Friday, October 30, 2015

My Experience Working For Marc Weston And Jessica Ryan

Happy Friday my freaky little fuckers! Hope all of you had a great week and have some horribly horny planes for The High Holy Day tomorrow. HAHA. Time permitting I am hoping to have some good Halloweenie themed treats for you guys on here but until then I thought I would tell you guys what it was like working with director Marc Weston and porn star Jessica Ryan on Marc's new movie Slut Squad.
So I originally emailed Marc my headshot, resume and demo reel back when he was still working as Axel Braun's assistant; special shout out to one of my Vice Boys, David, for giving me Marc's email. I had no idea that that email would lead to me being directed by Marc but I'm glad it did.
It was such a nice surprise when I got off from working Alone and saw the email from Marc with the simple subject line: porn shoot. He said that he was directing a movie the following week and he had a small non-sex role in it for me and after seeing the trailer and reading the reviews for Marc's American Horror Story parody of course I said yes.
We shot my scene Wednesday at this really cool adult shop in Van Nuys-I'll blog about them later-and I have to say it was such a wonderful and chill experience. Everyone was really nice and I would gladly work with all of them again; some of the most professional people I've met yet in this industry.
Ana Foxxx, who Marc was actually considering having me work with, was there and she couldn't have been more lovely and down to Earth. She is definitely on my porn bucket list of performers I want to work with and she even sent me a really nice Tweet afterwards.
I didn't have that much interaction with the male talent that was there; Richie Calhoun and Steve Rodgers, but from the little that I did see of them they both seemed like really cool guys and consummate professionals as well.
When it came time to shoot the dialogue scene between me and Jessica it went quick and Marc seemed very happy with what we did. Our dialogue was all improvised and let me say, I don't know if Jessica has any improv training but she is really good at it and just going with the flow of where the scene is going. She is also very cool with no hint of ego and seems very sex positive and comfortable with herself which I always admire in people. I sincerely hope this won't be the last time we work together and maybe in the next films I won't get cast as the guy who is creeping on her. HAHA.
And what is it like working with Marc Weston? Amazing. He is a hot, eager, young director who does everything he can to make his talent and his crew comfortable. He was constantly checking in with me and making sure I was okay and asking if I needed anything. He's easy to talk to and from the moment I met him on set we seemed to click and vibe really well together like we were old friends and as an actor that is always amazing when you have that kind of connection with your director. He even said that he'd like to work with me again; hopefully being able to give me bigger parts on some of the features he wants to do and I will gladly say yes anytime he calls because this guy is going to be big and it won't be long before he's winning awards and is in the hall of fame.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Creepy Peep Show 2 From TarantinoXXX Released On DVD Today

Happy almost Halloweenie everyone! Sorry it's been a few days since a post. I have been swamped with working haunts, rehearsals and shooting a non-sex role for Marc Weston's new film called Slut Squad; we'll get to that in a minute.
So a while back I blogged about my experience working for my boy TarantinoXXX in his Candyman porn parody and today that scene, along with a host of other great ones is now available on the compilation DVD Creepy Peep Show 2 and it promises to be hot hot HOT with parodies of Donnie Darko, the already mentioned Candyman parody and even a Child's Play parody that you have to see to believe.
This movie is also dedicated to Wes Craven who not only gave us the slasher and 70s horror sleaze genres-thank you Wes!-but Craven was also involved in the porn industry as well; more about that in the tribute I will be doing for him on this blog.
So check out the DVD and look for me in The Candyman parody; hint I'm one of the dead extras lying in front of the table covered in Skittles.
Seriously man, I love my life and job!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Mickey Taylor Releases Dirty Music Video

Gay porn's favorite mainstream star and Naked Sword Exclusive, Mickey Taylor, has released the music video for his new single, Dirty, which is available on iTunes on November 20th.
The video, produced by Dean Sage Media and Aleks Rey, who also appears on the vocal track with Taylor, also features cameos by Dakota Wolfe and Brendan John.
To watch the music video, which is edgy and artsy and totally cool click here:
Congrats Mickey! Keep doing you babe!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Andrew Christian Model Pablo Hernandez Releases Bitch I'm A Bottom Music Video

Andrew Christian model, Pablo Hernandez, has released the music video for his Madonna parody song, Bitch I'm A Bottom and I have to say, it's actually really good and catchy. The chorus has been in my head all day, no lie I've been going around saying "bitch I'm a bottom" and I'm a damn top. HAHA.
The video, directed by Karl Westerberg, also features Maniila Luzon and keep your eyes peeled for all the cameos from other hot models and drag queens including fellow AC super stud Brad Jan, Ricky Roman, Trelino and Unique Lozano to name a few.
To view the video click here:
Congrats Pablo. Hope we can collaborate on something soon.


