Monday, August 31, 2015

Huffington Post Spotlights Women Directors In The Adult Industry

I have to give a big shout out and applaud The Huffington Post for their amazing article on women directors in the porn industry. I think, especially with the release of that awful documentary Hot Girls Wanted which I will be reviewing later this week, this is a welcome and much needed spotlight on the industry to show that it is not a degrading, misogynistic industry full of women beaters who are pimping out women and getting them addicted to drugs and alcohol.
In fact, if you really look at the films that are coming out a good number of them are being directed by women and more and more women are opening up their own studios and doing lesbian porn or more female oriented porn to cater to the growing number of women who are now no longer afraid of being stigmatized for watching, and enjoying, porn.
Stormy Daniels, Jessica Drake, Erika Lust and Candida Royalle are the four major directors that are spotlighted in the article but these four talented women are just the tip of the iceberg and I am hopeful, and confident, that this article will make people research all of the other talented female directors we have in this industry: Kay Brandt, Nicki Hunter, Shine Louise Houston, mr. Pam, Nica Noelle, Kimberly Kane as well as look at The Feminist Porn Awards and see that this isn't a "good old boys' club" like some "feminists" would have you believe.
So take five minutes and read this amazing article:
And thank you ladies. It would be an honor to work with each and every one of you.


A Legal Fund Has Been Started To Help Rentboy

A legal fund has been started to help pay the attorney fees in the Rentboy legal case. Reportedly all of CEO Jeff Hurant's business and personal assets have been seized leaving him with no way to support, sustain or pay for his fees.
To help bring justice to this gross misuse of our legal system and this thinly veiled witch hunt and anti LGBT and sex worker attack please go here:
Stay strong boys. We will prevail over this bigotry.


Canadian Porn Fans Can Now Watch A Porn Being Filmed This Friday At The Porn Club

It's a good week to be a Canadian.
This Friday, director Mike Porno, who also owns Toronto's The Porn Club, will be opening the set of the new scene he's filming with Skylar Xtreme and Bishop Delonte called Black Bull Challenge.
The event happens this Friday at 8PM at The Porn Club. You won't want to miss this one.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Former Porn Star Danny Wylde's Band Chiildren Playing Free Show In September

If you have never heard Chiildren, band of former porn star Danny Wylde, do yourselves a favor and check out the free show they are having at Roar Room on September 5th at 8pm.
Trust me you wont be disappointed.
Congrats Danny!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bray Love Puts Out Call For Extras For His Scene With Topher DiMaggio Tonight In The Castro

I don't know if this is true or not or if Bray was joking with his Facebook post but I don't care. I love Bray. I love Topher. I love Naked Sword and I love the gay porn mama, mr. Pam so I figured I would pass this on and possibly help them out.
Bray Love and Topher DiMaggio are doing a scene today-thank you porn gods-and earlier Bray put out a call for extras on his Facebook page. Fuck I wish I was up north in The Castro right now.
If you guys are free today and are in The Castro, Bray has invited extras to go to the gay bar Beaux at 5PM.
For any of you who take him up on his offer have fun. Porn sets are some of the most fun and professional sets I've ever been on.
Congrats on the new scene guys!


Feral Vinca Playing The Viper Room Tonight

If you guys are free tonight head on over to The Viper Room and check out adult industry makeup artist Sloane's band Feral Vinca tonight!
The show starts at 10PM.
Tickets are $10 at the door or you can purchase them here:
This is one you won't wanna miss!
Congrats Sloane!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Breaking News! Rentboy Shut Down, New York Office Raided

Wow.  Just wow.  I'm in shock and can't believe I am writing this.  Coming off the heels of the Ashley Madison scandal Rentboy, the largest gay escorting site which has been in business for 15 years and employs not only many porn stars but also many of my friends, has been shut down after their Manhattan headquarters off 5th ave and 14th street were raided this morning by law enforcement officers including members of Homeland Security and NYPD.
CEO Jeffrey Hurant along with employees Clint Calero, Marco Soto Decker, Hawk Kincaid, Coco Lopez, Sean Van Sant and Eli Lewis who is also a Rentboy were all arrested on charged of violating The Travel Act by promoting prostitution. The Travel Act makes it a federal offense to travel internationally or state to state to facilitate or promote an unlawful activity.
It has since been reported by journalist Melissa Gira Grant that Hurant is out on $350,000 bond and the remaining six have been released as well on bonds ranging from $50,000 to $200,000. Grant also reports that at least two employees were bailed out by their husbands and that at least one other Rentboy employee has been arrested out of state. No word to confirm this or who it might be but at least two Rentboy profiles were listed in the indictment so we could possibly start to see actual Rentboys being arrested.
Grant has also reported that earlier reports that the employees were arrested on charges of money laundering are also false. However if they are convicted they could face up to 5 years in jail.
The site has been seized as well as millions of dollars in bank accounts.
Boston Globe reporter Michael Brodeur took to Twitter saying that the raid happened as a precaution in case of a hypothetical hack which would reveal that federal official were on Rentboy.  So thank you Impact Team assholes for ruining more lives and potentially putting my friend's livelihoods and freedom from jail at risk.  Hope you fuckers have restless nights and you deserve all that karma has to offer.
Apparently Rentboy isn't the only site under attack. Straight escorting sites MyRedBook and have been raided and it is now harder for Backpage to accept payments being forced to either get money orders snail mailed or use bit coins.
I have to say I think this is ludicrous. It is 2015. This is between consenting adults. No one cares.  Everyone ia either working as a Rentboy or hiring Rentboys.  I proudly wear my Rentboy tank-I have a feeling that's going to go up in value- and was even excited about being in talks with Rentboy about possibly hosting The Hookies and being nominated for an award.  With shows like Gigolos and the economy being bad why make people ashamed of sex? Why make it harder for young people to survive and make a living? Maybe I'm wrong but I feel there's more important "criminals" to go after then Rentboy.  I felt like sex was finally becoming less taboo and more accepted thanks to Rentboy and events like their Hustlaball.  Those were fun where people could be free amd be themselves.  But I think this is a harsh dose of reality and reminder for those of us who are sex workers that we are the witches in this modern day Salem and face burning at the stake everyday.  Any one of us could be tried with obscenity if the government wants to make an example of us.  I just hope that this doesnt set us too far back and ruin the progress we have made.
As always more news as I get it.
Stay strong all my Rentboys.  I support you and the rights of all sex workers and remember money can't buy you love. But the rest is negotiable.


