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Exclusive Interview With The Rub's Erika Icon

Alright guys, this is going to be an awesome treat and I am so excited about this because it is two firsts for my humble little blog. Not only is this the first interview with a women BUT the first interview with someone who works behind the scenes in the industry and it is a great one!
So I was first introduced to Erika Icon, adult publicist and owner of The Rub, a few months back when I posted about her interview with Cosmo and I was immediately intrigued. She was beautiful, outspoken, had awesome tattoos and was very porn and sex positive; basically I was looking into getting a divorce so I could ask for her hand in marriage. HAHA.
So imagine my joy when, just last week, not only do I get a notification that Erika left a comment on the write up I did on her interview but also started following me on Twitter! I asked her if she'd like to be interviewed and, to my great joy, she agreed and she did not disappoint.
I think there is still some stigma in the industry that all the women are forced to do porn by evil wife beating dirt bag men and that women are exploited so I was eager to get a feminine perspective on the industry and, since Erika works so closely with women in the industry, I couldn't wait to find out if women are really exploited in this business or forced to do it or any of the other negative connotations that go into the business.
 (Pictured Above) Erika Icon And Her Client Nikita Von James

Okay, enough of my babbling. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to give you The Rub's Erika Icon!

JOE: Let's start with the question everyone always wonders about, how did you get into the industry and what led you to do publicity?

ERIKA: I’ve had many jobs in different fields, including a short stint as a Diamond Grader for GIA. My last mainstream job was six years as an art director and copywriter for a few different advertising agencies. It was sucking the life out of me. I answered an ad on Craigslist to work for “the Netflix of Porn” (AKA WantedList). I worked there as a DVD buyer, sex advice columnist, and helped start their VOD program. Shane’s World was one of my vendors, and they asked me to do PR on a consultant basis—I was reticent at first, but took the leap and was good at it. When they sold their company, I decided to delve into it full time. Eventually, I left WantedList to start my own PR Company, and that was almost seven years ago.

JOE: Did you always want to be a publicist? How did you know that PR was where you belonged and how did you know that you were meant to do PR for porn stars?

ERIKA: Honestly, the adult industry is the only place I feel I belong—the tats, piercings and big boobs aren’t an issue, and people don’t treat me like a space alien. I’ve done different things in the industry like working for WantedList, but I also was a freelance writer for AVN, XBIZ and YNOT.

JOE: I have to say, The Rub, is the best name for a PR firm for adult entertainment, how did you come up with the name?

ERIKA: All the other PR companies had galaxy or star in the title and I wanted to be different, yet clever. It’s alliteration to Shakespeare’s line from Hamlet…”Therein lies the rub”. It means, “this is the deal”. It’s also a double entendre for rubbing one out.

JOE: What do you look for in a client? What makes a great client? What makes a bad one? And kind of going off that, what can a potential client do to stand out to you in the interview and get signed and what can a potential client do to not get signed by The Rub?

ERIKA: I only work with people I like and think I can help. Usually, I can see something in them. Like when I first started working with Nikki Delano, I remember telling my dad she was the “next it girl”. If I have a full roster, I don’t accept new clients, because I give personalized attention and I can only do that with a certain number of clients. Right now, we have a waiting list.

JOE: I am a mainstream actor and I have a publicist so I know what mine does for her clients but what does a publicist for adult entertainers do? What kind of events or interviews are you getting for your clients? Can you take us through a typical day for you?

ERIKA: There’s no such thing as a typical day for me. We do a lot for our clients, way more than any other PR firm in the industry. We get them places to sign at tradeshows, mainstream projects, endorsement and toy deals, and amazing interviews, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some of our girls were recently interviewed for Cosmo, Elle and Refinery29. And, I got two clients on reality shows—one already aired (Botched on E! with Kimber James) and Brooklyn Chase is also on a reality show coming out later this year. Three of my girls had substantial roles in a mainstream dramatic movie due out at the end of the year that will be making the rounds of all the major independent film festivals, before being released in theaters. We focus a lot on mainstream, branding and marketing our clients.

JOE: How important is publicity and a social medial presence for your clients? My reps encourage all of us to have social media accounts; do you do the same with your clients?

ERIKA: Social media is extremely important and I encourage them to do Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is hard for the adult industry, because they’re constantly deleting accounts. But, the most important thing about social media is doing it right—always promoting your brand in a positive light and having a plan of how you’re going to market yourself. We show our clients how to use social media effectively and monitor their accounts to make sure they’re not putting themselves in a negative light. Yes, I am the Twitter Police.

JOE: What changes, if any, have you seen in the industry and what are your thoughts on those changes?

ERIKA: There are far less studios—many of the ones that weren’t so great are now gone. Part of this is pirating and people getting free porn, which is now a huge issue in our industry. Pay for your porn, people! You wouldn’t want to go to work and not get paid and/or have someone steal from you. It hurts our industry and means less work for the girls and even directors and makeup artists.

