Friday, October 16, 2015

Kink Teams With Blackout For Erotic Haunted House: Hell In The Armory

The high holy day is almost upon us my (w)horible little hornies and what better way to celebrate the greatest time of the year then by combining two of the best things ever? Horror and sex?
First let me apologize that I went a week with no updates. I have been swamped with acting in my own haunt, Alone, if you're in the LA area check us out: plus I'm producing a series plus I have two novel series I'm working on so Joe has been teetering on exhaustion. But still that's no excuse for a multi-award winning blog to be neglected for seven days.
But enough about me. We're here to talk Kink. ;)
So last year took advantage of their Armory and turned it into an erotic haunted house. And they made headlines, both good and bad, all over. I think it's a great idea. You already have the space, you already have the BDSM equipment, torture porn and horror porn is in why not?
Well apparently it was so popular that they are doing it again and they have teamed up with the masters of extreme horror, New York's Blackout to present Hell In The Armory an interactive erotic haunt, participants must sign a waiver, based on Dante's Inferno. Already I'm in.
Hell In The Armory runs through October 31st, Wednesday through Sundays and tickets range from $35 to $45 which is a pretty good deal.
For more information go here:
Have fun everyone ;) And Kink and Blackout, if you need scare actors for next year, give me a call. Would love to work with you guys. ;)


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