Venus Vice Owners Sam And David Are On The Dragon's Lair Tonight

My Vice Boys, Sam and David, owners of the new adult production company Venus Vice will be on Colleen Dragon's show, The Dragon's Lair tonight-I love that name by the way-tonight at 7pm/10pm Pst/est on
My boys are crazy and full of life and you never know what's going to come out of their mouths so you for sure won't want to miss this.
Congrats guys.  Proud of both of you.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Subpoenas Performer's Medical Records

In a move that not only violates patient privacy but also violates HIPAA  laws AIDS Healthcare Foundation has subpoenaed the medical records of performers who visited Cutting Edge Testing and Talent Testing Service.
AVN is reporting that if performers visited West Oaks Urgent Care Center (Dr. Rigg) between 2007 up until now then your information may have been subpoenaed.
AVN has provided an email that performers whose privacy may have been compromised can write to: and are being asked to copy and paste this letter into the email:

Dear Dr. Rigg and West Oaks Urgent Care Center, I understand that Michael Weinstein as a party to the Measure B Litigation and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Case Number 13-CV-00190-ddP-AGR) have issued a Subpoena to Produce Documents which include the medical information of patients identified as adult film performers or those associated with adult films.

As a patient of your clinic, I strongly object to the sharing or disclosure of any of my records, medical information, medical records, and personal identifying information. I hereby revoke any prior HIPAA waivers or permission granted to your clinic with regard to the above referenced subpoena.

Do not under any circumstances, even if redacted, provide any of the subpoenaed documents! I am asserting the protections provided by HIPAA, the Federal Constitution, the California Constitution, the California Health and Safety Code, and all other applicable State and Federal Statutes. You will be subject to monetary damages, attorney’s fees and costs if you do not comply with my request.

Performers are also asked to keep checking The Free Speech Coalition's website for updates as well.

I have to say this makes me sick. I can't believe that Weinstein, who is nothing but a money hungry asshole, and AHF would do this. Of course I'm not surprised. An HIV prevention foundation I'm on the board of, Care XO, was almost shut down by AHF because they didn't want competition. And I am against AHF because they don't do anything about prevention but only get involved once someone is infected.
I sincerely hope that the proper legal action is taking against them and they are shut down.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Review Of Michael Hoffman's Threeway Sex Tape

I don't know why I expected the threeway sex tape to be better then the two way sex tape he released. I don't know why I tortured myself and lost about 20 minutes of my life I will never get back.  Maybe I thought in the time between the sex tape between him and the girl was released and this sex tape was released maybe Michael Hoffman learned how to fuck.  Nope.  I never thought I'd say this but some people just weren't born to fuck and he should stick to his jerk off and fingering videos. At least in those he stays hard.
I'm pissed because I really wanted to like these two sex tapes.  God knows we've been waiting years to see Hoffman in action.
So anyway the threeway.  Its nothing to write home about.  It's Michael Hoffman a girl and another guy.  I'm assuming their friends of his.  The other guy mostly does all the fucking while the girl sucks Michael off.  When Michael is finally up at bat he can't stay hard, like in the last one.
I actually feel sorry for the kid but I dont know maybe everyone is right and he is gay and is trying too hard to prove his straightness.  Whatever the case may be I think this is the biggest waste of a threeway ever.  There's no arousal, no passion and if you are watching this to masturbate to don't. You'll be just like Michael Hoffman flaccid the whole time.
All I know is if I had been a fan who paid for thos shit I'd be pissed and demand a refund. Michael not being mean but either stick to jerking off and fingering yourself or fuck people who make you hard.
Grade F-


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Former Porn Star Chad Alva's New Band Ass Life Drops Three Music Videos

I love how so many male performers who are either currently in porn or were in porn are in band. And they are really fucking talented! Xander Corvus, Dale DaBone, Danny Wylde and Chad Alva.
Danny and Chad actually formed the band Chiildren together and if you aren't familiar with them or haven't seen them play live do yourselves a favor and do it! You gotta love any band that has videos of Sleepaway Camp playing behind them during their set.
Anyway, Chad's latest band, Ass Life, has just dropped three music videos from their debut album A Couple Cold Ones and these videos are fucking awesome! Can't wait to listen to the full album.
The videos can be viewed here:
Congrats bud!


The Impact Team Releases Ashley Madison Data

In a move that sickens me, the cowards known as The Impact Team, have released the data they stole from site Ashley Madison after Avid Life Media refused to take down the site and Established Men.
Gizmodo has released the story and it can be found here:
I am sorry that all the users of that site have now had their personal information, including credit card info, addresses and photos spread all over the internet and I hope the pieces of shit behind The Impact Team are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I am glad they are so fucking perfect that they have never sinned or made a mistake.
Sorry for the rage fueled post but this kind of shit pisses me off. Don't expose people like this. You may not agree with it but you don't know their story and if The Impact Team turns out to be some pissed off housewife whose husband was on the site, all I can say is bitch you probably deserved it.
I truly hope The Impact Team can sleep at night and they are prepared to deal with all the repercussions they will receive from this.


Gay Spanish Porn Star, Tony Duque, Shows Us How To Put On A Condom

Gay Spanish porn star, Tony Duque, is showing all of us how to put on a condom. And it's graphic. Like close up of his hard dick as he slides the condom on graphic and then we get to see how to take a cum filled condom off without making a mess.
The video is in Spanish. I don't know what he's saying but honestly, ain't nobody listening to the words. HAHA.
The video is part of a campaign from Stop Sida. You can view the site here:
To view the video click here:


Digital Playground Hosting Their Second Annual DP Star Search Contest

Any of you ladies ever dreamed of being a Digital Playground Contract Girl?
Well if you have it's your lucky break because Digital Playground is hosting their second annual DP Star Search Contest hosting by first season winner Eva Lovia.
The winner will receive a one year exclusive contract with Digital Playground and star in a big budget feature.
Digital Playground is also hosting a week long DP Star Trivia Giveaway via Twitter where winners will receive shirts signed by Eva.
For the full article click here:
And to enter click here:
Good luck ladies and may the best women win!