JOE: What kinds of clients do you rep? Only women? Only straight performers? Directors? Studios? Would you ever branch out and rep gay or transgendered performers or drag queens like Chi Chi LaRue who direct porn? What about taking on mainstream clients?

ERIKA: We rep performers, studios and adult-oriented companies. Most of the performers are female, since male performers make less money and can’t always afford it. We’ve worked with t-girls and have a new girl, Jonelle Brooks, starting next month. Right now, we have multiple girls including Karmen Karma, Ashlee Graham, Jada Stevens and Lolly Ink, in addition to adult studio ArchAngel, and radio show Demon Seed Radio that can be heard on adult and mainstream stations. Another studio and a few more girls will be starting with us in the next two months. In the past, we’ve worked with directors, toy companies, and award shows.
We also have a mainstream PR company that we'll be developing more. Some of our clients will be shifting from adult to mainstream, so we will officially launch it in the very near future.


JOE: When should someone get a publicist?

ERIKA: When you are really serious about your career, have something to promote and can afford it for an extended period of time. You have to want to do the work, like promoting yourself on social media, doing interviews and being professional on set and turning out your best performances. As for companies, they should get PR as soon as they can afford it to make sure their product succeeds.

JOE: A lot of people have an idea that all the women in the industry are forced to be there and are exploited and degraded. What are your thoughts on this and what are your views on women working in the industry today?

ERIKA: Women in adult are here because they want to be. No one is doing anything they don’t want. This is a myth that frigid civilian women who think they’re feminists like to promote. Many women are holding key positions in the industry, not just as performers, but also as studio or company owners, publicists, writers, directors, and much more. It’s definitely shifting from just being a man’s world.

JOE: Do you feel that mainstream Hollywood and people in general are becoming more accepting of porn and porn stars? We have porn stars who are guest starring on mainstream TV shows and appearing in studio features, will we eventually see a full fledged bridge of the gap between porn and mainstream and have an industry where people can freely crossover back and forth at will?

ERIKA: Mainstream is much more accepting of adult than they were five or even 10 years ago. I can get my girls in more than just music videos or horror movies. And with Sasha Grey and 50 Shades of Grey becoming mainstream, the market is ready for more adult stars to cross over.

JOE: What do your friends and family think of your job? Was it hard to tell them what you do?

ERIKA: Not all of my family knows, since they are judgmental. I can tell you that my father is very proud of me, especially when The Wall Street Journal and Cosmo interviewed me, and when I got multiple AVN nominations this year for marketing and an XBIZ nod last year.

JOE: Is it hard to have a relationship and work as a PR person for the industry?

ERIKA: Yes, it is because guys think I do movies. I never have, even though I’ve had many offers. They also want to date me to get closer to porn girls and go to the events and/or ask me a million questions about the industry and whom I know. I used to date a porn director and it was good because he understood my job and accepted me for me. But, dating in the industry is hard and I find it better to draw a clear line between work and personal life.

JOE: My publicist also works as a booking agent for some of her clients in terms of acting work, do you do that? If so how do you generally like to pitch clients for projects, interviews and red carpets?

ERIKA: I don’t book the girls adult work—I leave that up to the agents. I will get them mainstream projects, submit them to present awards and also interview people on the red carpet. This year, I got Ashlee Graham on the red carpet interviewing at the XBIZ Awards, and Kayla-Jane Danger interviewed performers and directors during AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) and on the red carpet and backstage during the AVN Awards.

JOE: Do you think people who work behind the scenes should be honored and recognized more than they are at the various industry award shows?

ERIKA: It would be nice if there were more awards for publicists…hint, hint. NightMoves is the only one that has a PR Award. XBIZ and AVN do marketing awards. Makeup artists, editors and many others are recognized by the AVN Awards.

JOE: Will you stay in the industry? If not, any plans on where you'll be next?

ERIKA: I’m here to stay for now. If my mainstream PR firm starts taking off, I may switch over to the dark side.

JOE: You were recently interviewed by Cosmo for their Sex Work column. Are you a Cosmo fan? What do you think of the column and what it's doing for women in the industry?

ERIKA: I was honored to be interviewed by Cosmo. I don’t do very many interviews, but who would turn down Cosmo?! I am glad they’re doing the series on women in adult, and hope that we earn more respect. Usually when I tell women what I do, they roll their eyes. I’m a businesswoman and comfortable in my sexuality and own skin. They obviously aren’t and that’s sad.

JOE: Is there anyone in the industry, male or female that you admire and look up to?

ERIKA: They are a few women. My client Kayla-Jane Danger would be one because she’s multi-faceted, working as a writer, director and wearing many other hats, and she’s gorgeous. I know Tera Patrick and I’m amazed at what she has done and continues to do. Tristan Taormino is an amazing writer, filmmaker, and sex educator, and doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

JOE: How do you find the clients you rep?

ERIKA: They usually find me. Most of my clients are referrals from present or past clients. I have a good rep, work hard and produce results. Actions speak louder than words and people are watching.