Update On King Cobra Biopic Film; Director Announced

So a couple days ago I did a post about some of the cast of the upcoming biopic film King Cobra, about the murder of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis, which has begun shooting in New York, well now some more updates.
First, the director has been revealed to be Justin Kelly
Second, here are some promo pics that have been released including one that has pretty much broken social media of James Franco and Keegan Allen wearing very skimpy Nasty Pig briefs.

Also released were these promo pics of Allen in front of this sweet looking car:
And Garrett Clayton, who has been cast as Brent Corrigan wearing those infamous blue undies:
More details as I get them.


Jiz Lee's Coming Out Like A Porn Star Now Available

I can not wait to read and review this one on the blog!
Jiz Lee's Coming Out Like A Porn Star is now available and it is already getting five star reviews on Amazon.
Filled with essays from some of the biggest names in the business this one promises to be a fascinating read.
So what are you waiting for? Get over to Amazon and order your copy today!
Congrats Jiz and everyone involved with this amazing book!


Celebrate Back To The Future Day With The WoodRocket Porn Parody

Happy Back To The Future Day! And what better way to celebrate it then by watching the trailer for the porn parody put out by WoodRocket titled Fap To The Future.
Written by Locke Van Kemp and Lee Roy Myers, who also directed it, and produced by Seth's Beard and April O'Neil the story follows Marty DickFly who takes Cock Brown's poontonium fueld DickLorean back in time to to get her parents to fuck for the first time at the Enchantment Under The Semen Dance so that her porn doesn't get scrambled.
Let me say I love that Marty is a girl and I love that this is happening. I only wish it would have been released today instead of in November but hey beggars can't be choosers right?
For the full article click here:
To view the trailer go here:


Gay Male Porn Stars Are Now Cross Stitch Patterns Thanks To AdamMaleBlog

Okay this is pretty cool. These are some cross stitch patterns you won't find on grandma's pillows, or maybe you will, I don't know what her and grandpa are into.
Anyway, the awesome folks over at AdamMaleBlog have turned some of the hottest gay porn stars into some of the hottest cross stitch patterns. Take a peek and find out if your favorite made this go around:
Landon Conrad
Kris Evans
Brent Everett
Adam Killian
Topher DiMaggio
Connor Kline
Jake Bass

For more information go here:
Hope you guys make more and actually sell these. I would totes buy em!


Monday, October 19, 2015

My Experience As A Foot Fetish Model For Baby Boy Taz's Foot Husbands

Let me start out by saying that I never thought I would ever get hired as a foot fetish model. I am not into feet, I am not into my own feet and that genre of modeling was something I never ever though I would be approached to do.
You see, I have dancer's feet. What I mean by that is they are calloused from year's of dancing barefoot, they have the arch and they also have the wear and tear from the year's I spent as a long distance runner and the fact that I hate shoes and, even when I'm outdoors, don't wear shoes that often. So it always surprises me when people are into my feet because I think they are ugly and weird looking.
So imagine my surprise when my friend Baby Boy Taz, owner and founder of Foot Husbands, asked me if I would be interested in modeling for him. As someone who loves to try anything new I said yes as I was curious about what the shoot would entail.
Well let me say it was one of the funnest modeling shoots I've ever been on. I don't know if it's because Baby Boy Taz and I are real life friends but we were relaxed and very comfortable with each other.
The cool thing about this shoot was there was no nudity and no sexual stuff at all. I was clothed the whole time and the only thing that was naked was my feet. And the only time it ever got remotely sexual was when Baby Boy Taz videotaped himself tickling my feet with various objects while I was strapped to his bed, again fully clothed sans shoes and socks. 
The interesting thing about Foot Husbands is since Baby Boy Taz is an actor and has that background he likes to make the shoots theatrical. You can get a sense of that by viewing the trailer to my shoot here:
Pretty cool huh? We used my background as a writer for the basic premise.
And if that's not cool enough I also got interviewed by him; that's where the above picture comes from, and yes I will let you guys know when the interview is released so you can check it out.
In the meantime, anyone who is in LA and looking to have a fun shoot to build their ports or to just say they did it, shoot with Baby Boy Taz. Foot Husbands is such a professional studio. There's no creepiness, no awkwardness and he doesn't make you do anything you don't want to do. In fact I would love to shoot with him again I had so much fun!
Baby Boy Taz, thanks for such a great shoot and can't wait to see the video and the interview.