Monday, August 17, 2015

Brandon Wilde Is On Too Gay For Facebook

I last spoke about Too Gay For Facebook a while back when Morgan Sommer from The Cybersockets turned me on to it and let me know about Pierre Fitch blowing the site up and setting a record for number of site hits.
Well now Brandon Wilde, the cute pornstar with one of the biggest and best asses in the industry, and also my favorite porn star DJ, has joined and his pics are HOT HOT HOT! But don't take my word for it, click here and see for yourself:
As an added bonus Brandon also links his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Rentboy pages to the site. Enjoy!


Rentboy Hosting A $1500 Scholarship Competition; Judged By Colby Keller

Alright all you Rentboys who are escorting to put yourselves through school or to pay off your student loans, Rentboy has just announced a new contest as part of their #Cash4Class scholarship program where the winner, judged by porn star Colby Keller, gets a $1500 scholarship.
Contestants must be going to school in The United States but the scholarship can be put towards a four year university, community college, beauty school or personal training certification.
To enter creatively answer this question: Why going to school is part of my dream? and put your answer in either a 500-1000 word essay or a 1-5 minute video. The deadline is midnight September 15th.
For more information you can see the video here: or check out
Good luck everybody! Oh and let me just say I wrote this post wearing my Rentboy tank. HAHA


Penthouse Model And Actress, Darenzia, Starts Indiegogo For Sci-Fi Film, Crossover

Penthouse model, fetish model and mainstream actress Darenzia, who has the best stage name ever!, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund her new sci-fi movie, Crossover.
The campaign, which can be viewed here: is seeking $50,000 and offers some great perks including concept art, a chance to attend the New York or LA premier, an offer to hire Darenzia and others from the production team for YOUR next project, a corset that Darenzia wore on the cover of Marquis and, if you donate the entire $50,000 needed for the film your name or logo will appear before the film begins with a special "presented by" credit as well as being able to attend production meetings, attend the premiers and Q&A. Child if I had an extra 50 grand sitting around I'd want that perk!
For the full article on the project, which includes a synopsis of the film and more details about the team bringing this project to life, click here:
Congrats Darenzia and if you have a role in the film for a nerdy guy hit me and my reps at BBA up!


Mainstream Fantastic Four Fans Turn To Axel Braun To Save The Franchise

So we've all read the reports by now that the new Fantastic Four film was a huge flop and some of us have probably already seen the rumors about the future Fantastic Four films being shelved well fans of the franchise have turned to King Of The Superhero Parodies, Axel Braun, pleading the award winning director to make a film based on the popular comics that will finally do the superheros justice and I for one am all for it! Can you just imagine these four in a porno? Child, it will be heavenly.
Here's hoping that Braun will oblige fans' requests.
More information as I get it.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Venus Vice Holding Comedy Event To Benefit APLA!

Who doesn't like to laugh and see some of the funniest stand ups and comics in LA? And who doesn't like to help out a great organization like Aids Project Los Angeles and be able to get some cool raffle prizes?
Well then you won't want to miss this event put on by my awesome friends Sam Vice And David Vice the two boys behind new adult company Venus Vice.
The Marital Aids benefit will be at Westside Comedy Theatre in Santa Monica, so you can hang out at the beach afterwards on October 3rd so mark your calendars now. And tickets are only 10 bucks for general admission and 15 for VIP; best deal in town.
Don't wait, get your tickets here:
And all the proceeds go to benefit APLA. Guys, I love you both for doing this!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vadim Black Is Starting His Own Studio

Vadim Black, who fans are probably most familiar with as being one of The Broke Straight Boys, announced yesterday on Twitter that he is in the process of starting up his own studio:
No word on if the studio will be gay, straight or a mixture of genres but I will post more updates as I get them.
Congrats Vadim!


Cover For Safe Landings Has Been Released

Check this out you guys, the cover of Kay Brandt's Safe Landings, which as you all know I had the honor of playing a small supporting role in, has been released and it is sexy sexy sexy!
Kay is reportedly viewing the first cut of the film later this week and this film is scheduled for a Fall release with the book being released soon as well; and I'm told by Kay that the book is even more intense then the movie! I can't wait to read it.
Congrats Kay and everyone involved!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

TitanMen's Dirk Caber, Jesse Jackman And Jasun Mark Lip Sync Cobra Starship's I Kissed A Boy

This seems like the perfect post to do after I attended my first Porn Star Karaoke last night at Sardo's, we'll get to that in a minute, and there's nothing I love better then sexy daddy's being adorable and this YouTube video from TitanMen's real life married couple Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber and director Jasun Mark lip syncing to I Kissed A Boy by Cobra Starship while driving after filming is the very definition of adorable.
Go ahead, put a smile on your face and watch the video here:
Maybe we should think about creating Porn Star Lip Sync?


HIV Activist, Jack Mackenroth, Named August's Wet Platinum Man Of The Month

I am happy to report that my friend, Jack Mackenroth, has been named The Wet Platinum Man Of The Month for August!
This is part of a monthly contest that Trigg Labs, the makers of Wet lubricants puts on and I can't think of anyone more deserving than Jack who has been a huge advocate and activist for HIV awareness and to eliminate HIV stigma.
For the full article, including some amazing quotes about Jack and how you can enter Wet's contest to be a Platinum Man Of The Month-child you know I'm gonna enter-click here:
Congrats buddy!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Breaking News: All The Porn That's Fit To Fuck Partners With New Adult Film Company Venus Vice!

