Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Breaking News! Rentboy Shut Down, New York Office Raided

Wow.  Just wow.  I'm in shock and can't believe I am writing this.  Coming off the heels of the Ashley Madison scandal Rentboy, the largest gay escorting site which has been in business for 15 years and employs not only many porn stars but also many of my friends, has been shut down after their Manhattan headquarters off 5th ave and 14th street were raided this morning by law enforcement officers including members of Homeland Security and NYPD.
CEO Jeffrey Hurant along with employees Clint Calero, Marco Soto Decker, Hawk Kincaid, Coco Lopez, Sean Van Sant and Eli Lewis who is also a Rentboy were all arrested on charged of violating The Travel Act by promoting prostitution. The Travel Act makes it a federal offense to travel internationally or state to state to facilitate or promote an unlawful activity.
It has since been reported by journalist Melissa Gira Grant that Hurant is out on $350,000 bond and the remaining six have been released as well on bonds ranging from $50,000 to $200,000. Grant also reports that at least two employees were bailed out by their husbands and that at least one other Rentboy employee has been arrested out of state. No word to confirm this or who it might be but at least two Rentboy profiles were listed in the indictment so we could possibly start to see actual Rentboys being arrested.
Grant has also reported that earlier reports that the employees were arrested on charges of money laundering are also false. However if they are convicted they could face up to 5 years in jail.
The site Rentboy.com has been seized as well as millions of dollars in bank accounts.
Boston Globe reporter Michael Brodeur took to Twitter saying that the raid happened as a precaution in case of a hypothetical hack which would reveal that federal official were on Rentboy.  So thank you Impact Team assholes for ruining more lives and potentially putting my friend's livelihoods and freedom from jail at risk.  Hope you fuckers have restless nights and you deserve all that karma has to offer.
Apparently Rentboy isn't the only site under attack. Straight escorting sites MyRedBook and escortd.com have been raided and it is now harder for Backpage to accept payments being forced to either get money orders snail mailed or use bit coins.
I have to say I think this is ludicrous. It is 2015. This is between consenting adults. No one cares.  Everyone ia either working as a Rentboy or hiring Rentboys.  I proudly wear my Rentboy tank-I have a feeling that's going to go up in value- and was even excited about being in talks with Rentboy about possibly hosting The Hookies and being nominated for an award.  With shows like Gigolos and the economy being bad why make people ashamed of sex? Why make it harder for young people to survive and make a living? Maybe I'm wrong but I feel there's more important "criminals" to go after then Rentboy.  I felt like sex was finally becoming less taboo and more accepted thanks to Rentboy and events like their Hustlaball.  Those were fun where people could be free amd be themselves.  But I think this is a harsh dose of reality and reminder for those of us who are sex workers that we are the witches in this modern day Salem and face burning at the stake everyday.  Any one of us could be tried with obscenity if the government wants to make an example of us.  I just hope that this doesnt set us too far back and ruin the progress we have made.
As always more news as I get it.
Stay strong all my Rentboys.  I support you and the rights of all sex workers and remember money can't buy you love. But the rest is negotiable.