Monday, August 17, 2015

Penthouse Model And Actress, Darenzia, Starts Indiegogo For Sci-Fi Film, Crossover

Penthouse model, fetish model and mainstream actress Darenzia, who has the best stage name ever!, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund her new sci-fi movie, Crossover.
The campaign, which can be viewed here: is seeking $50,000 and offers some great perks including concept art, a chance to attend the New York or LA premier, an offer to hire Darenzia and others from the production team for YOUR next project, a corset that Darenzia wore on the cover of Marquis and, if you donate the entire $50,000 needed for the film your name or logo will appear before the film begins with a special "presented by" credit as well as being able to attend production meetings, attend the premiers and Q&A. Child if I had an extra 50 grand sitting around I'd want that perk!
For the full article on the project, which includes a synopsis of the film and more details about the team bringing this project to life, click here:
Congrats Darenzia and if you have a role in the film for a nerdy guy hit me and my reps at BBA up!


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