Friday, August 7, 2015

Gene Reeves Jr, Attorney Shot With Larry Flynt, Has Died

It is with deep sadness that I report the death of Gene Reeves Jr, the attorney who was shot with Hustler founder Larry Flynt back in 1978. Reeves passed away on July 31st. He was 85.
Reeves and Flynt were shot back in March of 1978 by Joseph Paul Franklin who was upset with Hustler for publishing images of an interracial couple. Franklin would later be convicted of a series of racially motivated murders and subsequently executed in Missouri in 2013. The shooting left Flynt paralyzed and in a wheelchair while Reeves spent a month recovering in a hospital.
In an ironic twist, Reeves would later become a judge at the same courthouse where he and Flynt was shot. In 1994 Reeves was appointed a magistrate judge for Gwinnett County and retired in 2011.
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Rest in peace your honor.


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