JOE: How many people work for you and The Rub?

ERIKA: There’s my assistant, an intern and me. Yes, a small crew making all the magic happen. LOL

JOE: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be an adult publicist or someone who is thinking about or just entering the industry?

ERIKA: Being an adult publicist is hard work and it takes awhile to make good money. Many people try to do it and don’t realize how much hard work it is. Many fail or quit. There are a few of us who kick ass and get the job done.
As for performers, make sure this is something you want to do. Even if you make one movie, it’s out there forever and can keep you from getting a regular job. And don’t do anything on camera you don’t want to do. Stay true to yourself, work hard and always be professional.

(Pictured Above) Erika Icon And Her Client Julie Simone
Wow! Great interview huh?
I would like to thank Erika for taking the time out of her busy interview to stop by and visit my little blog, especially since she doesn't do many blogs, and giving both me and my readers an awesome inside perspective into the industry!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review Of Filthy's Peeping Tom 4 Featuring Lielani And Levi Steele

I wanted to like this one. I really did. Lielani is a beautiful Asian with amazing breasts and a very hot body and, as fans of softcore know, Levi has a great body, amazing ass and very impressive cock. I though finally we get to see his big cock fully hard and see him actually fucking. Plus I know Levi personally and who among us hasn't been curious about how their friends fuck?
Unfortunately this scene from Filthy's Peeping Tom 4 is pretty sub-par and actually boring. I would post pictures but unfortunately, even though you can find them online, for some reason they have some kind of code or are embedded so I'm not able to save them or post them to this blog, maybe if I get a more tech savvy friend I'll do a follow up post but if you really want to see just google Levi Steel Porn or Levi Steele Peeping Tom 4 and you'll find that and the video.
Anyway, onto the review.
First for the pros of the scene. As I said, Levi and Lielani are both very hot and I think all of us softcore fans always fantasize about what our favorite actors and actresses look like naked and how they actually fuck so there's that, unfortunately because the scene's so boring, much like The Beverly Lynne and Glen Meadows' sex tape, the naughty novelty of seeing softcore stars in a hardcore scene wears off and gets old quick.
The camera work is good and keeps with the whole voyeuristic peeping Tom theme with handheld camera work, the director hiding and lots of far away positions with the camera zoomed in close. It does feel like we're watching a leaked sex tape, until the very end when we hear the director actually direct Levi and utter these words loud and clear: "Lift her ass. There you go. Perfect." I actually laughed at that little blooper.
Now for the cons. As I said it's boring. Both of them are too quiet for my liking. Lielani seems into it at the beginning and makes some noise but by the end she's fallen into the old overacting fake porn actress moans trap that most result to and, with Levi being so quiet through it, Lielani's reactions are almost laughable and farce like.
Levi is the biggest culprit of being quiet. He makes almost no sounds, doesn't really talk and he has the same bored look and expression on his face. I don't know if he did this scene because he just really wanted to fuck Lielani or he owed the director a favor or just really needed the money but I found myself thinking, "man, Levi I know you and love you and think you're hot but Goddamn, big cock and nice ass aside, you seem like such a boring fuck." I like to see facial expression and hear genuine moans from performers and I've seen Levi perform hotter scenes in his softcore films and even his Foursome episode was hotter than this but he's also quiet in those genres so maybe he's just a quiet boring fuck, I don't know, I've never fucked him.
All in all, the scene feels longer than twenty-four minutes, does not offer any rewatchability factor and I found myself checking the time to see how much longer there was left, wishing that Levi would just hurry up and cum.
I would say check it out if you are a Lielani or Levi Steele fan or if you're curious about what he's like in a hardcore scene but I would suggest he just stick to the softcore genre and his stand up comedy gigs.
Unfortunately I have to give this one a D. The only thing that keeps it from getting an F is Lielani's hotness and Levi's big dick.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review Of The New Couple Featuring Austin Keyes And Michael Cummings

Just when I thought he couldn't get any better or raise the bar any higher, I watch Austin Keyes' scene with Michael Cummings and he blows the damn bar so high into space you need a damn telescope to even see it! Of the three scenes I've seen of Austin's this is by far his best and his hottest and if you call yourself a gay porn fan in any way, you have to watch this scene!
In this amazing scene brought to you by the good folks over at Peter Fever Productions-I've got a whole spotlight and write up planned for them because I absolutely love what they do-Michael and Austin are lovers on vacation and with the passion these two bring to the scene I was wondering if they really are going out in real life.
This scene has one of the most passionate make out scenes I've ever seen in any scene-porn or mainstream-and this is the most excited or turned on I've ever seen Austin as well as being the most vocal I've ever heard him and with that smooth voice of his that just drips with suaveness and sexiness that's fine with me. He's even suave and cool while taking Michael's pants and underwear off!
Throughout most of the scene Austin has a huge smile on his face so it's obvious that he's very turned on by Michael and not faking it at all and is very vocal while getting his cock sucked.