I am very happy to announce that yesterday I got an offer from Venus Vice to use their site as a platform for the blog and I happily accepted.
I am also pleased to announce that there is a chance, nothing definite yet, that I may be teaming up with them to create some content. I sent them two porn scripts I wrote; the comedy incest script I submitted for a contest a while back and while it didn't win it got good feedback and a queer Halloween parody I wrote which one of the Vice Boys, Sam, likes so now I'm just waiting to hear what the other, David, thinks about it. More updates on that as I get them.
In the meantime please check out Venus Vice's website at and follow them on Twitter @Venus_Vice and @davidvicexxx
Thanks for letting the site be a platform for the blog guys! Looking forward to working with you guys more!


Monday, August 10, 2015

TitanMen Signs Distribution Deal With Pulse

The good folks over at AVN have announced that TitanMen have signed an exclusive distribution deal with Pulse Distribution which goes into effect September 1st.
This deal means that, BelAmi and TitanMen are now three brands which are under the same roof.
Joe Gage's Spur Of The Moment will be the first DVD released under the new deal and a new TitanMen feature will be released every month along with four to sex compilation DVDs per year. Pretty ambitious but I like it. Pulse will also have the full TitanMen catalog available as well which is a good thing for fans.
For the full article click here:


Sean Zevran Becomes Next Fleshjack Boy

Andrew Christian model and Falcon exclusive, the hunky Sean Zevran, has just signed on to become the newest Fleshjack boy. Christmas has truly come early this year!
For the full article, which includes a bit more information about Sean and some quotes click here:
Congrats bud! You deserve it!


Shine Louise Houston Talks To Cosmo

I love that Cosmo is becoming truly sex positive, as well as becoming porn positive, sex worker positive, women of color positive and queer positive! Great job Cosmo and I will proudly support you guys and I am so happy that they are talking to one of my favorite directors in the industry, Shine Louise Houston. I've talked about Shine numerous times on the blog and I am always happy to give her and her company press and promote the projects they are doing. Shine, as I said, is one of my favorite directors and someone I look up to and I would absolutely love to work with her one day. So Shine if you read this and ever need a little nerdy guy who's good with comedy and also, surprisingly, good with drama for a non-sex role hit me up.
Anyway back to the Cosmo piece....
This is part of their Sex Work column which documents a new woman in the sex worker field every week. In this column Shine talks about what led her to film, how she got her film degree, why she decided the industry needed a director like her and why she is crowdfunding her latest feature. It's a fascinating piece and you can read it here:
Congrats Shine!


Charl Van Den Berg, Mr. Gay World 2010, Passes Away At 33

It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of Charl Van Den Berg, an amazing model and LGBT activist who was crowned Mr. Gay World of 2010. Charl lost his battle with lymphatic cancer. He was only 33. has posted a nice tribute to Charl here:
Rest in peace you amazing man.


Playboy And Blackheart Rum Putting Out 93 Proof Limited Edition Spiced Rum

Two of my favorite things, Playboy and Blackheart Rum, are joining together to release a special limited  edition 93 proof spiced rum this fall.
Blackheart Rum has been advertising on and in Playboy Magazine for the last two years so this just seems like a natural collaboration.
The rum will feature some great retail promos including a Blackheart Playboy Bunny display and Playboy will be running ads with Dani Mathers, the 2015 Playmate Of The Year, throughout October.
There will also be some great promo events including a Halloween event at Bar Fifty Three on The Sunset Strip.
The bottle which will have the cool tagline, Seduction In A Bottle, will feature the sexy pirate pin-up girl re-imagined as a Playboy Bunny which I think is the most brilliant thing in the world.
For the full article click here:
I for one can't wait to get mine! In fact I'm gonna buy two, one to drink, and one to keep.
Congrats Playboy and Blackheart!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Leo Sweetwood Starts GoFundMe To Benefit The Trevor Project

Leo Sweetwood, the nicest and funniest guy in gay porn, has started a GoFundMe to benefit The Trevor Project. If the campaign raises the total amount of money, Leo will allow RuPaul Drag Race star, Phi Phi O'Hara, who I did a safe sex PSA and who is so incredibly sweet, to dress him up in drag and perform a song of the fans' choosing. That alone is worth it to donate.
To check out the campaign and donate click here:
Thanks for doing this Leo! You rock buddy!


Friday, August 7, 2015

Gene Reeves Jr, Attorney Shot With Larry Flynt, Has Died

It is with deep sadness that I report the death of Gene Reeves Jr, the attorney who was shot with Hustler founder Larry Flynt back in 1978. Reeves passed away on July 31st. He was 85.
Reeves and Flynt were shot back in March of 1978 by Joseph Paul Franklin who was upset with Hustler for publishing images of an interracial couple. Franklin would later be convicted of a series of racially motivated murders and subsequently executed in Missouri in 2013. The shooting left Flynt paralyzed and in a wheelchair while Reeves spent a month recovering in a hospital.
In an ironic twist, Reeves would later become a judge at the same courthouse where he and Flynt was shot. In 1994 Reeves was appointed a magistrate judge for Gwinnett County and retired in 2011.
For the full story click here:
Rest in peace your honor.


WWE Changes Name Of Diva Stable Due To Sharing Name With Adult Site

Okay this story made me laugh my ass like no other!
WWE has decided to change the name of the new Diva's stable, Submission Sorority, whose members include Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch because, apparently, Submission Sorority is already the name of a popular porn site so when fans would type in the name to their Google searches the porn site would come up.
WWE reportedly thought of changing the name of the stable to The Horsewomen but opted not to as not to offend Ronda Rousey, a WWE fan who, along with Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke call themselves The Four Horsewomen; they have the blessing of both Arn Anderson and Ric Flair.
The rumor is that the new name for the girls will be, wait for it it's almost better and even more porny then Submission Sorority.....The Submission Sisters. I know. I know. I love it as a stand up comic when the jokes write themselves.
TMZ has reported that one of the adult sites who came up in the Google searches has sent Vince McMahon a thank you gift basket for increasing traffic to their site.
The full story can be found here:


Cosmo Details Sex Worker Who Shot Alleged Serial Killer

Wow, this is an incredible story and I applaud Cosmo for telling it. You can see the full article here: but to sum it up:
Last week a West Virginian sex worker named Heather was almost the victim of a brutal attack when a man named Neal Falls who she had met ad on Backpack showed up at her house, pointed a gun at her head and said "Live or die?"
Thinking fast, Heather grabbed a rake and when Falls dropped the gun she shot him, killing him. Falls is being investigated for the alleged murders of at least nine women in three states.
A Facebook page was started called Heather The Hero as well as a crowdfunding campaign but soon the person who started it became shaming Heather and fellow sex workers.
A real crowdfunding campaign has since been started which you can see here:
Amnesty International has also become involved drafting a bill that would decriminalize sex workers and victims of sex trafficking both adults and minors. Of course this has been met with criticism by some "feminists"-big surprise-including Gloria Steinam-again big surprise.
I have to applaud Heather for her quick thinking and bravery and offer my full support to her and please, to sex workers everywhere, be safe out there, boys and girls. Protect yourselves. Carry a gun, mace and/or a knife. And know how to defend yourselves and fight back.


Women's Health Magazine Lists The 7 Most Unbelievable Porn Genres

Even though this article was published last month, it seems to just now be gaining momentum on social media. You can read the full article here: but for those of you who don't want to click I will list them for you here.
So get ready ladies and gentlemen, here are, according to Women's Health Magazine, the 7 most unbelievable genres in porn. Some you may know and some you may not. What are your thoughts on these? Leave me some comments below.

1) Balloon Porn: I was actually familiar with this fetish and Looners, as they are called. While I can't get a boner to a balloon and have no sexual desire to get off with a balloon or by a balloon popping, it is still an interesting fetish, at least to me, and some of the videos are pretty humorous.

2) Dinosaur And Monster Porn: This is a HUGE new genre in the erotica world but I didn't know just how big it was in porn. There's anime, obviously, but there are also live action videos that feature men in dinosaur suits fucking cave women. It's weird and weird and even more weird which makes it that much more entertaining.

3) Giantess Porn: I didn't even know this was a thing. Apparently it's a fetish of women who are shot, or photoshopped, to look like actual giants looming over tiny men.

4) Cat Costumes: So this one isn't that surprising or unbelievable to me. How many sexy cat costumes are there in the stores? And come on, who among us hasn't gotten a boner or wet while looking at Catwoman? Especially when she was played by Julie Newmar, Lee Meriweather or that yummy Eartha Kitt? And let's not forget when she went all leather/dominatrix in Batman Returns.

5) Breast Milk Porn: This is another one I was familiar with but have yet to check out. Lactation doesn't do it for me but hey, at least you can get your calcium while getting off.

6) Adult Baby Porn: Another one I was familiar with but doesn't do a thing for me. It's more humorous then titillating to me to see grown people, mostly men, dressed in diapers and being taken care of.

7) Clown Porn: I didn't know this was a real thing but, for some reason and maybe it's because I love the Family Guy clip of the clown porn, this one has peaked my curiosity more than the others and I am so beyond happy that this is a thing.

So there you have it, sports fans. What are your thoughts on this list? Agree? Disagree? Any that you are a fan of? Any you think should have been included? Let me know.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Michael Hoffman's Sex Tape Has Leaked

Well this is a day I never thought would come.
A while back there was a gif that leaked of Michael Hoffman fucking a girl doggy style. People wondered if a sex tape would leak but nothing ever came of it.
Well now, Brent Everett has released the tape on his site for free, no membership required.
And I have to say, Michael's jerk off videos are hotter and at least in those we get to see him hard, get to see him cum and get to see him act like he's enjoying himself.
This isn't so much a sex tape as it is a tape of two people doing some oral, kissing, attempting to do sex and finishing off just talking.
The girl in the tape is hot but I feel sorry for her. It's obvious that she wanted to fuck but Michael-I don't know if this was his first time with a girl or if he was nervous or maybe he was trying to prove that he's straight and failed-can't stay hard. He starts off okay but as soon as it's time for penetration his dick deflates like a balloon and when he does get hard again, he's only able to do a few thrusts before he's soft again. When he is able to fuck it is hot to see the way his abs contract but honestly, he comes across as a really boring and lousy lay.
This is something that you only watch if you're tired of Hoffman's jerk off videos or want to see him try to have sex but otherwise you're not missing much and I can see why Everett is offering this one up for free.
Grade: F


Sunny Lane Returns To Brazzers After A Four Year Hiatus

It's a good day for Brazzers' fans. After a four year hiatus the beautiful Sunny Lane has returned for her first scene in four years with Danny D in The Masturbating Teacher; I like where this is going already. ;)
Lane has also announced that she redesigning her site:
For the full article click here:
Welcome back, Sunny!


Please Support LTASEX

Now here is a crowdfunding campaign I can get behind 100% percent.
LTASEX is a site that is both LGBT and poly friendly and seems to be a very sex positive site offering advice on all kinds of things ranging from BDSM to commitment advice and everything in between.
There's lots of cool perks so I highly suggest taking a look at the campaign here: sharing and donating what you can to help support a sex positive advocate.


Teagan Presley Feature Dancing At Two Ohio Clubs August 7-8th

Oh Ohio how I envy you.
Teagan Presley, the beautiful adult star and Penthouse Pet will be dancing at two clubs August 7th and 8th; Rootstown's Diamond Royale at 9:30 and Canton's Diamond Lodge at 11.
This is also the NFL Hall Of Fame enshrinement weekend so there's lots of reasons to plan that Ohio trip you've been putting off.
Between performances, Teagan will also be available for lap dances, autographs and photos.
Teagan has been traveling and dancing all summer and these shows promise to be high energy filled with sexy moves and costumes.
For more information click here:
Have some amazing shows, Teagan! Congrats!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Talent Agent Bella Roxxx!

Here is a big treat for you guys today and an interview I was really looking forward to.
Florida agent Bella Roxxx is joining us today to give a unique behind the scenes perspective on the industry from someone who has had a very long and extensive career in the industry both as an agent and a performer. Bella shares her thoughts on the new documentary Hot Girls Wanted and why she thinks Florida is actually a good place for girls to gain experience before making the move to LA and how the industry has changed since she started. 
So sit back and please welcome the amazing Miss Bella Roxxx!

