Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spotlight On Seka

I love this woman. She is my favorite of the Golden Age Porn Goddesses. If I could I would marry her. I can't describe my crush on her maybe it's because she's a broad, the kind of woman that I absolutely love; the kind of woman who is more comfortable in sweats and jeans then in a skirt. The kind of woman who can smoke, play cards, play pool and tell dirty jokes with the best of them. Plus you got to love any woman who is described by Jamie Gillis as being "a bit above porn" and a "white trash queen."
She was born Dorothea Hundley on April 15th 1954 in Virginia. Seka, who is of Cherokee and Irish descent, has described her childhood as plain and normal. She has a brother and sister. One week after her eighteenth birthday she married her first husband Frank Patton. The marriage lasted a year. Her second marriage to Ken Yontz lasted two years.

Seka appeared in two hundred and fifty films and directed two films during the 70s and 80s. With a resume like that it's not surprising that is a member of both the AVN and X-Rated Critics Organization Hall Of Fame.
She had numerous stage names when she first entered the industry including Sweet Alice, Platinum Princess, Dottie and Linda Grasser before finally choosing the name Seka after a female blackjack dealer she knew in Vegas.
In 1982 she took a break from the industry saying they were no longer paying her what she wanted. She also said the HIV epidemic was also a factor and is quoted as saying: "that's why I don't make movies anymore. I like to live." She supported herself by stripping and doing nude modeling. It is also around this time that she began operating her fan club.
She did return to movies briefly in the 90s with her last film being American Garter.
Seka has listed her favorite male performers as Jamie Gillis, who she performed with several times, the legendary John C. Holmes, Mike Ranger and Paul Thomas. Her favorite female performers were Veronica Hart, the amazing Aunt Peg, Kay Parker and Candida Royalle.

In 1997 she was the host of her own radio talk show on 97.9 FM The Loop in Chicago called Let's Talk About Sex. She hosted the show for three years. She also appeared in various talk shows including Montel, Oprah, Larry King and Donahue. She also had an appearance on SNL.
In 2005 she moved to Kansas City and operated her fan club through her website
In February 2007 she shot her first hardcore scene in 15 years. It was an online scene.
In 2010 she appeared in the amazing documentary After Porn Ends. It's a very good documentary and I highly recommend it.

Friday, November 28, 2014

In Memoriam: Joey Stefano: January 1st 1968-November 26th 1994)

Joey Stefano, on of the more infamous names in the world of gay porn. Even if you've never seen any of his work I think everyone has heard the name. His heartbreaking story is the gay porn version of a Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse or even Whitney Houston; a nice kid who couldn't handle the fame, money, temptations of Hollywood and entertainment and descended further and further down into the darkness. Stefano died at the tender age of twenty-six, a couple months shy of his twenty-seventh birthday and while he didn't make the twenty-seven club I think we can all agree that he died a legend and he is a legend.
It's almost eerie how I came up with the idea to do a post about him. Stefano has always been one of my favorites. I devoured the book about him and am anxiously awaiting the movie that has been stuck in development hell for far too long. I have always found him to be, much more than handsome, he's beautiful in my eyes and I always found him likable. So while deciding what I should blog about, Joey's name just suddenly popped into my head. I Googled him and saw that he died on the twenty-sixth of November. I knew then I had found my subject.
So let's talk a little about his life. But first, enjoy some pictures.

A fellow Italian, he was born Nicholas Anthony Iacona JR and grew up in the Philly area. Stefano's father died and that was when he first started using drugs to deal with his father's death resulting in his first stint in rehab for six months. After he got out of rehab he pursued a career in mainstream modeling, like so many who have entered the industry before and after him, and started to build a portfolio.
In 1989 he met a porn performer named Tony Davis who helped him enter the adult industry and a meeting with Chi Chi LaRue during a trip to Los Angeles further helped him open the door and step on through into the industry.
Joey Stefano was a power bottom who was known for his dirty talking and moaning during his scenes. That, along with his good looks, made him a very popular star and in 1992 Madonna had him model for her in her book Sex.