There is a very passionate make out/body contact bit before Austin slides down Michael's body; he can't get to Michael's hole or cock fast enough and Michael absolutely loves it!
The actual sex is very hot, some of the hottest I've seen in the industry, and it's very clear by how much noise he makes that Austin loves the way Michael rides him.
There is a good use of positions in the scene and they are used for just the right amount of time, no position is too short that it feels like a waste and none are used too long so that we the audience are bored; it feels like we are watching a couple's real life sex tape and they even do a very hot position that I've never seen before but am curious to try; I won't tell you what it is, you'll just have to watch the scene and try to guess what it is. ;)

I have to commend the folks over at Peter Fever for the videography. The camera work is great and stays on the boys, holding the long shots so we can really watch and enjoy both of the boys and I must say, I don't know when it happened, but I'm so glad that gay porn got rid of that awful cheesy music that use to play during the scenes.
This is definitely one of the best scenes I've ever seen and, if there are any gay porn gods, it will be nominated and win some awards at the various shows. The passion between these two is almost too overwhelming to handle and I love how they talk to each other during the sex act which only helps make it seem like we're watching actual love making instead of two strangers fucking.
This is my first introduction to Michael Cummings but I am a fan. He is an amazing bottom, vocal but not overdone and annoying like some bottoms are. It's very obvious that he loves getting fucked and his short, skinny twink body is perfect for bottoming. Like every other scene partner I've seen Austin paired with Michael is shorter than Austin but the height difference doesn't bother me and seems to work.
Now onto Austin Keyes. It's no secret that I love this dude. I am so excited to see how his porn career progresses and I hope he stays in the industry for a long time. He definitely needs to win best top and the way he varies the speed and roughness of his fucking makes me want to risk my mainstream acting career and get into gay porn just so I can experience that from him.
I also have to say that at the end of the scene both Michael and Austin tell each other they love each other. That is a phrase I've never heard uttered in gay porn but it works with the scene and passion and adds a very hot, romantic sweetness to the scene.
Once again Austin Keyes delivers and Michael Cummings has made a brand new fan. I can't wait to review more scenes by these two and see what else they bring to the industry. A++++++


Review Of Austin Keyes And Marcus Isaacs In The Speedo Situation

After reviewing Austin and Bray's new scene for Naked Sword a couple days ago I have fallen in complete and utter lust with Austin Keyes and he has quickly become my newest porn crush so I am searching for every scene of him I can find to review. And just imagine how much I fangirl squealed when he agreed to be interviewed for the blog and followed me on Twitter. I was a happy happy pansexual!
Okay onto the scene. Directed by Gio Caruso, this is a scene from The Speedo Situation featuring Austin and Marcus Isaacs. Now I have to say after the amazing introduction I was given to Austin from his Bray Love scene, I was worried I would be disappointed since the bar has been set pretty high but luckily I wasn't disappointed and Austin managed to raise the bar even higher!
It is a short scene, only eighteen minutes, but it moves quickly and because these two are so enjoyable and so into each other, you actually don't want the scene to end. Caruso does a great job of bringing out the best performance from both guys and his videography is amazing. He uses great camera angles that allows us to enjoy both guys and he allows the camera to linger long enough on each angle so we can really take in the beauty of what we're seeing.
The opening of the scene is very fun with Austin, in a very tiny red speedo, trying to fit his very large cock inside the tiny outfit; even his butt is too big to fit in the speedo and I found myself chuckling watching his face as he moves his cock from one side to the other and even messing with the speedo itself trying to find the best position for his cock. Before long Marcus comes in saying that the coach is waiting for him and offers to help Austin try to overcome the speedo problem. Well before long Marcus is on his knees sucking Austin's cock and soon they are both naked and fucking. If that's happened to me once it's happened to me a thousand times, but hey that's called being a good teammate. ;)

It isn't long before Marcus sheds his clothes and Austin is on his knees giving him an amazing blow job. Austin has great cock sucking technique and awesome deep throating skills and it's obvious that he enjoys sucking dick as much as he enjoys getting his dick sucked.
Austin then shows us his love of ass and rimming as he turns Marcus around and eats his hole out like a champion defending his title at an all you can eat contest before sticking his thumb deep inside Marcus' hole. I thought it was hot to watch Marcus move up and down on Austin's thumb while Austin kisses and sucks on his cheeks; he really is an ass man.
One of the many things I liked about this scene, and that I've noticed in Austin's other scenes that I've seen is how much shorter Marcus is then him. I don't know why but that turned me on. I also liked the contrast between the two in terms of their body types, and honestly, I didn't think I would when I first saw the preview pictures but I actually was turned on that Austin is tall, smooth and has a swimmer's build while Marcus is shorter, hairy and beefier than Austin.
I also liked the fact that Marcus stays rock hard the entire time and it is obvious that both guys are really into the sex and each other and I have to say Austin makes some of the best faces I've ever seen when he fucks; I'm a visual guy I like to look at people's faces and the expressions they make when they screw what can I say?
This is the second scene of Austin's I reviewed and, like the first one I saw, I give it a solid A+. If you like guys in speedos, locker room fantasies or just hot guys fucking you definitely don't want to miss this one!


