Friday, January 30, 2015

Welcome To The House Of Garland

So as some of you may know, I also write erotica and one of the pennames I use is Garland. Well now, Garland has his own house and I want to invite all of you to the party.
House Of Garland is the latest online sex store. We have some great products at competitive prices and I can guarantee you there's something for everyone. Whether you are new to sex toys and just want to explore, a couple looking to add some spice or experienced and looking for new toys to add to your box. We also have DVDs, sexy clothes and costumes and everything else you can want.
And since Valentine's Day is coming I am offering a special Valentine's Day promo: 20% off your entire purchase!
So come on down to The House Of Garland, where the adults cum to play.
Thanks for the support!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spotlight On Gay Porn Muscle Stud Matthew Rush

Hope you guys are having a great week. After a few posts on industry news I decided to do a good old fashioned spotlight post on the very sexy gay porn stud Matthew Rush.
This bi-racial hunk was porn Gregory Grove on September 22nd, 1972 in Huntington Pennsylvania.
Rush, best known for his work with Falcon and being a lifetime exclusive contract model with them when Tom Chase left the company back in 2002, was discovered by a talent scout for Falcon in a gay part in Ohio. At the time he was working as a personal trainer.
He made his debut in 2000 in the film Bounce which featured his very first three way with Hans Ebson and Hans Hintern.
The five time Grabby winner and two time GayVN winner was known for his easy going attitude and versatility which made him both a fan and industry favorite. He was also known for being a powerful top because of his size but Rush was also a very vocal bottom.

Aside from his on camera and personal training career, Rush has also worked as a bodybuilder (big surprise there right?), magazine model as well as working behind the scenes as a production assistant, boom operator, cinematographer and director of the film Rush And Release. He has also had mainstream acting roles in the films Another Gay Movie, Third Man Out and, most recently, Pro Wrestlers VS. Zombies. He has also competed in numerous Gay Games in Amsterdam, Sydney and new South Wales.

From 2002-2005, Rush toured in Ronnie Larsen's play Making Porn. His other theatre credits include Psycho Beach Party and Larsen's other plays My Boyfriend The Stripper and Ten Naked Men. I love when porn stars are able to do mainstream work. Makes me so happy. :)
He was able to find some time in 2003 to appear in the film Good As Gold which, besides having some hot sex scenes, also serves as a documentary like film about his Gay Games experience in Sydney.
In 2009 his lifetime exclusive contract with Falcon ended. His first job after leaving the company was posing for a photo shoot with photographer Jon Royce. He also did his first on camera gig in 2009 for Pantheon Productions in which he had a hot flip-flop fuck scene with Tim Kelly in the film Brief Encounters.
He revitalized his career when he joined the site
In October of 2011 Matthew Rush announced his retirement from porn much to the disappointment of his fans and his retirement also caused some worry when it was announced on Twitter that "Matthew Rush Had Died." Luckily this was just a poorly worded reference to his porn name and he is, as far as I can find, alive and well.
Fortunately his retirement was short lived and he returned in January of 2012.
Nowadays, from what I hear, Matthew, is holds a degree in exercise physiology, operates a personal training business in Fort Lauderdale and is still active in bodybuilding competitions.
All I can say is congratulations Matthew! You seem like a great guy who deserves all the success you get.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Clover Formally Charged With Domestic Violence And Felony Drug Possession

Well I promised you guys that as I got updates on this case I would share them with you and now the good folks over at TRPWL are reporting that Clover has been charged with domestic violence and felony drug possession and is scheduled to appear in a Las Vegas court room on February 23rd.
TRPWL is also reporting that Clover allegedly beat up Morgan Lee Friday night before the LATATA White Party. Lee allegedly told a few people at the event what happened but did not file charges.
Clover's ex girlfriend, makeup artist Jennifer Jaen, who also pressed charges against him for domestic violence back in November was quoted as saying this about him, "Casey is a ticking time bomb and it is only a matter of time before he severely hurts if not kills someone…. Someone who behaves as he does is a major threat to the community. It’s not just him beating up on his girlfriends. He starts fights in public settings with other men and he drinks and drives frequently. God forbid he should crash and someone else should die due to his irresponsible and reckless ways. I believe it to be only a matter of time." I couldn't agree with her more.
To read the full article click here:


Falcon Celebrates Men Of Color With Men Noir Series

Happy Taco Tuesday my tasty temptations. Hope you are all having a great week so far. For those of you who, like me, love their men like they love their chocolate, this week is about to get really, really good.
The good folks over at Xbiz have announced that Falcon Studios is releasing a new series celebrating men of color called Film Noir. The series will be a compilation collection of some of the hottest scenes Falcon has produced featuring some of the hottest black porn stars.
Volume one will kick off the series with scenes featuring Vin Nolan, Marc Williams, Derrick Hanson, Diesel Washington, Dominic Pacifico, Zeb Atlas, Micah Brandt, Rod Daily, Robert Axel, Derek Reynolds, Race Cooper, Landon Conrad and Adrian Hart.
Men Noir will be available on DVD and digital download from Falcon Studios.
For the full story click here:


Monday, January 26, 2015

Update: Clover Bailed Out Of Jail

Hey guys, a quick second post about Clover. Now I posted the other day about his arrest for beating up fellow performer and his girlfriend Morgan Lee in Las Vegas before the AVN Awards. It is being reported from several sites that Clover was bailed out of jail sometime prior to 6AM this morning and that he was spotted at The Planet Hollywood Hotel in Vegas. This is the hotel he had been staying at with Morgan Lee.
Morgan told TRPWL this: " “I’m sorry to my agency and agent for not listening, and lying to them and myself from the October event. This was a blessing in disguise for me, and I’m sorry to all his friends and companies that tried to help him, we were all fooled. This will push me to do well in this industry and live my life in peace now.” The site has also shared her pictures resulting from the attack. You can see the pics and read more about this still developing story here:
As I reported in my earlier post this isn't Clover's first time in jail for domestic violence. He was released January 7th from an LA County Jail after being remanded November 17th for domestic violence charges against his then girlfriend, make up artist, Jennifer Jaen. Clover was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to take domestic violence classes. Since these new charges are most likely a probation violation there is probably a good chance that Clover will be back in jail before the week is out. Clover was also ordered to stay away from alcohol and any place that sells it and, according to a statement from Morgan Lee, he has violated that condition of his probation as well.
To make matters even more creepy, Jaen has stated that she was attacked by Clover back in May of 2014 in a hotel room in Vegas. The details of her attack are eerily similar to Lee's attack. You can read that story here:
Keep checking back for more updates and posts as they become available. My thoughts and prayers are still with everyone involved with this.


Sebastian Kross Signs On As A Falcon Exclusive Model After Shooting First Scene

 Happy Monday my lovelies. Hope your week is off to a great start so far. I have a feeling that Sebastian Kross' weeks have been off to great starts after being signed as an exclusive model for Falcon Studios after filming his first scene for the company earlier this month and, his first movie for the company, Krossfire, was released on DVD on the 19th and his now available for online viewing on Falcon's website starting today! Congratulations Sebastian. He has the looks, the charisma, the charm, the beauty, the huge cock and the skills to become hugely successful and popular. And I have to say, the last picture I posted of him shirtless in his jeans with his hands in his pockets is my favorite picture of him. There's just something about him. He looks so damn cute.
Kross, a former marine, was discovered by agent and porn star Trenton Ducati. Sebastian got his foot in the door at Falcon after Trenton's agency, Ducati Models, submitted his photo to Falcon who immediately invited him to shoot some scenes for director Nick Foxx. Sebastian's scene partner, Colton Grey, was only Sebastian's second experience with a man and his first experience having sex on camera and the rest, as they say, is history.
Kross was offered the contract after Falcon president Chris Ward, saw footage from Kross' first scene. Sebastian is also signed on to perform in Steve Cruz's next film for Raging Stallion.

I don't know about you guys but I am super excited to see the evolution of this young man's career. He seems like a super nice kid who is eager to work and will be easy to work with. If he stays humble and doesn't let the illusions of fame and the industry overtake him like it has overtaken others I think he'll be able to go far and have a great career. I for one am rooting for him and am a fan.
For the full story from AVN which includes some flattering quotes about him and a super cute quote from the man himself click here:


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breaking News: Clover Dropped From Agency Following Domestic Violence Arrest

Seriously? What is it with these porn stars and domestic violence?
The folks over at Xbiz are reporting that Clover, real name Casey Purser, was arrested on the 23rd in Las Vegas before the AVN Awards for possession of cocaine and domestic violence charges against fellow performer Morgan Lee. Clover is being held at The Clark County Detention Center and is scheduled to appear in front of a judge tomorrow (Monday) bright and early at 7:30. What a way to start your Monday and your week right? His bail is reportedly set at $8000.
To add insult to injury, Clover has also been dropped by his agency ATMLA. Mark Schechter, the owner of ATMLA, told Xbiz that as soon as he heard about the arrest he severed his ties with Clover. Schechter is quoted as saying, "the ATMLA family is close knit with high professional standards, and we are appalled at his criminal acts" before going on to further say, "our industry already unjustly suffers from a tremendous amount of negative stigma. There is no place in this industry for a person who perpetrates domestic violence against women, disrespect for women or a propensity for violence. I hope this becomes a lesson for anyone else in this industry who demonstrates this type of behavior that this industry will not tolerate violence against women."
Bravo Mr. Schechter. I completely agree with this statement and stand by your decision one hundred percent. I wish more of the higher ups in the adult entertainment industry held your same ideals and values and were brave enough to stand by their convictions and beliefs.
Morgan Lee did appear at the AVN's and, like a true professional, walked the red carpet. She even sent this tweet out prior to the ceremony: Even though shit went ruff today I'm for sure walking that red carpet and hope makeup artist Jenn Marie Jaen can walk with me.
Morgan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and we are standing strong with you and give you all our love and support.
Clover my thoughts and prayers are with you as well and I hope that you get the help you need and are able to conquer whatever demons you are battling before it is too late.
To read the full article go here:

EDIT: I have just been informed by a source over at AVN that apparently this isn't Clover's first arrest. He has been arrested for probation violations, a DUI, another charge of domestic violence and even animal cruelty. All I can say is poor guy. Will family and/or friends please intervene and get him help before it's too late?


