Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Best Selling Award Winning Author And Director, Kay Brandt, Launches Kinkfunder For New Project

I'm kicking myself that I'm so late in giving this amazing woman and her Kinkfunder press but there's still over two weeks to donate, share and help make this amazing project a reality.
Award winning director and best selling author, Kay Brandt, who gave me my start in porn by casting me in the non sex role of The Therapist in Safe Landings and who has become a close friend, has launched a Kinkfunder campagin to turn her book, Servant Quarter Stepbrothers, into a film.
Just reading the description of this book gets me hot and looking at the cast, which includes, India Summer, the super sweet August Ames who starred in Safe Landings, Mia Malkova, Mercedes Carrera, Dava Foxx, Dane Cross and fellow Safe Landings stars Marcus London and Xander Corvus, this promises to be one hot, hot HOT feature.
There's some great perks involved including producer credit, behind the scenes pictures, a visit to the set-and trust porn sets are even more fun to be on than mainstream sets-and even the option of autographed photos and/or panties or boxers from the stars. How does that not want to make you donate?
To see more about the campaign head on over here: https://www.kinkfunder.com/projects/2-servant-quarter-stepbrothers
Congrats Kay! And if there's any non-sex roles, call me, maybe? ;) haha.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Here Is My Article On Last Night's Cybersocket Awards I Wrote For Xbiz.

Happy Cybersocket Recover day everyone!
I want to first congratulate all of my fellow nominees and winners. I will be posting the list soon but I need to recover myself. Didn't get to bed until after 2 and then was up early to meet Killian James for an exclusive interview which all of you are sure to enjoy.
Last night's awards was so much fun and everyone had a great time. I think Penthouse was packed more than it was last year. Host ChiChi LaRue did an amazing job, DJ Pornstar supplied some dope tunes that had everyone bumping and grinding and red carpet host Scotty B made sure to get all of the hottest guests naked and exposed on the red carpet. So a complete win.
Last night's ceremony was also a special one for me. It was my third time attending the awards and my first time attending as a nominee-sadly the blog didn't win this year but maybe next year-and also my first time attending as press; covering the event for Xbiz which, in my mind, makes me a winner. Special thanks to Morgan Sommer for recommending me to Xbiz and I hope this is the first of many articles I write for them.
To read my article go here: http://www.xbiz.com/news/203233

Hope you guys enjoy it and congrats once again to all the winners! You guys deserved it!


Monday, January 11, 2016

A Little ReCap Of ChiChi LaRue's Grand ReOpening Party On January 9th

Happy New Year and 2016 my pervy porn purveyors.
Yes I am back. And let me just apologize for the too long hiatus I took but after two friends passing away suddenly within days of each other, another friend getting very sick and being in the hospital for a week, my father's own health failing and just being exhausted from how busy 2015 was for me I needed to just take a nice long vacation, relax, go home to Denver to see my family and recharge the batteries.
But I am back in LA now and ready to start blogging again. I missed bringing you guys porn news/stories and I promise I will try my hardest not to go away for that long again.
So with that in mind, what better way to start off 2016 with a little recap of gay porn director, ChiChi LaRue's, grand reopening party that took place this past Saturday in West Hollywood.
So first let me say I love LaRue's store. Whenever I was down in WeHo I would always stop in to her old store and just browse around, Plus it's always fun to see dildo molds of your friends' dicks, am I right? So when I saw on Facebook that ChiChi was having a grand reopening party for her new store of course I emailed her and made sure I was on the list.
Located almost directly across the street from where her old store was, the new ChiChi LaRue's has a prime spot right next to Mickey's and Fiesta Cantina; where Block Party's old store was; just FYI for all you Block Party fans they are now a few doors down close to Flaming Saddles.
Anyway, the party was a lot of fun and the store was packed with old fans, new fans, and just curious people who stopped in while walking down the street.
In the back of the store in the dungeon area was a live show of a very cute boy, clad only in a thong, getting whipped and flogged for all to see. The dungeon area is equipped with all the things any BDSM fan could need or want and this was also where the open bar was with the very adorable, shirtless and friendly Tayte Hanson playing bartender.
Of course the guest of honor, Miss ChiChi LaRue, was there and she couldn't have been friendly; stopping to talk to people, pose for pictures and she was all smiles as people congratulated her and I must say, she looks damn good! Also, she couldn't have been nicer or more lovely to be around. I've admired what LaRue has done in the industry for some time and must admit I was a little intimidated to go up to her and ask for the picture but she was so friendly about it and even told me to shoot her an email when I mentioned I do non-sex roles in porn and would love to work with her. A class act all the way.
The store is filled with everything you would want and expect to see in a sex store: DVDS, books, calendars, naughty greeting cars, lube, condoms-remember ChiChi's true motto: Safe Sex Is Hot Sex-as well as different kinds of underwear, a variety of sex toys and even hats that bear LaRue's name.
The store is nice sized with all the merchandise clearly visible and the prices are good. There's plenty of room to walk, it's clean and has a professional and friendly atmosphere about it. Even the dungeon area doesn't feel sleazy and, even if you're not into BDSM, you couldn't feel uncomfortable being back there. I admire sex stores that have that vibe and that make you feel like you're in any other store. I know sometimes it can be embarrassing to be seen going into them-just FYI, LaRue's does have an entrance in the back ally-but unless you are extremely closeted or self-conscious I can't see anyone feeling the need to use it.
So whether you're a ChiChi LaRue fan or just curious about what a drag queen's sex shop is like, the next time you're in West Hollywood stop in at 8861 Santa Monica Blvd. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Congratulations ChiChi! And I was serious, anytime you want to be interviewed, promote anything you're doing on the blog or need a non sex role that needs to be filled call me.