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Please Vote For My Script To Get Turned Into A Feature Length Porn Film

So I blogged a month or so back about the contest The ImpregNation was having about writing an incest based script and the winner gets that script made into a feature length porn movie.
Being that I have started writing incest erotica under the name, Fetisha, my first novel should be available soon from Lot's Cave, I figured why not see if I could write an incest porno.
So I did and now I am asking all of you guys to please go here: and vote for my script The Loving Family. Right now I'm in the lead and I even got this message from someone: "Hi, I live in the 'boon docks' and even have a neighbor named Bobby Jim. LOL. I'm sure that a lot of what you wrote holds true around here. You had me laughing and hard with your tale. Thanks and good luck in the contest."
Thanks everyone and good luck to all the other contest entrants!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Grabby Awards Are Tonight-Here Are My Thoughts

Tonight we celebrate The Grabby Awards, one of the biggest nights in gay porn, in Chicago. Well let me rephrase that, most everyone in the industry has been celebrating in Chicago the past couple of days, I've been, and will be, celebrating from my house in Los Angeles.
I really wanted to get out there for the awards, not just because this is my first time as a nominee-thank you Grabbys! Still honored-but also because I love Chicago. I was lucky enough to do stand up there a year ago and was looking forward to getting back. Unfortunately, or not actually, I am in rehearsals for a world premier play and we open in two weeks so it's crunch time and I didn't want to leave my cast high and dry. Plus I would have had to take a red eye out to Chicago last night and then a red eye tonight so I'd rather wait until next year, when no doubt the blog will be nominated again, and just take a whole week or two and really enjoy one of my favorite cities and the awards properly.
Am I anxious about the announcements tonight? Yes. I'm human. Do I want to win? Of course! I already know where I'll put the statue on my desk and my award will become my next tattoo. Do I think I'll win? Actually I don't. And here's why. I am the baby in my category-Best Porn Blog-and I am up against some heavy hitters. Yes, I have almost 25000 readers which I can't believe and which I am very thankful and yes it seems that every day the blog is getting attention by someone either by retweeting or sharing on Facebook or Instagram or whatever and I'm so honored by that but, the reality is, my blog isn't even a year old yet and I'm up against bloggers who, are not only better writers than I am, they have been doing it far longer, have more of a name and are more respected than I am. I actually think that Str8upgayporn or Queer Me Now should win. Those two are, in my opinion, the top blogs. But if by some miracle I do win, I will be very happy and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read the blog, everyone who has agreed to be interviewed and everyone who has supported me and said they enjoy what I do because that's why I keep on doing this: for you guys.
I saw a post that performer Riley Price said on his website a few days ago about The Grabbys and I want to share it with you. I think it's true. Riley congratulates all the nominees and then cautions us to not make the mistake of thinking a win means something. He then says it's good to be validated but it's more important to wake up tomorrow. And I think that's true. Not just with porn awards but mainstream awards too. I think too many people put too much meaning on winning and how many Facebook likes you have or YouTube hits or Twitter followers and we forget the real meaning of life and what happiness really is.
To check out Riley's site click here:
To all my fellow nominees good luck tonight and may the best man win and I will see you crazy fuckers next year and I just hope you can keep up with me when I party! :P


Friday, May 22, 2015

Review Of Naked Sword's On The Lookout: Episode 3: Bay Windows

The last time I blogged about Bray Love, who I think is one of the cutest dudes in the industry, it was to announce that he had signed an exclusive contract with Naked Sword, and a couple days ago his new scene with Austin Keyes was released and it doesn't disappoint.
Directed by everyone's favorite gay porn mama, mr. Pam, the scene features Bray and the criminally insane Austin Keyes who, let me tell you with those lips, those eyes, those low hangers and that voice, is probably the SEXIEST, sleekest and smoothest motherfucker we've got in the industry. This scene made me almost contact Naked Sword, mr. Pam, Bray and Austin and beg them, on my knees, to let me do a scene with Austin and Bray, with Pam directing of course.
Okay, enough ass kissing let's get to the ass fucking. ;) See what I did there? :P