Trent Ferris Speaks Out Against Dallas Reeves

Happy Sunday my sensual sex lovers. Hope the weekend's been good to you and you were able to relax, rest, enjoy it and get the batteries recharged for the coming week.
I found this story particularly interesting and thought I would pass it along and see not only what your thoughts on it are but also if anyone can offer any insights.
Now let me preface this by saying that I don't know Trent, I don't know Dallas Reeves, I don't know Baileey and I don't know their studio or their content. I have no reason to try to discredit or advocate the company or try to prove or disprove Trent's claims. The only thing I do know is that many performers who have worked for the company have complained about unfair treatment, not getting paid on time or at all or getting paid less than what was expected. The thing I find interesting is except for Broke Straight Boy Vadim Black, and now Trent, all the performers who have spoken out about the company have remained anonymous. Makes me wonder what they are so afraid of or what dirt the studio has on them that they feel they must hide. It also makes me angry that these boys feel that scared to not be able to speak out against a studio or person, especially if their claims have validity.
Anyway, the good folks over at are the ones who first reported this story. You can read the full version here: but to sum it up:
A few days ago Trent tweeted that he had received a phone call from one of Dallas Reeves' houseboys alerting Trent that he had discovered medication for AIDS belonging to Dallas. Understandably Trent, who has performed in bareback scenes with Dallas, became very worried and has reportedly been tested every month since the phone call. Trent then also goes on to say that the studio does not care about the models' test results and, like so many who have spoken out, makes claims that the studio has ripped off and, eerily says that the studio has trapped models in some type of way so that they (the models) have no one but them (Dallas Reeves and the studio) to depend on to survive.
Even typing that I get chills up and down my spine and ask, once again, just what kind of dirt does Dallas have on these boys? What can he be using that is so dark and damaging and dangerous that he is able to trap these boys into, from the sound of it, complete and utter dependence on him?
To add even more creepiness and a higher sleaze factor, the houseboy claims to have found the medication hidden in a closet behind some clothes. So my question is, if Dallas Reeves is truly HIV+ or has AIDS, has he ever disclosed it to any of the models he has worked with? What about the models he has barebacked? And how many other models that are positive has he hired without telling anyone? I'm also thinking about the models who have done bareback scenes for his studio and then went on to other studios and done bareback scenes there. Have these models been unwittingly putting others and themselves at risk?
Trent ends the tweet by saying that Dallas has ruined many porn star's careers. Is he alluding to the fear that so many boys have? Has Dallas been slandering performers to other studios? Or does this have to do with Dallas' possibly HIV diagnosis? And it must be said, if the studio or any performer is deliberating putting the health of people at risk that is a federal crime.
So what are your thoughts? And of course I will post more blogs and updates as the information becomes available.
And Trent, I'm sending you lots of good thoughts that you remain healthy and I wish you and your future husband, Sam Truitt, much happiness and joy. Congrats boys!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Meet The Most Controversial And Hardcore Studio Ever: Extreme Associates

Hope your weekend's going good my wonderful readers. So in the mainstream acting world I am an associate company members of TheatreWest and we meet on Saturday mornings. So I figured that since Saturdays are basically associate day I would dedicate this blog to associates of a different nature: Extreme Associates.
Okay so I can hear all of you groaning as you read that but come on give a boy a break.
Founded in 1997 by Rob Zicari AKA Rob Black, Tom Byron and Van Damage when they broke away from Elegan Angel, Extreme Associates was billed as having the hardest hardcore pornography on the internet. Their films were described as extremely violent, shocking, slasher porn and patently offensive and their films, which featured rough sex, simulated rape and numerous other acts of erotic humiliation such as women drinking piss and being gagged with cocks until they vomited and sometimes drinking the vomit definitely lived up to their reputation.
The company actually evolved from Zicari's first company called, believe it or not, Extreme Video and was also associated with Evolution Erotica for a while.
In 1998, Zicari's wife Janet Romano AKA Lizzie Borden joined the company first as an actress and then as a director. When interviewed about the material of the company, Romano was quoted as saying "it's disgusting but I like to watch it because it's shocking." Romano also admitted in interviews that she dealt with some dark demons and directing the shocking material and watching the actresses be degraded was like therapy to her. Both her and Zicari also compared their films to slasher films and reality TV saying that people watched their material in order to be shocked.