Today Only! Oct 19th Get A Pair Of Andrew Christian Undies Signed By Porn Star Ryan Rose

Andrew Christian is bringing Christmas early to Ryan Rose fans. Today only get a pair of undies signed by gay porn star and Andrew Christian model Ryan Rose when you order from their site.
This is only happening one day, today, October 19th, so don't miss out.
To get your Halloween costume-come on guys we all know most of you are just gonna be walking around wearing the Andrew Christian jock with some face paint on, not that I'm mad at you for doing that-and your Ryan Rose autographed undies click here:
Happy shopping ;)


Friday, October 16, 2015

Production Has Begun On Cobra Video Biopic Starring Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald And Garrett Clayton

A couple days ago Molly Ringwald Tweeted this picture:
Apparently James Franco's Event Films is producing a biopic called King Cobra based off the murder of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis who was murdered by Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.
The confirmed cast is as follows:
Molly Ringwald is playing Kocis' sister; which explains the movie brother Tweet.

Christian Slater is playing Bryan Kocis.

And Garrett Clayton is playing Brent Corrigan who infamously shot with Cobra while he was underage and who was a suspect in Kocis' murder. 
No word yet on who, if anyone, has been cast as Cuadra and Kerekes but I will be giving you guys updates as I get them. 
Oh and James, if you need any roles filled hit me up. I'm cool with doing full frontal nudity and sex scenes, especially with Garrett Clayton ;)
Congrats to everyone involved in the project. 


Kink Teams With Blackout For Erotic Haunted House: Hell In The Armory

The high holy day is almost upon us my (w)horible little hornies and what better way to celebrate the greatest time of the year then by combining two of the best things ever? Horror and sex?
First let me apologize that I went a week with no updates. I have been swamped with acting in my own haunt, Alone, if you're in the LA area check us out: plus I'm producing a series plus I have two novel series I'm working on so Joe has been teetering on exhaustion. But still that's no excuse for a multi-award winning blog to be neglected for seven days.
But enough about me. We're here to talk Kink. ;)
So last year took advantage of their Armory and turned it into an erotic haunted house. And they made headlines, both good and bad, all over. I think it's a great idea. You already have the space, you already have the BDSM equipment, torture porn and horror porn is in why not?
Well apparently it was so popular that they are doing it again and they have teamed up with the masters of extreme horror, New York's Blackout to present Hell In The Armory an interactive erotic haunt, participants must sign a waiver, based on Dante's Inferno. Already I'm in.
Hell In The Armory runs through October 31st, Wednesday through Sundays and tickets range from $35 to $45 which is a pretty good deal.
For more information go here:
Have fun everyone ;) And Kink and Blackout, if you need scare actors for next year, give me a call. Would love to work with you guys. ;)


Friday, October 9, 2015

Venus Lux Launches TransGlobal Magazine

Trans performer Venus Lux is expanding her empire, the twenty-four year old already owns her own studio Venus Lux Entertainment, and now she has announced the launch of TransGlobal Magazine which will feature podcasts, interviews, resources and a YouTube channel for original content.
This is awesome and I am glad Lux has created this amazing site-I've already checked it out and I have a huge 100% fan-to give a voice and a big spotlight on a subset of the industry and a subset of the LGBT community that is often glossed over, forgotten, ignored and full of phobia and misinformation.
You can check out the site here: and I already love the fact that the number to the Trans Life Line is on the homepage in bold; seriously if any of y'all need to call that number or need help USE IT!
Lux has also said that the site will also be looking to promote and sponsor events so if any of you have anything that fits with bringing down transphobia and promoting the T in LGBT get in contact with her. TransGlobal will also be putting out some cool merch and swag such as t-shirts and stickers to help create awareness of their movement and magazine; you know I'll wear 'em proudly.
And, this is the really cool thing, they are looking for photographers, writers and contributors. Any interested parties should send an email here:
Congrats Venus and thank you for creating this amazing site!


Playgirl Relaunches Website

Good news ladies, gay, bi and pansexual guys, guys who like looking at naked men and guys who want to pose for Playgirl, yesterday the magazine, which was founded in 1973 as a female answer to Playboy, announced that that, which launched in 2002, will be relaunching and will have a complete redesign.
Playgirl's Daniel Nardicio was also quoted as saying that the company will find ways to expand Playgirl into other formats. I am intrigued by that statement and will be looking to see where the company goes. Maybe a reality show to find their models? Perhaps a Playgirl channel with original content or radio shows like Playboy has?
In any case I am very happy that the site is returning and wish them all the best of luck and, a special congrats on all The Cybersocket nominations Playgirl got. Lots of exciting things happening for the company. And, just FYI, I will pose for you guys and be your cover boy and centerfold anytime ;)