The one thing I really liked about this scene is it plays to our fantasies. Austin is sitting by his window reading when he sees Bray on the street below. Their eyes meet and they feel that spark. Without saying a word, Austin nods his head toward the apartment's front door, Bray walks in and they immediately start kissing. Within the first three minutes clothes are already coming off. There's none of that awkward conversation before the scene, none of that cheesy overdone clichéd set up. mr. Pam knows what we want and why we're here, to see two hot guys fuck and she delivers that which, when you watch the scene, you'll see that was an easy task. Austin and Bray have amazing passion and chemistry between them. I don't know if they've dated, if they are dating, wanna date, are fuck buddies but whatever they have, good Goddamn it can't be faked and is rare to see in porn but when you watch the scene and see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. These two seem to know each others body better than they know their own and seem to be able to know instinctively what turns the other on which makes us feel like we're watching two beautiful men make love and not just have a casual fuck.
The other thing I like, and maybe this is due to the real sense of passion that there is between Keyes and Love, is that there was no overuse of moaning or dirty talk. The moans and to occasional "fuck" that escapes from Austin seemed perfect and happened at just the right moments. Because of this, again, the scene doesn't feel faked or staged. It almost feels like mr. Pam, and us as viewers, were just hanging out with the boys, things got hot and heavy, clothes came off and a camera came out.
Also to add to that is mr. Pam's use of music. Unlike some gay porn scenes where the music is overused to the point of distraction, here the only time we get music is the beginning and end title sequences which makes it feel like we've just watched a really cool indie. In fact, mr. Pam's amazing camera work makes this feel like a really cool, edgy, hip movie that Larry Clark or Joe Swanberg would direct and I would love to see what she could do directing a mainstream feature or even a gay softcore; Pam if you're interested hit me up, let's make it happen girl! And any director who can make shots of someone lubing up a person's asshole and prepping them to get fucked look hot and arousing gets the place as my favorite gay porn director.

I also liked the fact that Bray is in a jockstrap for the scene and was very happy to see it actually used and almost fetishized when Austin eats Bray's ass while he's in it. If there's one thing I could have asked for, and was surprised that didn't happen, I would have liked to have seen Bray get fucked while wearing the jockstrap, but I have a slight underwear fetish so maybe that's just me.....
I also have to mention and highlight something that Bray did and I don't know if it was planned but it was so hot and I really hope it becomes his trademark. At the end, after he has cum, he had some of it on his finger. Very diminutive like he held his finger out to have Austin lick it clean. I don't know what it was about the way he did it but it fit the scene and worked and I liked it.
There was only a couple of things, I don't want to say wrong with the scene, but a couple things I noticed from Bray that at moments pulled me out of what I was watching but I can totally understand what might have been happening so for me it wasn't that big a deal but I know there will probably be some people who comment on it so I'll just address it quickly so people know I caught it; plus I'm trying to get into the XRCO so I gotta show 'em I can watch porn with a critical eye too haha.
There were times, and maybe it's just because he's still nervous about being an exclusive, but at times Bray seemed nervous and stiff at times and he didn't always have a hard-on and sometimes wasn't able to stay hard; you'll notice that for most of the scene the camera doesn't focus on his cock; which to me, again, is not a big deal. Bottoms don't always get raging boners and, even if they are enjoying it, sometimes stay flaccid.
The only other thing I noticed from Bray is that at times his face looked uncomfortable when Austin was fucking him and this is just a personal thing for me but I don't like seeing models, male or female, look uncomfortable when they get fucked it's just a personal thing for me. But hey, have you seen the size of Austin's dick? Anyone would look uncomfortable for a minute. I do feel bad writing those two critiques because I do love Bray and he's one of my porn crushes and I'm nervous that he's gonna see this and never want to do a scene with me-haha-but he is a great performer, both of them are, and both Austin and Bray have the potential to become major stars in the industry and leave a huge mark on it.
All in all, this is a great scene and I am excited to see what other scenes Bray and Austin have in the future, both together and separately. If you are a fan of gay porn this is a must watch and it has amazing rewatchability as well. mr. Pam, Naked Sword and everyone involved in production should be proud and I will bet this scene will be nominated for a few awards this coming awards season.
A big solid A+


Thursday, May 21, 2015

CumFundMe Has Launched, "the world's biggest adult entertainment fundraising site" has launched. Let's start placing bets on how long it is before all the lazy panhandling twinks-I'll be calling out a few in a minute-start abusing it like they do GoFundMe and start begging for beds, cars and apartments.
I actually think, if used correctly-I know, I'm naïve-the site could be good for startup companies and beginning industry producers/directors to get their projects off the ground. I may start a campaign to help launch my own studio and projects.
To check out the site, go here:


Sean Cody's Teddy Is Now Escorting In The Bay Area

This story was broken by the awesome folks over at Str8upgayporn earlier this week. For those of you who have ever wanted to have sex with a porn star and live up in Northern California, your dreams could come true as Teddy from Sean Cody has placed an ad on San Francisco's escorting website, And that's not all, Teddy also says that if you have a party you want to book, he has a friend he can bring as well!
For the full story, including some pics and a screenshot of the ad click here:


Sebastian Young Doing 2 Shows Nightly Friday, Saturday And Sunday

It's going to be a good Memorial Day weekend. Sebastian Young posted this on his Twitter a few days ago:
The gay porn star will be doing two shows nightly at KBar Friday, Saturday and Sunday and, as if that isn't reason enough to celebrate, on Sunday there will be Happy Hour from 3-9PM as well as FREE BBQ from 6-8PM AND $1 draft beer from 5-8PM!
Let's party!