Extreme Associates was featured on America's Most Wanted, Nightline, The Daily Show and in the magazines Time and Details. The company was also the subject of the documentaries The Porn King VS The President and, most famously, PBS Frontline's American Porn documentary.
American Porn, which aired in 2002 and is a very interesting documentary which I highly recommend; you can find it on YouTube, was at Extreme Associates' headquarters during the filming of Lizzie Borden's infamous movie Forced Entry. Frontline's crew were so shocked by what they saw that they actually walked off the set and that, in conjuncture with the airing of the documentary, was what brought about the obscenity charges against Extreme Associates, Zicari and Romano in 2003. And let me tell you, that whole story is so interesting and bizarre that I'm going to dedicate another blog just to it, so I'm not going to mention too much about the trial, only that Zicari and Romano were found guilty and did serve time.
Interesting trivia: From 1999-2003 Zicari and Romano owned and operated the pro wrestling federation Xtreme Pro Wrestling and, like their porn company, XPW was extremely violent and controversial. Zicari and Romano appeared using their porn names Rob Black and Lizzie Borden and several of the girls who appeared in Extreme Associates' films worked as valets and wrestlers for the company including Kristi Myst, Jasmine St. Claire, Jessica Darlin and Veronica Caine.
In March 2006 Extreme Associates became the U.S. distributor for Shots Video Netherlands the company known for the series Men's Lounge, Bi Sex, Clinic Sex and Deep Throat Anal. Shots Video Netherlands had actually been the European distributor for Extreme Associates for years before this time.
In May 2006 it was announced that their content could be downloaded to iPods and PSPs.
In February 2007 they became the exclusive distributor for the all black studio Baller Nation's Films.
In September of 2007 Extreme Associates halted all DVD sales distributing exclusively through VOD service.
Another interesting bit of trivia: Porn stud Michael Stefano actually began his directing career with Extreme Associates in the mid 90s using the name Luciano before directing for Red Light District Video.
Alana Evans, Amber Lynn and Bridget The Midget all appeared in multiple films for Extreme Associates and Nicole Bass who is famous for the sexual harassment lawsuit she brought against WWE did some non-sex bondage videos for the company.
One of the most bizarre and controversial series the company produced was their Club Satan series. The series was directed by Church Of Satan member Shane Bugbee. During the filming of The Witch's Sabbath several actors and crew members actually walked off the set when an actor was asked to ejaculate on a model of Jesus and then smash its head. Actor Rick Masters was quoted as saying that Bugbee "had gone too far."
Interestingly enough for all the controversy and all of the bad blood that existed between Extreme Associates and other companies and individuals in the industry, including Vivid Video and Larry Flynt, the company actually did win several awards, six AVN awards and two XRCO awards.
So that's about it for now readers. As I said, expect another blog post about the obscenity charges and trial as well as posts on both Zicari and Romano but until then what are your thoughts about Extreme Associates? Any fans of the company read this blog? Have any of you seen their films? Do you think they went too far or were their rights for freedom of speech violated?
Now God knows I love controversy and I love anything and anyone that gets people talking but I do think that in some instances Extreme Associates did go too far with some of their scenes and films especially when I read interviews and reports of some of the girls getting out of the business because of the horrible and degrading experiences they had on set and reportedly some have even gone into hiding out of fear. I have seen some of their films and I must say I do see real fear and real tears in the eyes of some of the girls and it makes me uncomfortable. I don't watch porn to feel uncomfortable. I watch porn to get turned on. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave some comments below.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Rest In Peace Kamrun January 22 1973-January 22 2015

I am very saddened to report that gay porn star Kamrun passed away yesterday on his birthday. I did not know him personally but I only ever heard good things about him. From what I've heard he was a good man with a huge heart who was a loving partner and friend.
He broke into the industry back in 1997 and was well known for his work with the studio Black Breeders, which was also apparently his favorite studio to work for. He was also well loved by staff of THAXXXLIST and was a regular contributor to the site.
My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to all of his friends and family and to his partner Justin McBride. They were together for five years and I can't imagine what he must be going through.

Rest in peace you beautiful man. Heaven has a wonderful new angel tonight.


Broke Straight Boy Tyler White Tweets Then Deletes About Having Lyme Disease

So this is gonna be a brief little post. I promise you guys I'm going to get back to the roots and give you naked porn stars and start doing more reviews on scenes and studios but damn it, it's hard when all these news stories are happening and I also want this blog to be a place to not only look at naked pictures or watch naked clips but also to learn about the history of people in the industry and to give you guys any news that develops about the industry and the people in it.
So this one kind of raised my Scooby ears and is why I decided to blog it cause I not only wanna hear people's thoughts but I'm hoping that maybe someone can either point me towards the truth or shed more light on this.
So last night while I was blogging about the Johnny Rapid arrest I saw a post on saying that Tyler White from Broke Straight Boys had Tweeted out that he has Lyme Disease. When I clicked on the link it only brought me to his Twitter and the post on it.
Well now when I check the link, the Tweet has been deleted and I'm seeing people comment that he actually has lie disease. Okay cute little play on words but that got the detective in me going. If he doesn't have Lyme Disease why Tweet about it? And if he is lying, which I'm not saying he is, but if he is to get attention or sympathy why pick Lyme Disease?

So what are your thoughts? Tyler, if you do have Lyme Disease, I hope you get well soon and will be able to return to work soon.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Johnny Rapid Talks Arrest: "A Bunch Of Lies"

So this story just keeps getting weirder and weirder. The good folks over at The Gay Republic are reporting that Johnny Rapid is saying that the media is blowing the details of his alleged arrest and alleged domestic violence charges against his girlfriend out of proportion and saying that what really makes him mad is "people believing this shit." Just to prove his point, Rapid has posted pictures of him and his girlfriend smiling and looking happy on social media. You can read the whole article here:
And just because I use to be a crisis intervention trainer for police officers, took criminal justice classes in college and find the law fascinating here is a link to Rapid's mug shot and police report from the folks at Str8upgayporn: 
I have to say I agree it is eerie that Rapid's mug shot looks like his prison shower scene. And I don't like how smug he looks in the picture. Also, the part about him asking his mother for a gun and saying that his girlfriend was left at the scene bloodied gave me chills.
So what are your thoughts guys? Is Rapid right? Is the media, myself included, blowing this out of proportion and making you guys believe "shit?" Is his girlfriend retracting her statement and refusing to press charges because she's scared of what he may do to her?
Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I'm curious to read what others have to say.