JOE: First let me say, researching you, you have had an amazing career in an industry that is not known for longevity. So tell us, how did you get into the industry? I read on your agency site that you started as an exotic dancer. Was dancing something you always wanted to do? Was it easy to transition from dancing to modeling for men's magazines to eventually adult films? What are the top things you liked about each career? One you preferred doing over the other? Do you ever miss performing?

BELLA:  I broke into the industry when I was just a teenager.  My dad's girlfriend was dancing at the time and I had left home and was barely able to pay my bills, so I asked my dad to hook me up at the club and he reluctantly agreed.  I had always thought about being an exotic dancer since I was a little girl.  I was brought up in a very open family environment, where we were encouraged to be comfortable with our sexuality.  Yes, the transition was natural.  A photographer came in and saw me and my step sister doing a soft core lesbian show on stage and wanted to film it and submit us to various magazines.  I always dreamed about being in magazines so I was so excited!  It was definitely what we wanted to do because back then you could feature dance off one magazine credit.  We loved choreographing our shows, interacting with our fans, and getting to travel and see a lot.  Adult films I had been approached to do early in my career, but I wasn't ready to have full on sex with a guy on film.  I was having too much dancing, featuring, and doing photo shoots plus making more money than the porn stars were making back then.  When I saw MILF scenes were getting popular and I was a little too old to continue dancing, I found it to be a perfect fit and by that time I was ready.  I definitely loved feature dancing the most with magazines and adult film being a close second.  Once in awhile I miss performing, but I am so busy with my agency that I just wouldn't have the time to be prepared to film.  I also love being a mentor to my girls and running my own agency.

JOE: In your bio on your site you say that you didn't begin performing in adult films until 1998, what made you finally break into films? You worked for a lot of well respected companies in your career, did you have a favorite studio you worked for?  

BELLA:  Like I said, just made more money doing what I was doing.  I really enjoyed doing my shows with my step sister.  It was more of the age factor.  MILF was hot and I was a hot MILF. LOL  My favorite company by far has been working with Reality Kings!  Score was exciting too because they are a magazine, so it was fun to get two more magazine credits.

JOE:  What was filming your first scene like? Any pointers you can give for girls who are just beginning on how to make their first scene stand out or how to not let the nerves get the best of them? 

BELLA:  My first scene was with the Score Group with JMac as my male talent.  I was so incredibly nervous because it was new and I didn't know what to expect.  However, everyone was so kind and made me feel right at home.  My advice to girls is get more excited than nervous, watch a lot of porn so you know what you are going to be doing, and get plenty of sleep the night before!  I can't share all my secrets as that information is strictly for my models! So come join us at

JOE:  How has the industry changed since you were performing? What are your thoughts on how porn seems to be going more and more mainstream?

BELLA:   The whole adult industry has changed.  I started just giving table dances.  Nobody was allowed to touch us and no lap dancing or champagne rooms existed.  I opened the first lap dance club in NYC The Paradise Club in 1992, so many years after I began.  When the champagne rooms began, I wasn't dancing anymore.  I love that porn is being more and more accepted in society.  It's a job at the end of the day and our industry and all the people in it should be recognized for their work.  I've met some amazingly talented photographers, producers, and directors that are so great at what they do.  As for the girls, most of them have been through hard childhoods, so until you walk in our shoes, nobody has a right to judge.  These are some of the most beautiful people I have met in my life.

JOE: You retired in 2011 from performing after a long and successful career, what led you to the decision to retire? How does a performer know when it's time to retire from the industry? 

BELLA: I was very lucky and fortunate to be asked to be partners with a pretty big agency at the time, so that's when I got really busy and didn't have time to perform anymore.  I was ready to retire, it had been over 20+ years of performing so I was ready to get on the other side.  I can't speak for anybody else on when they feel the time to retire.   

JOE:  You now own a very successful agency is that something you always wanted to do? Tell us a little about your agency and what exactly a porn agent does. Can you give us an example of what a day in the life of a porn agent looks like?

BELLA: Thank you!  I never set out to be an agent, but I always wanted to manage other girls starting out.  So I guess it was fate!  What I love about my agency is that it is all female ran and that is the #1 reason the girls come to me.  Along with my being in the industry and having done everything they will do.  I love being a mentor and giving back.  A typical day for me begins at 6am.  The mornings consist of taking girls to shoots, picking girls up from airports, office work, orientation with new girls, setting up photo shoots to get nice pictures to submit to producers, taking new girls on go sees, picking up girls from shoots, scheduling shoots, and then when my day is over around 7pm I enjoy hanging out with my girls.

JOE:  Do you feel that having worked in the industry has helped you as an agent?

BELLA:  Absolutley!!!  I have so much information, experience, and advice to share with my girls.  I love it so much!

JOE:  What makes a good client? What is something you look for when you are deciding to take on a girl as a client? What are things the girls can do to make sure that they stay repped by you? And on the other side of that what makes a bad client and what turns you off to a potential client during meetings?

BELLA:  I love girls who take this job seriously and are open to learning.  What I look for are girls that are what the producers are looking for, so I have to follow the rules.  My girls must be between 18-25, minimal to no tattoos, height and weight proportionate, and very pretty.  My models can stay repped by me as long as they want.  I don't like girls who are on hard drugs, don't take the industry seriously, or are mean to other girls.  I hate drama most of all.

JOE:  Why did you choose to open your agency in Miami? Do you think you will ever branch out and open up offices in New York, Vegas or LA? Do you just rep girls in Miami or do you have clients all over?

BELLA: I live in South Florida and there is a lot of work here.  I have branched out to Vegas, Arizona, and LA already.  I'm not licensed in LA yet so I work with my partner Rylie and HussieModels.  I won't book anything in NY, because I don't book ultra rough or degrading scenes.