Nina Hartley Interviewed For Cosmo

Let's just continue with some Nina Hartley appreciation shall we.
So a while back, I posted a link to a new Cosmo column called Sex Work which spotlights women who work in the sex industry in a positive light; which I am all for.
Well this week's article is all about Nina Hartley and, even if you aren't a fan of hers or don't know who she is-is there anyone out there who can raise their hand to those two statements?-I highly suggest reading it.
It is an amazing article in which Nina talks about how she got in the industry, why she's still working in her 50s and about loving and being comfortable with your body. Nina also reveals how long she was in a polyamorous relationship with a man and another woman-it's a lot longer than you probably think-and also gives us the answers to why she now always wears lingerie or stockings in her scene and why she doesn't do anal sex on camera anymore. We also find out why she never pursued her career as a nurse despite the fact that she graduated from nursing school magna cum laude and got her license her first try taking the test.
To read the article, which I highly recommend, go here:


Nina Hartley Stars As Hillary Clinton In Dogfart's Hillary Gets The Black Vote Parody

This makes me smile. For multiple reasons. One, I love Nina Hartley, she's one of my favorites so anytime news breaks of her appearing in ANYTHING I'm happy. Two, I love the fact that a company is brave enough to parody not only politics but such an important issue in politics: the black vote. Three, I like to think that this is how all politicians get the vote of ANY demographic that is hard to reach and four, you got to love any porn company who's name is Dogfart.
Okay, now onto the story, Nina Hartley and James Bartholet star as Hillary and Bill and there are twelve black staffers, man I'm already salivating thinking of the potential gangbang scene there, in Dogfart's latest parody, Hillary Gets The Black Vote, directed by Billy Watson.
Production on the film wrapped earlier this week and the company is hoping to make it available next week. I'm already standing in line!
For the full article go here:


Breaking News: Former WWE Diva, Sunny, To Sign With Vivid?

So this is some interesting news and, I don't know if it's true or not, so as of now it's just a rumor but damn it, that's good enough for me and my blog!
The good folks over at AVN are reporting that former WWE Diva Sunny, real name Tammy Lynn Sytch, is in talks with Vivid head, Steve Hirsch, to sign a six figure deal with the company!
This report was also broken by TMZ days after Sytch posted this on her Facebook: "to all that this concerns... every person who posts nonsene on my wall about me doing porn videos for Vivid, or sends private messages about it, WILL be deleted and BLOCKES! No exceptions to the rule. thanks."
This statement conflicts with a quote TMZ released from Vivid stating: "We're told the deal is 'VERY close' to being done … and that Sunny is prepared to start shooting right away."
So where's the truth? Who knows. Although if it is true, I am hoping and praying to every God and Goddess out there that Vivid is smart enough to get the rights to use her old theme music from her WWE days, I Know You Want Me.
For the full article click here:


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Andrew Christian Model Jeffrey Hawkins Raising Money For Habitat For Humanity

Now this is the kind of online fundraising campaign I can get behind and am happy to share, not like some of these internet panhandlers who are begging idiots to give them money for cars, furnishing apartments and weddings-oh yeah, I'm gonna be calling some people out in a minute and making enemies but I don't give a fuck. But enough about that, let's highlight someone who's actually doing something.
Andrew Christian model Jeffrey Hawkins, and yes I know he doesn't do porn but since there are porn stars who model for Andrew and, come on folks we've all seen the softcore commercials and jerked off to them and the barely there dental floss-I mean underwear-these boys wear, I don't feel too bad sharing it here. Anyway, Jeffrey has worked with Habitat For Humanity before, going to Ethiopia and building houses and now he is raising $5000 to go to Nepal and help rebuild after the devastating earthquakes and I applaud him for that.
Jeffrey I hope you raise your goal and then some! If you'd like to share or donate here's the link:
Thank you for doing this and putting those who truly are less fortunate and don't have our luxuries before your own needs!