Sex Box Is Coming To WE TV This February

Hey hey my ravenous readers of all things deliciously raunchy. This wasn't the post I was planning on posting today, I will be posting that in a few hours though so don't worry.
Now I don't know if this story falls into porn or the adult industry per se, but I want to make people aware of it because it shows that America is, hopefully, moving into a more sex positive place and era.
First let me preface this by saying that I am not familiar with this show, I've never seen any episodes and until a few minutes ago I wasn't even aware of its move to American television.
According to the good folks at Instinct Magazine WE TV has bought the rights to the British show Sex Box. The series is scheduled to air February. You can read the brief article and see the trailer here:
The show sounds interesting enough. Real couples have real sex in front of a real studio audience. The couple is inside a sound proof box. After they have had sex, the couple then comes out of the box and talks about their experience with a panel of sexperts.
I like the idea of this as I think it will encourage couples to push their boundaries and to begin an open, honest dialogue about sex and hopefully get everyone to see that sex isn't something to be ashamed of and show that it's okay to talk about it.
The British version didn't last too long, only seven episodes, and most of the critics agreed that the show was quite tame and boring.
The American version will begin with an hour long pilot followed by eight additional hour long episodes and will be hosted by relationship therapist Fran Walfish and will also feature Dr. Chris Donaghue a sex therapist, Dr. Yvonne Capehart a Florida pastor and Danielle Stewart a comedian who will provide backstage commentary.

So what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Will it take off? Fail? Is mainstream TV ready for a show like this? Is it too edgy? Will it be too tame? Should it be on HBO? Showtime? Cinemax? PlayBoy?

Leave your thoughts, if any, in the comments below.


EDIT: An actor friend of mine just said he saw the breakdowns for this on LA Casting looking for "couples" and apparently in the breakdown it says the sex will be simulated. Well I'm disappointed now. Guess this is gonna be a let down like Naked And Afraid was.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wolf Hudson Returns To Gay Porn After A Five Year Hiatus!

Yes that's right my licentious loyals. Porn superstud Wolf Hudson has returned to gay porn after a too long five year hiatus signing a three month exclusive deal with Cybersocket and Xbiz nominated studio Icon Male. Inking this deal makes Wolf Icon Male's first ever exclusive contract performer and Wolf has been quoted as saying "it's an honor" and that he's "excited to reconnect with my gay fans again." This is why the fans love you Wolf! is reporting that Wolf shot the scene this month with Connor Maguire for Icon Male's Forgive Me Father series. The scene is scheduled for a March 2015 release.
Director Nica Noelle has been raving about the scene saying that Connor and Wolf have an amazing chemistry and passion that ignites the screen. They also reportedly got along great off camera, laughing and joking and talking with each other in between filming.
Icon Male has also said that Wolf will have creative input when it comes to scene partners and the roles he will play.
You can read the full article here: and make sure you check out Icon Male's website: you can see why they have become one of the top gay studios in such a short amount of time. And don't forget to check out Wolf's site: and tell him congrats on his return. You can also follow Connor on Twitter @ConnorMXXX
Welcome back Wolf! Glad to have you back in the world of gay porn!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Breaking News: Gay Porn Star Johnny Rapid Arrested

That's right my horny hotdog fans. Now you guys know I have only done one blog a day, though I think I may start doing more than one if necessary, but I just saw this posted over at Instinct Magazine and couldn't wait until tomorrow to share it.
Yes you read that headline correctly, Johnny Rapid, who you'll recall just offered Justin Bieber $2 million dollars to bottom for him on camera, has been arrested on battery charges against his girlfriend because she allegedly refused to set up a threesome between them and a 14 year old girl!
This whole case seems very strange and I wouldn't be surprised if the writers of Law And Order: SVU are already coming up with the treatment for a future episode.
Apparently Rapid, real name Hylan Taylor, is charged with choking, beating and throwing his girlfriend to the ground after she refused to set up a threesome between them and another unnamed girl after learning she was only 14 years old. Allegedly the third girl, whom the couple met in a bowling alley, told the couple she was 18 but as the night went on later confessed she was 14. Taylor's girlfriend backed off but allegedly Taylor still wanted the threesome to happen. When his girlfriend refused and left the bowling alley that's when he allegedly followed her out, choked her, threw her to the ground, punched her and continued to punch her while they were in their car until they got home.
His girlfriend called the police and filed a report but recanted during the filing of the report and allegedly asked the officer what she could do to make the charges go away. The officer reportedly told her that charges would be filed against Taylor.
On December 15th, Taylor was arrested and held at Rockdale County Jail. He was released the next day after posting a $2500 bond.
Reportedly his girlfriend is refusing to press charges but police are still going to move forward with the case.
To read the full article, and to see some hilarious photos of Johnny Rapid in orange prison garb from one of his porn films, click here:
I will report more news as it becomes available.


Happy Birthday Michelle Maylene!

 Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Michelle! Happy birthday to you!
Hope you are all having a great week fellow fornicating friends and glad that you can join me today in wishing a happy birthday to one of the most beautiful women in the industry, the gorgeous Michelle Maylene.
Now I must admit I am not familiar with any of her hardcore work but if you are a fan of Cinemax, then you know who she is from her great work in the popular series Co-Ed Confidential. Man I really miss that series. Out of all of the series Cinemax has done I think that one was my favorite. There was just something fun about it. The acting, the writing, the directing, the sex scenes, they all worked. And the theme song, man I think that is the best theme of any show ever! I actually auditioned for the last season of Co-Ed Confidential and my tape made it to the higher ups but alas, yours truly didn't get cast. That's the one job I didn't get that still hurts the most. I would have loved, and been proud to have that on my resume. But enough about me. Let's talk about the birthday girl.
She was born Michelle Paula Beique on Janurary 20th, 1987 in Edwards, California to a French father and a Filipino/Hawaiian mother who was an exotic dancer. She attended Desert High School and was the valedictorian of her graduating class. I always did love a beautiful woman who also has a brain.
One of the things I love about Michelle and that makes me respect her even more, is that she is doing what I hope to do; bridge the gap between the two industries and show that you don't have to be ashamed about being in the porn world. She is actually retired from doing porn but is having some success in the mainstream world, in fact, she is even represented by mainstream acting agency Gar Lester Agency; which is a pretty good agency. Congratulations!
 She is also a two time AVN nominee as well an XRCO nominee. She was also engaged to mainstream actor Marcus Patrick for a while but they have broken up.

Michelle began her career back in 2006 as a featured dancer. She was also a finalist on the first season of Jenna Jameson's American Sex Star.
In 2008 she began working as a news correspondent for and in 2011 she was ranked #28 in Complex Magazine's list of the top 50 hottest Asian porn stars of all time.

From 2007-2010 she was a series regular on Co-Ed Confidential playing Karen. I really enjoyed watching her growth as an actress during the series' run because you can see her acting skills get better and sharpen with every episode. And she also had really good comedic timing on that series as well. It was obvious that Michelle and her co-stars had a great time filming the series and I wouldn't be surprised if they all didn't get along and even hung out when they weren't filming.
Aside from Co-Ed she also appeared on Playboy TV's Night Calls and Canoga Park and she also was a guest star on Zane's Sex Chronicles in the episode Body Chemistry where she had a hot sex scene with fellow Co-Ed Confidential Co-Star Erik Aston. Yes that's right everyone, Karen and Royce hooked up!

Erik is a guy I wish had done porn. I always loved his expressions during his sex scenes. I wish there was more info on him out there. Me and him did model for the same photographer though, Tom Silk. Erik, if you ever come across this blog or if anyone has any info on him drop a comment below. It's a shame he hasn't done more. He has the looks and skills to have made it in mainstream acting.
Anyway, once again, I hope you have a happy birthday Michelle!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Belated Post On The Xbiz Awards Including Your 2015 Winners!

 Hope you are all having a great week so far my XXXtraordinary readers. I know I am late in this post and I apologize. Last week was a little crazy for me.
I love awards season here in Hollywood, whether it's mainstream or adult. The energy and air in town is just filled with excitement.
So last Thursday was the 2015 Xbiz Awards. They were hosted by everyone's favorite straight porn stud James Deen (congrats on getting male performer of the year by the way; it is well deserved) and held at The J.W. Marriot in Downtown LA. I wasn't able to attend, though I did try to get in, but maybe next year myself and the blog will be more well-known in the industry to get in.
Anyway, this blog I'm want to give a quick history of the awards and then present you with the winners. A huge congrats to all the nominees and winners. The Xbiz Awards are a huge honor and I hope that one day I will be able to place that trophy on my mantle!
So the awards were started fairly recently, back in 2003, but they have quickly grown and are often compared to The Golden Globes and often referred to as The Golden Globes of the adult entertainment industry.
They were founded by Alec Helmy to not only honor individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of the industry but also because he felt, and was right, that there was a desire within the industry for an awards event that honored the industry with class and would present it in a professional light; which The Xbiz Awards do.
The categories have grown significantly in number and now there are over 150 categories!
Originally they were created to recognize achievements for the online adult industry but video categories are now a big part.
The nominations are submitted by clients and the winners are voted by Xbiz staff, industry colleagues and a few outside participating organizations.
If you'd like more information take a trip over to their site:
And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here are your 2015 Xbiz Award Winners, let me say CockyBoys is really shaking things up this year and just cleaning house! Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and won! You all deserve it and see you next year!

Feature Movie of the Year: Wetwork (Vivid Entertainment)

Parody Release of the Year – Drama: Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (Wicked Pictures)

Parody Release of the Year – Comedy: Not the Jersey Boys XXX (X-Play/Pulse)

Gonzo Release of the Year: Ass Worship 15 (Jules Jordan Video)

Gonzo Series of the Year: Bang Bus (Bang Productions)

All-Sex Release of the Year: Meet Carter Cruise (Digital Sin)

All-Sex Series of the Year: James Deen's 7 Sins (James Deen/Evil Angel)

Vignette Release of the Year: Entrapments (Forbidden Fruits Films/Exile)

Vignette Series of the Year: Tonight's Girlfriend (Naughty America/Pure Play Media)

Couples-Themed Release of the Year: The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee (New Sensations)

All-Girl Release of the Year: Alexis and Asa (Adam & Eve)

All-Girl Series of the Year: Women Seeking Women (Girlfriends Films)
Feminist Porn Release of the Year: San Francisco Lesbians (Trouble Films/Pink Velvet)

Director of the Year - Body of Work: Jacky St. James

Director of the Year - Feature Release: Eli Cross, Wetwork (Vivid Entertainment)

Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release: Manuel Ferrara & Kayden Kross, Misha Cross Wide Open (Manuel Ferrara/Evil Angel)

Director of the Year – Parody: Will Ryder, Not the Jersey Boys XXX (X-Play/Pulse)
Female Performer of the Year: Anikka Albrite
Male Performer of the Year: James Deen