JOE: A documentary recently came out called Hot Girls Wanted which some people said was biased against the industry and was "porn shaming." Have you seen the documentary? If so what are your thoughts on it? 

BELLA: Yes, I have seen the documentary and I think it was a very poor representation of what the industry is like.  Again, this is my business partner Rylie who is in the film and he is one of the most decent people in the industry.   

JOE:  Going off that, recently released their own documentary Miami Porn: Sex Work In The Sunshine State and Xbiz has also started Xbiz Miami so is Miami the new happening place for porn and the place for up and comers to look into? 

BELLA: Absolutely!!! This is a great place to get your feet wet and learn what it's like to be on an adult film set.  It's much more slow paced here and gets the girls really prepared for LA.

JOE:  There has always been a stigma attached to porn that the girls are forced or tricked into doing it and the media and some radical "feminists" always seem to like to paint the picture of the sleazy porn director or agent and the casting couch, but from what I've seen the women involved in the industry are in it because they enjoy what they do and are comfortable and sexually liberated, so where do you think this stigma came from? In all your years working in the industry did you see women being forced, tricked, exploited and beaten like we have seen in some Hollywood films? Anything you would like to say to people who try to shame the porn industry?

BELLA:   Unfortunately I have seen agents force girls into doing "Auditions" which is never required.  However, it's a great way to be able to have sex with them.  I think this is why me being the only female agent in Florida is good, my girls feel really safe. 

JOE: Any advice for people who want to open up their own agency? What makes a good porn agent?

BELLA:  No comment. I'm not going to help what could be future competition! LOL

JOE:  Some women in the industry that I have interviewed say that men-both performers and men who watch porn-are the real ones who are being exploited in the industry, what are your thoughts on that?

BELLA:  I have no idea what these girls mean.

JOE: What advice do you have for girls in the industry to have a career that has lasted as long as yours has? 

BELLA: Be professional, be on time, be prepared i.e. model bag, treat every shoot the same whether it's $300 or $2000 shoot, don't get caught up in drama or gossip, most importantly always take this job seriously. 

JOE: As porn seems to be going more and more mainstream would you ever consider repping any mainstream models or performers? What about male performers? 

BELLA: No, I'm happy where I'm at right now.  Who knows what the future holds though. 

JOE: Where can potential clients or just fans in general keep in touch with you? Any exciting projects of your clients that you'd like to promote?  

BELLA: Just follow me on or keep checking out my website for special videos of the girls. You can also visit our YouTube web series at bellaroxxx1

I'd like to thank Bella for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give us such a great interview and an even greater insight into the industry. I certainly wish her, Adultstarmkrs and her girls all the best and can't wait to see how the industry in Miami continues to grow!



Shawna Lenee Donating 20% Of Sales From Exxxotica To Genesis House Shelter

This is so cool!
Adult star, Shawna Lenee, has announced that she will donate 20% of all sales from Exxotica to Genesis House Shelter, a women's shelter in Lorain, Ohio.
For the full article click here:
For more information on Genesis House Shelter click here:
Thanks for doing this, Shawna! You rock!


Little Sassee Cassee Headlining Sadie's Bar August 6th-8th

It's a good week to live in Oklahoma. Little Sassee Cassee, the two foot ten inch stripper and magician will be feature dancing at Sadie's Bar in Ponca City, Oklahoma August 6th through the 8th.
Doing two shows nightly, Cassee will also be signing autographs, doing lap dancers and mingling with guests in between the shows.
For more information click here:
Have some great shows Cassee!


Pony Play Fetish Show, Equus, In LA August 7th-9th

If you are into pony play then you won't want to miss this event.
Equus is coming to Sanctuary LAX August 7th-9th.
The event will offer shopping, parties, games and the North American Trainer/Pony Contest.
Reportedly there will be a heard of 25 ponies which is the largest there has ever been at one event. There are ribbons for both ponies and trainers in various games as well as The Pony Spirit Award and Pony Master Award. There will also be competitions such as The Western Reigning Game as well as classes on harness and rope care and techniques for training. Other competitions include a leather title contest and a contest to decide the next North American Pony and Trainer.
For more information click here: and here:
Have fun everyone!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Austin Keyes Appearing On Papi Chulo's Radio Show Thursday August 6!

Guys I am fangaying so hard right now!
My real life friend, and gay porn crush, Austin Keyes AKA the smoothest most GQ guy in the industry, will be appearing on Papi Chulo's radio show this Thursday, August 6th at 10PM.
I can not wait to tune in to hear what Austin has to say!
For more information click here: and to hear the interview go here:
Congrats Austin!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

I, Pornstar? My Experience On A Porn Set

Those of you who have been following the blog know doubt saw all my excited posts about my involvement in Safe Landings, Kay Brandt's new film in two years for Adam And Eve's new line of hardcore films based on best selling erotic novels. Well last Saturday we shot my scenes for the film; the whole film was actually shot over two days-Friday and Saturday-so that really tells you something about the amazing talent of the cast and crew. And now I am going to tell you my experience about working on my very first porn film in a non-sex dialogue only role.
First let me just say that the script is one of the best scripts I've read in years. I would have been crazy to turn it down. All of the characters had so much depth and richness that made it easy to find subtleties and subtexts and to bring a variety of juicy choices to set. In fact if Kay was to edit out the hardcore sex this is a movie that would be shown on LifeTime or in theatres and once you guys see the film, which is scheduled for a September/fall release, you'll see just how beautiful it is.
We shot in a beautiful house on La Tuna Canyon in Sun Valley. Being that I don't drive Kay had one of the PA's pick me up and drive me to set, although I would have gladly walked, and when we wrapped, since it was late and the last bus from Sun Valley had stopped running, the producer, David Lords' assistant, drove me to the subway which was so sweet of both of them and I can't thank them enough for the transportation.
So I arrive on set and it is just like a mainstream set. There's the equipment, actors going over sides, the designated room to put all of our stuff and, the most important thing, craft services. Being that I had gotten there a few hours early, I settled in and just started going over my lines so that I would be ready when Kay yelled action.I had three scenes, two of which involved actual dialogue and my first scene was very dialogue heavy so I wanted to be as ready as I could be and get all the nerves out before-I have the worst stage fright of any actor before I work.