Grooby Launches New Social Media Site 2T4FB

So awhile back I posted about the site in which porn stars, and well I guess anybody, could post pics that are too hot for mainstream social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without worrying about getting banned or getting their accounts shut down by frigid jealous prudes.
Well I am so excited about this announcement from Grooby who has teamed up with Lightspeed Media, the company which helped bring us 2Hot4FB, to bring all of us trans lovers and trans performers a place to share and appreciate the beauty of transmen and women. That's right y'all! has launched and if it's anything like 2Hot4FB you are gonna have to browse the pics with the cold shower on the ready!
I will check out the site and post a full review, along with a review of 2Hot4FB soon.
Congrats Grooby and can't wait to see what kind of hot pics are posted!


Lexi Belle, Kayden Kross And Tommy Pistol Appear In Gregory Hatanaka's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance

I love it when I can report on porn stars doing mainstream projects, especially when the project sounds as fun as this!
Tommy Pistol, Lexi Belle and Kayden Kross all have roles, well Kayden plays two roles, in Gregory Hatanaka's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, I love that title it's just fun to say and sounds so 90s erotic thriller which is great since this is the sequel to Samurai Cop from 1991 and, yes, stars Mark Frazer and Matthew Karedas are reprising their roles.
The film, which actually marks Belle's first time on a mainstream set, will be screening tonight at the Laemmle NoHo 7 in North Hollywood at 7:20 tonight with a Q&A, no word on who will be attending.
For those of you who can't make it to the theater tonight don't worry, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, damn I love typing that title haha, will be playing at the Laemmle October 9th through the 15th.
For more info on the screening tonight or to read the full article with some great quotes from Kayden and Lexi click here:
Congrats everyone!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

All The Porn That's Fit To Fuck Get's Cybersocket Nomination

Wow. I am very honored and grateful to announce that the blog has been nominated for Best Porn Review Site for this year's Cybersocket Awards! This makes four porn nominations, three of which are four the blog, that I have gotten. When I first started this back in November I never expected it to take off so quickly and already have over 70,000 readers before hitting the one year mark. Thank you everyone who has read and commented. The Cybersockets were the first porn awards that I ever attended and what kind of brought me (back) into the adult entertainment world so this would be an awesome victory if it's the first award I win.
I apologize that I have been a little lax in the posts, it's been a crazy few weeks but I promise I will post more regularly and get back to doing more reviews, spotlights and interviews and not just have this be a porn news site.
Here is the list of nominees: please, vote for All The Porn That's Fit To Fuck. I would love to win!
Thank you Morgan and Cybersocket Magazine and congrats to all the nominees and thank you to the fans.
See you guys at the awards!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Safe Landings Is Now Available In Paperback!

You guys have read the Kindle version, you guys have seen the movie and now you can add the paperback to your Safe Landings collection and I am super honored that I am quoted on the front cover and from what Kay told me it was Adam and Eve's idea to use that quote from me!
And a special credit to the awesome @MassdaAss whose Tweets always make me laugh, seriously go follow him, for taking the pic and posting it on Twitter in the first place.
So head on over to Amazon and get your copy here:
Congrats Kay! Can't wait to get my autographed copy!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Celebrate Bray Love's 24th Birthday Tonight At Beaux In San Francisco!

It's a great night to live in San Francisco. Tonight is Naked Sword Exclusive Bray Love's 24th birthday and he is celebrating it at Beaux; 2344 Market Street. No cover before 10 but it's only 5 bucks if you want to make an entrance and arrive fashionably late.
So if you're up in San Francisco tonight go wish Bray Love a happy birthday and give him his birthday spankings! Haha.
Enjoy your day buddy. Be naughty ;)


Venus Vice's Marital AIDS Benefit Tomorrow To Benefit AIDS Project LA!

The big day is almost upon us!
I am super proud of my Vice Boys, Sam and David, for organizing and putting on this great event which is benefiting an amazing organization. Karma is going to pay you guys back so much!
So yes, tomorrow, October 3rd at Westside  Comedy Theatre In Santa Monica join me and The Vice Boys as we present to you The Marital AIDS Stand Up Comedy Benefit Show!
There will be some of the funniest comics in LA making you laugh until you pee and then you will laugh at that! Raffles and great prizes, which includes some porn, and of course, some of the hottest porn stars in the business today! Rumor has it that Nicki Hunter and Tarantino XXX will be there so you won't wanna miss them! And all the proceeds go to AIDS Project LA so how awesome is that!
There are still some tickets left, get them now before we sell out here:
Sam, David, I am so proud of you guys and so happy to be associated with this event and Venus Vice.
Congrats my boys! Enjoy your night!