Best New Starlet: Carter Cruise

Girl/Girl Performer of the Year: Prinzzess Felicity Jade

Foreign Female Performer of the Year: Misha Cross

Foreign Male Performer of the Year: Rocco Siffredi

MILF Performer of the Year:Kendra Lust

Crossover Star of the Year: Nikki Benz

Best Actress - Feature Movie: Carter Cruise, Second Chances (New Sensations)

Best Actor - Feature Movie: Steven St. Croix, Wetwork (Vivid Entertainment)

Best Actress - Parody Release: Jessica Drake, Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (Axel Braun Productions/Wicked Pictures)

Best Actor - Parody Release: Tommy Pistol, Not the Jersey Boys XXX (X-Play/Pulse)

Best Actress - Couples-Themed Release: Maddy O'Reilly, The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee (New Sensations)

Best Actor - Couples-Themed Release: Xander Corvus, The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee (New Sensations)

Best Actress - All-Girl Release: Carter Cruise, Lesbian Vampire Academy (Hustler Video)

Best Supporting Actress: Jessa Rhodes, Second Chances (New Sensations)

Best Supporting Actor: Chad White, Second Chances (New Sensations)

Best Non-Sex Acting Performance: Jacky St. James, Second Chances (New Sensations)

Best Scene - Feature Movie: A.J. Applegate & Mr. Pete, Shades of Scarlet (Zero Tolerance)

Best Scene - Parody Release: Aaliyah Love & Tommy Pistol, American Hustle XXX (Smash Pictures)

Best Scene - Non-Feature Release: Adriana Chechik, Mick Blue, James Deen, Erik Everhard, Criss Strokes and John Strong, Gangbang Me (Hard X)

Best Scene - Vignette Release: Ava Dalush & James Deen, I Love My Hot Wife (New Sensations)

Best Scene - Couples-Themed Release: Anikka Albrite & Tommy Gunn, Untamed Heart (Adam & Eve)

Best Scene - All-Girl: Kayden Kross & Misha Cross, Misha Cross Wide Open (Manuel Ferrara/Evil Angel)

Screenplay of the Year: Wetwork (Vivid Entertainment), Mark Logan

Best Cinematography: Wetwork (Vivid Entertainment), Eli Cross, Nic Danger & Alex Ladd

Best Art Direction: Wetwork (Vivid Entertainment)

Best Special Effects: Apocalypse X (Digital Playground)

Best Music: Not the Jersey Boys XXX (X-Play/Pulse)

Best Editing: Wetwork (Vivid Entertainment), Robert April

Studio of the Year: Hard X

Best New Studio: Airerose Entertainment

Progressive Studio of the Year: Porn Fidelity/Kelly Madison Productions

Marketing Campaign of the Year: Belle Knox

Amateur Release of the Year: Homegrown Video 850 (Homegrown Video)

Pro-Am Release of the Year: Handjob Winner 18 (Immoral Productions/Pure Play Media)

All-Black Release of the Year: The Seduction of Skin Diamond (Devil's Film)

Interracial Release of the Year: Dani Daniels Deeper ( Jordan)
Latin-Themed Release of the Year: Latinas on Fire 2 (Jules Jordan Video)

Asian-Themed Release of the Year: Kalina Ryu: Asian Fuck Toy (Darkko/Evil Angel)

BDSM Release of the Year: Maddy O'Reilly's Submission (Deviant Entertainment)

Fetish Release of the Year: To the Core (Mental Beauty/Girlfriends Films)

Specialty Release of the Year: Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size (Wicked Pictures)

European Studio of the Year: Marc Dorcel

European Director of the Year: Herve Bodilis

European Feature Release of the Year: Russian Institute: Lesson 19: Holidays at My Parents (Marc Dorcel)

European Non-Feature Release of the Year: The Initiation of Alina Li (Harmony Films)

Gay Studio of the Year: Bel Ami

Gay Movie of the Year: A Thing of Beauty (CockyBoys)

Gay Director of the Year: Jake Jaxson

Gay Performer of the Year: Landon Conrad

Transsexual Studio of the Year: Evil Angel

Transsexual Release of the Year: Big Tit She-Male X 2 (Joey Silvera/Evil Angel)

Transsexual Director of the Year: Joey Silvera

Transsexual Performer of the Year: Venus Lux

Affiliate Program of the Year - Network: CE Cash

Affiliate Program of the Year - Paysite:

Affiliate Program of the Year - Live Cam: Flirt4Free

Affiliate Program of the Year - Dating: Adult Friend Finder

Affiliate Program of the Year - Retail: Gamelink

Affiliate Program of the Year - Mobile: BrokerBabe

Affiliate Program of the Year - Specialty: MrSkinCash (

Affiliate Program of the Year - European: ReallyUsefulCash

Payment Processor of the Year - IPSP: Epoch

Payment Processor of the Year - Merchant Services: NETbilling

Alternative Payment Services Company of the Year: Paxum

VOD Company of the Year: AEBN/NakedSword

Content Provider of the Year: Webmaster Central

Web Host of the Year: MojoHost

Traffic Services Company of the Year - North America: JuicyAds

Traffic Services Company of the Year - Europe: ExoClick

Mobile Company of the Year: Affil4You

Software Company of the Year: ElevatedX

Design Studio of the Year: Zuzana Designs

Gay Web Company of the Year: Next Door Entertainment / Buddy Profits

Innovative Web Product of the Year: ModelCentro

Progressive Web Company of the Year: Gamma Entertainment

Marketing Campaign of the Year: BaDoink

Web Star of the Year: Ariel Rebel

Adult Site of the Year - Video:

Adult Site of the Year - Live Cam:

Adult Site of the Year - Dating:

Adult Site of the Year - VOD:

Adult Site of the Year - Studio:

Adult Site of the Year - Performer:

Adult Site of the Year - Photography:

Adult Site of the Year - Erotic:

Adult Site of the Year - Fan Site:

Adult Site of the Year - Gay:

Adult Site of the Year - Transsexual:

Adult Site of the Year - BDSM:

Adult Site of the Year - Niche:

Adult Site of the Year - Alternative:

Pleasure Products Company of the Year: LELO

Sex Toy Company of the Year: The Screaming O
Luxury Toy/Line of the Year: ORA 2, LELO

Sex Toy of the Year - Powered: Hula Beads, LELO
Sex Toy of the Year - Non-Powered: D.1 Stone, Laid
Couples Sex Toy of the Year:We-Vibe 4 Plus, Standard Innovation Corporation
Innovative Sex Toy of the Year – Design:LaunchPAD, Fleshlight

Innovative Sex Toy of the Year - Technology: SOL Sonic Vibrator, Revel Body

Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year:Pipedream Products

Male Sex Toy of the Year: Pulse II, Hot Octopuss

Gay Sex Toy of the Year: Jock Armour, Perfect Fit Brand

Fetish Pleasure Product of the Year:Fetish Fantasy Series Lube Wrestling Ring, Pipedream Products

Specialty Pleasure Product of the Year:Bubble Love, Bubble Love

Excellence in Product Packaging:Booty Parlor
Marketing Campaign of the Year:Coco, California Exotic Novelties
Lingerie Company of the Year:Magic Silk

Lingerie Collection of the Year:After Dark, Baci Lingerie
Sexual Wellness Product of the Year:Progasm Jr., Aneros

Sexual Enhancement Product of the Year:Crazy Girl After Dark G Spot Arousal, Classic Erotica

Sex Lubricant Company of the Year:Sliquid

Sensual Bath & Body Product of the Year:Candiland Sensuals Body Spray, Doc Johnson

Sensual Accessory Product/Line of the Year:Harness Innovation, Nasstoys

Soft Bondage Product/Line of the Year: Fifty Shades of Grey, LoveHoney

Adult Game/Novelty Product of the Year:50 Positions of Bondage, Kheper Games

International Pleasure Products Company of the Year: Fun Factory

BDSM Pleasure Products Company of the Year: Sportsheets International
Boutique Pleasure Products Company of the Year: JeJoue

New Pleasure Products Company of the Year: Kiiroo


Retailer of the Year – Chain: Adam & Eve            

Retailer of the Year – Boutique: Good Vibrations       

Progressive Retailer of the Year: The Pleasure Chest              

Online Retailer of the Year - Full Range:          

Online Retailer of the Year - Pleasure                   

Online Retailer of the Year –

Online Retailer of the Year - Boutique:      

Distributor of the Year - Full Range: IVD/East Coast News          

Distributor of the Year - Pleasure Products: Eldorado Trading Company 

Distributor of the Year – Video: Girlfriends Films       

Distributor of the Year – Specialty: XGEN Products

Progressive Distributor of the Year: Williams Trading Co.           

International Distributor of the Year: Scala Playhouse        

Friday, January 16, 2015

Meet Gay Porn Icon mr. Pam!

So let's continue with our little CyberSocket posts and meet the host of this year's award's ceremony and gay porn legend and icon: Director mr. Pam!
First, let me start by saying that his woman was hilarious as the host of this year's CyberSocket's and as I said in an earlier post, her opening lip sync to When You're Good To Mama, was the best opening act of any award's host I've ever seen. Plus the song choice was fitting seeing as how mr. Pam is seen as a mama to many of the boys she shoots.
She was born as Pam Dore on December 8th 1972 in San Francisco. She is a fellow member of the bisexual club and is a female director of gay porn; making her gay porn's only female videographer. Quiet a title and honor!
In her time in the industry, Pam has shot for Black Scorpion Video, COLT, Hot House, Jet Set Men and Studio 2000. She has also edited for Chi Chi LaRue, John Rutherford and Steven Scarborough as well as working behind the scenes and being an on camera guest on the adult entertainment talk show The Tim and Roma Show beginning in 2003.
Pam acquired her name in 1996 while working as an editor for Falcon. John Rutherford was concerned that the founder of Falcon, Chuck Holmes, would think that a woman wouldn't know what male/male hot was and gave her the stage name mr. Pam; the lower case m denoted her gender and was used as a marketing tool as well.

 In 2004 she directed and edited the film eXposed: The Making Of A Legend which chronicles the three week shooting of the film Buckleroos. Her work on both films was praised by Variety Magazine.
In 2008 she was nominated for two GayVN Awards for Best Editing and Best Videographer.

Currently, mr. Pam works for Naked Sword and she is known for the family vibe that she keeps on set and is known as being a mother to her boys and being there for them if they are having a bad day and need to talk or need a hug. And believe me, after having seen her at The CyberSockets, I totally got that vibe from her. In fact she is known as GayPornMama on Twitter. Follow her and tell her how great she is doing @mrPam I did before writing this blog. :)