Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review Of Adult Store 69 Adult Toys

So I've never reviewed an adult toy store so I figured why not?
Yesterday, while killing time in Sherman Oaks between an audition and a rehearsal, I came across a little adult toy store off Ventura and Van Nuys Blvd called 69 Adult Toys; which I have to say is a really cute name for an adult toy store.
I went in and looked around and started talking to, I'm assuming because of how knowledgeable she was and how prideful she was of the store, the owner.
Apparently the store had started out as an online store, you can view the site here: and I love how there's free shipping on any order over $69 bucks. That's cute. Anyway, the store started as an online realtor, gained popularity and then they opened their first store in Tarzana before opening up the one in Sherman Oaks.
The card claims that 69 Adult Toys is "Your One Stop Favorite Sex Shop" and that "Variety Is Our Game" and they don't disappoint. They even go so far as promising that if they don't carry a product, and it's still being made, they will order it for you at no additional charge. They also offer discreet shipping on online orders or you have the option of picking the order up in the store.
The store has a good layout and is very clean and also has a very nice environment. It's not a sketchy sex shop where you feel ashamed to be inside or feel grimy while browsing the racks. There's a dignified air about the place and it feels no different then if you were browsing in the used DVD store or Urban Outfitters just down the street.
There is a nice selection of toys and lingerie as well as a good fetish section and even a fun bachelorette party section which, I was told, is their most popular section and "sells itself."
The only thing I wish is that they carried more books and movies in the store and that they had a bigger selection of LGBT movie titles and toys but they more than make up for that on the website.
All in all, if you're in Sherman Oaks or Tarzana and are looking for a toy or movie to add to your collection, planning your girlfriend's bachelorette party or just want to browse a sex shop I highly recommend 69 Adult Toys.

Grade: Solid A+


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