And let me assure you, the nerves for this shoot were at full force and they only elevated two or three days before the shoot. As I mentioned in first post about my audition, there was a lot riding against me; the therapist character was written for a woman in her 30s and was a role that a more established and recognizable actress in the industry would have; a Jenna Jameson or a Nina Hartley or Traci Lords. I wanted to prove to Kay that she had made the right decision in casting me. I even brought my two scenes into my acting class and got coaching for them in there! And I was so super grateful that Kay had given me the script about three weeks in advance so I had ample time to research and study and prep.
I also found out after the shoot, and I'm glad I didn't know this before hand because even more pressure would have been thrown on the fire, that the lead Brenda James whom I auditioned with, was also instrumental in helping me get the role. Brenda told me after I had wrapped that she told Kay, "it has to be Joe. It has to be him." And for that, Brenda I will truly always be grateful to you.
A very pleasant surprise was when two of the extras arrived, Sam and David, whom I had met briefly at the audition. They are actually forming an adult entertainment production company called Venus Vice and let me tell you with their heads for networking, business sense and just general likability these two are going to succeed and become forces in the industry. The three of us have actually become really good friends and have hung out a few times since filming. They came to see me perform at Lip Sync LA Live and this past weekend the three of us, along with Kiki Daire who is so lovely and funny, went to James Deen's Overkill Fundraising Party in Hollywood.
Another person who I bonded with on set over our love of horror movies, 70's exploitation films like Cannibal Holocaust and comic books was lead Xander Corvus who, besides being an amazing actor-I'm serious watch his dramatic scenes in the films he'll make you cry-is also a really humble down to earth guy and a talented musician. He shared some of his music with me and I was totally impressed. Like seriously, why is this guy not getting VMA's and Grammy's? And why does it seem that male porn stars make the coolest music?
I could go on and on about how nice and talented everyone was. Brenda James, who I've already talked about. Besides being such a lovely woman is an amazing scene partner to act off of. Her facial expressions tell you so much about what she is feeling and gives you so much to work off. Watch her scenes and you'll see what I mean. Every actor who wants to nail facial expressions should study Brenda James, or she should start teaching a class on it. When it comes to facial expressions Brenda's like Bea Arthur, she doesn't have to say a damn word but you know every damn thing that's running through her head.
August Ames, the other female lead, was also so down to earth and she couldn't have been sweeter. And, for being how young she is, is also quite a fine actress. Marcus London is a great guy who is a total English gentlemen and just oozes that wonderful English charm. Fun loving director, Tarantino XXX, also showed up for a while, he couldn't stay because he had to go to the Vice Is Nice event, but he was so funny and again down to earth and willing to give advice to Sam and David so they could succeed with their company and, I have to say, just like on mainstream sets were we stand around talking about how the business has changed because of the internet and talking about the "good old days" that same thing happened on this set with Marcus and Tarantino XXX talking about the changes to the industry thanks to the internet and the good old days of porn and how there aren't real stars anymore like there used to be with Aunt Peg and Seka and all the greats. And he's, unfortunately, right.

When it came time to shoot all three scenes went well and we got them done quick and it was so rewarding as an actor to see how proud Kay was with the job I had done. I knew that I had proven to her that she had made the right decision and I did everything I set out to do with the character. I met my objectives, I told the story and I brought her character to life. I left that set feeling so pumped and so high and knowing I had reached a new level in my acting. I can't wait to see the finished film, and get my footage to add to my reel and press materials because I know this is going to help swing open many closed doors.
I do have to say though, it was a bit embarrassing and overwhelming to witness the fuss people made over me on set after we did the first take. All of the crew and other actors were, for lack of a better word, fawning over me and my acting and raining down compliment after compliment. Which I greatly appreciated but, like I said, it was very embarrassing because I wasn't there to "show off" or prove how great of an actor I am or show anybody up. I was there to do what I always do when I work, do the best job I can do and raise the bar even higher for myself for the next project, which I did.
And the compliments didn't stop on set. They continued on Twitter; which was overwhelming as well and even, one week later, when I saw Sam and David, they were still going on about my acting. Well I know that I at least made some new fans.
To conclude, I am very grateful that my first porn film was with this cast and crew. Everyone was so nice and so welcoming. That was one of the things I was nervous about. That I would be treated as an outsider or that the performers or crew would be offended and think I was there to show people up or make a mockery of their work, which I wasn't and I know that they knew that. I was also nervous because I was actually doing what I set out to do; bridge that gap between porn and mainstream. Show that a mainstream actor can be in a porn film. Show that a porn film can be filled with good actors and have a great script and director. I didn't do anything in this film that I haven't done in mainstream but I was also nervous because, yes, the reality is, it was a porno and there may be people that are put off by that and that could shut some doors, I'm not that naive but at the end of the day I'm still happy with my decision to do the film, I'm grateful for the new friends and bonds I made and it actually gave me the porno itch to do more non-sex roles in other films because, as you can see, a porn set is actually just like a mainstream movie set and you can't even say that the only difference is there is real sex being filmed or the occasional naked person walking around because there are mainstream sets where people are walking around naked and some mainstream films that actually have real sex. I do have to say I loved that everyone was comfortable with themselves and each other so that we all changed in front of each other and, just like when I did the show on Playboy TV, no one was a creep or leered at anybody or made anyone feel uncomfortable or showed any disrespect.
 I hope and pray that I get the opportunity to work with Kay Brandt and everyone else on set again. Oh and I have to say, it was funny how obsessed David Lord got with my hair; he loved touching it. In fact, my porn name became Epic Lego Hair.
So thank you once again to all of the cast and crew. You are all amazing and this is going to be one of the best films the industry has seen in a long time and we are going to SWEEP all of the industry awards this year. I'm actually doing everything I can to get nominated for Best Non Sex Role In A Film. 
Oh and since I did do this, and got paid, I'm totally going around calling myself a porn star or at the very least, a working porn actor. ;)