Despite his popularity and success, he won the 1990 XRCO Award for best newcomer and the 1995 AVN Award for Gay Video Performer of the Year, his family had no idea he was gay or in porn and when his older sister, Linda, found out she did not tell his mother.
Throughout his life, he was the subject of widespread rumors about his relationships with prominent entertainment industry figures most of who were closeted but the subject of rumors of their homosexuality. One of these men was music mogul David Geffen who not only was alleged to have gone on several dates with Stefano but had also implored him to quit drugs on numerous occasions.
In his five years in the industry he appeared in thirty-five films. However he did not save or invest the money he earned and would continually lapse into drug and alcohol abuse. Also tragically, in 1990, was the diagnosis that he was HIV positive. That diagnosis along with his own anxiety about being broke and getting older are rumored to have contributed to his growing depression and dependency on drugs and alcohol.
Joey Stefano was taken from us much to soon. On November 26th 1994 his body was discovered in a Hollywood motel room. He was only twenty-six years old. The cause of death was determined to have been a speedball overdose. He is buried in Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery in Marcus Hook Pennsylvania in an unmarked graved.
In 1997 he was post humorously inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.
  If you would like to know more about his life and career I highly recommend Charles Isherwood's great book Wonder Break and Ecstasy. It is a fantastic read. And here's hoping that Chad Darnell's film X-Rated will be released soon and make sure that Joey Stefano is never forgotten.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spotlight On Dare Dorm!

I love college themed porn. Always have. Always will. As an erotica writer, my favorite stories that I have written all involve lusty co-eds, horny frat boys and tempting teachers that are always willing to lend a helping hand for that struggling student to get a little XXXtra credit. Even back when I was reviewing porn I always made sure to get the college themed porn. There's just something about watching college kids hanging out in their dorms, talking, drinking and fucking before studying for that big midterm. That's why I am still thanking every god and goddess that ever existed that I found Dare Dorm.

As far as web based porn sites go, Dare Dorm ranks up there with the best. And if college kids are your pleasure this site is for sure gonna be number one on your list.
The premise for the site is simple enough. The site has videos that have been "submitted" from various college across the country. Dare Dorm offers a challenge to college students everywhere, send in a video of you and your buddies throwing your best and most wild party and you have the chance to win $10,000. Who wouldn't fuck on camera for that? I know I would.

All of the scenes are pretty formulaic and follow the same basic "script" but hey it works and, let's tell the truth, if you guys are anything like me, you just fast forward through the clips until the clothes come off, the dicks get hard and the pussies get wet.

Usually the scenes start off as follows: we are introduced to our group of horny and, presumably, strapped for cash academics. There's always one alpha who is trying to convince his, and in some cases, her friends, to go along with this brilliant idea because every school on this site has the best video that is for sure going to win the 10k no problem. It doesn't take much to convince the others and then the fun starts, usually in the form of a party; there's booze, jokes and sometimes games like spin the bottle, truth or dare etc. In a couple videos they've had foam parties and strip beer pong. Give it a few more minutes and then the fun starts.
The cool thing about the site is, if it is in a big dorm party scenario there's always plenty of people that are standing around enjoying the show so it can fulfill any voyeuristic fetishes the viewer may be into.
The thing that Dare Dorm gets right too is they actually employ real people or amateur porn stars that don't have household names or big followings to keep the "real" aspect of the site. It can be fun to watch the scenes and find someone you may know working as an extra for a hundred bucks. And you'll feel like Nancy Drew when you discover other scenes the performers have appeared in.  Some of the guys have appeared in Dick Dorm; Dare Dorm's gay themed brother site, I'll spotlight them another day and a few of the guys have always done stuff for Corbin Fisher and other gay online studios. Which ones you may ask? Well you'll just have to keep checking back for when I spotlight them. ;)
The other nice thing about Dare Dorm is the variety of people they use so they will appeal to whatever kind of person you are into. There's good looking muscular jock guys, skinny nerdy guys, hot girls with big tits, more plain looking girls that have more real looking bodies, etc. The performers all look like they are enjoying it too. There hasn't been one instance where I've been able to point out that someone was there against their will or was hating themselves for being on the site; something I'm pretty good at being able to pick out.
So there you have it my scintillating sinners. Why not celebrate hump day and Thanksgiving one day early by heading on over to and giving thanks that there are good looking, barely legal kids that are willing to put all the inhibitions aside and fuck on camera for money.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Wolf Hudson!

Happy Monday my filthy little porn perverts. Hope you all had a restful and sexual weekend and are ready for a productive and sexy week. I decided to dedicate this porn post to my Facebook friend, and one of my favorite performers, Wolf Hudson, who is celebrating his birthday today!

