
And honestly how many different ways can you flex or jerk off or finger yourself before it gets old? If Michael wants to continue to make videos I think he needs to up the game and either get blown or just fuck.
If you'd like to see the video click here:


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