What can I say? I love Wolf. Not only is he a very talented performer, and it's obvious that he loves what he does, who has the same raw, unbridled passion for all of his co-stars but he just seems like a genuinely nice guy; the kind of dude that you can have a few beers with, shoot pool, watch the game and just talk to and if any of you are his Facebook friend you know that he's funny as fuck. I love when he posts some random video of him dancing or acting goofy and he seems to really enjoy interacting with his fans, something you don't always get from performers; in both the adult and mainstream worlds.
So let me give you a little background on this awesome performer who, by the way, is also nominated for an Xbiz and AVN Award. Congrats my kinky friend and hope you win. But before we go on, enjoy a couple pics.

You guys still with me? Okay here we go.
Wolf is Dominican-American who began his career in late 2006 at the age of twenty-one. He was living in New York at the time when he met Michael Lucas who, thankfully, cast the young hottie in Michael Lucas Auditions Volume 2. Soon after in early 2007, Wolf pulled up stakes and set his sights West to The Golden Coast. He moved to San Francisco where he started working for Factory Studios. He also appeared in Road Trip Volume 1 Russian River for Falcon Studios' re-launce of their Jock's Studios after a two year hiatus. The film also coincided with Falcon's 35th anniversary.
In August of 2008 he co-starred alongside Blake Riley in Shifting Gears a bisexual film directed by legendary drag queen and director Chi Chi LaRue. The film caused controversy especially for Blake Riley; it was his first encounter with a woman. The film helped coin the term straight for pay.

Wolf also had the pleasure-and yes that's intentional-of working with Kimberly Kane for's Men In Pain series. This was Kimberly's first time topping a man on film and began a long and beautiful relationship between  Wolf and Kink. He quickly became one of the company's most popular faces especially for their Bound Gods line.
Also in 2008 he appeared in a live BDSM demonstration with director Van Darkholme during the world famous Folsom Street Fair and he was named porn's hottest newcomer in the October issue of Unzipped Magazine.
Other notable appearances include an appearance in the third season of the Canadian show Webdreams and an appearance on Kerrang Radio's The Night Before; he was the first male performer to be on the show.
When Tyra Banks did her Gay For Pay show, Wolf declined to appear on it sighting the fact that the producers could twist and edit the content to make the guys look bad.
February of 2009 saw Wolf signing an exclusive deal with Cocky Boys. He was the second major performer to go web only and had a special clause in his contract that allowed him to do both gay and straight content at the same time. Cross overs like that are difficult but Wolf, who is a very shrewd businessman in his own right, made it work.
2009 proved to be a busy year for Wolf. He was an announcer for the GayVN Awards and was the first ever fan selected co host for the Grabby Awards.
2009 also saw Wolf's directorial debut for Cocky Boys and, following the tragic death of his idol and dance influential Michael Jackson, he made a tribute film of him dancing to Jackson's hit Billie Jean.
2010 saw the star appear in Bruce LaBruce's film L.A. Zombie and a performance with FTM star Buck Angel. Angel has been quoted as saying that Hudson is his favorite male performer to work with. I've heard that from many performers and, honestly, it doesn't surprise me. I'm sure I'd say the same thing.

Also in 2010, Hudson began marketing himself more to the straight market with appearances in films for Burning Angel, Wicked, Kick Ass Pictures and Sweet Sinner to name a few. He also appeared in several romance films for director Nica Noelle and he launched his amazing website, if you haven't visited it I highly recommend it. It's amazing and in 2013 he won The Feminist Porn Award for hottest website; which he greatly deserved! He also won a CyberSocket Award for best personality.
Hudson has received dozens of nominations for his work in the industry. Besides the wins mentioned above he also won the 2012 Feminist Porn Award for Most Deliciously Diverse Cast; which I think is the best name for an award ever and I hope I can win that award one day just to have it on my mantle. The name of the film he got it for also has the best name ever: Fuckstyles Of The Queer And Famous. I wish I had that title on my resume.
On the personal side, Hudson, although he identifies as heterosexual, has been quoted as saying that he's not fully straight as he does do gay porn. However, since he doesn't date men in his personal life he does not identify as bisexual instead he chooses to call himself a sexualist; a term which I love and think I may start using to describe myself. I also love the fact that he doesn't identify as a gay for pay performer.
Happy dirty thirty buddy! Hope it's a sexy one!