Review Of Come To My Brother By Danny Wylde

I'm lucky enough that I can call Danny Wylde AKA Chris Zeischegg a friend. And not just a social media Facebook friend, although we are that too, but I mean a real life I actually know him and have hung out and talked writing and shit over coffee friend. And since I love to promote my friend's work and other writers work, especially when it is damn good, it is no surprise that I am reviewing Chris' first novel, Come To My Brother.
Now for those of you who read Chris' blog, which can be found here: you know he's a helluva writer. He's a much better blog writer than I could ever hope to be and I enjoy reading his posts, so of course when I found out that he had published a book I immediately was the first in line to get an autographed copy when he was promoting it a few year's ago at the West Hollywood Book Fair.
And I was not disappointed. Being a huge vampire fan it was nice to read a vampire romance novel that is actually pretty fucking dark and shows what vampires really are. The book reminds me of something Jacqueline Susann would have written, if she wrote about gay vampires, and Chris' vampires would make the queen of the genre, Anne Rice, stand up and applaud him.
Come To My Brother is told in first person by David, a young film student at UC Santa Cruz who also works in porn for a BDSM site in San Francisco. Told in both present time and in flashbacks to David's childhood we learn that he did not have the easiest childhood. Coming from a broken home, his mom marries his best friend's dad while his dad marries his best friend's mom and the two new step-parents make the short and easy trek across the street to the others' new home making David and his best friend Daniel almost brothers; which gets further complicated when they become lovers.
Unfortunately David's young world comes crashing down when Daniel disappears without a trace, never to be seen again. Everyone, including David thinks he's dead and they're kind of right because Daniel reemerges a few years later as a vampire.
I won't give away anymore because this is a must read for not only vampire fans but also fans of great fiction.
The thing I really loved about the book is that the characters aren't perfect, they are real. They are both likable and unlikeable. We root for both David and Daniel and yet some of their actions make us want to see them not achieve their goals; just like real people and I really enjoyed the fact that there is no happily ever after ending like we usually get with romance stories; actually the way the novel ends, you want more and long for a series, hint hint, although so far we've only gotten a Come To My Brother short story, which I haven't read yet but it's on the list.
Another thing I have to point out is the love scenes. Now, I know Chris did straight porn and I know he's currently in a relationship with a woman, I don't know if he's ever been in a relationship with a guy or messed around with a guy or ever identified as bi or queer, but the sex scenes between Daniel and David, though brief and not vulgar in the slightest, are hot and filled with passion that will have you reach for a cold drink! Especially one particularly hot sex scene where, while in vampire form, David fucks Daniel literally to death and uses Daniel's blood as lube. That scene left me raging hard and confused as to why I was so turned on by the description of someone using blood as lube.
To purchase the book, which I highly suggest go here: trust me you guys, you won't be disappointed and, luckily for me, Chris has a new novel coming out next month which I can not wait for! You can pre-order that, as well as his short story Fang Slut, here:
In conclusion, check out the book. I've read it twice and both times have been exciting. It's a novel you can't put down until the end and once you're done, you will turn right back to page one and start again! 10/10 and A+


Monday, May 18, 2015

Breaking News: Cytherea Returning To The Industry After Attack

For those of you who have been following the blog pretty regularly you'll remember when I talked about Cytherea's brutal attack back in January and the campaign that was set up for her which raised over $21,000 dollars. Well in a video posted on Youtube, which you can view here: Cytherea, who looks very happy and good, announced that she is shooting a new scene this week in Vegas and returning to the industry. Cytherea has also announced that her scene will be interracial and is quoted as saying "I don't know if you know anything about my case, but it was by ... interracial ... and I just want to show it's not the color, it's the person that made that choice, and I kind of feel like it's a bold statement, it's kind of an empowerment for me, kind of telling those guys, 'Fuck you.'" I love that!
The scum sucking bastards, Qumaire Rainey, 18; Edward London, 17; and Casey Franks, 16, have all been indicted as of March 25th by the Clark County Grand Jury and all three have been charged as adults and will be tried on July 27th. On April 16th, a fourth scum sucking bastard, Latoine Morris, 21, was also arraigned. All four of these cowardly sons of bitches have pled not guilty. I hope they rot in jail and go through the same hell they put Cytherea through.
Cytherea I am happy that you are making a comeback. You have my full support and you are very brave and inspiring.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Zane Penn

I've blogged about Zane twice before. The first was after his work for Maverick Men and then a couple days ago after he announced that he has left GayHoopla and is now a Cocky Boy.
I've had the pleasure of chatting with Zane via Twitter and email mostly about mainstream acting stuff, that's what he wants to do and what he is working on transitioning to, and let me say Zane is one of the nicest, most humble and down to Earth guys I've ever had the pleasure of chatting with and, I am making this vow in front of over 20,000 readers, I will do whatever I can to help him transition to mainstream acting and make those dreams a reality. Anything I'm casting that I think he may fit, Zane will get an audition invite.
Anyway, I asked Zane if he would be interested in being interviewed for the blog and, much to my delight, he agreed and let me say, he more than delivered on his end and gave an interview that is full of insight into this amazing young man who, thankfully, hasn't let the delusions or grandeur that a lot of young performers fall into, overtaken him.
Well enough yacking from me. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is my interview with, I'm just going to go ahead and call it now so awards shows get the trophies ready, the porn performer with the best personality, best ass, best smile and best body in the business, ladies and gentlemen Mr. Zane Penn!

JOE:Okay let's just start right off. How did you get into the industry and why did you choose to go into gay porn? Do you have any desire to cross over and do straight porn at all? 
ZANE: The question of how I got into the industry is one I get a lot. It's really not something I looked into. It just kind of fell on my lap so to speak. I had a profile on a social site for people that work out and Fratmen found it. They messaged me asking me if I'd be interested in modeling. I was curious and asked what they had in mind but when they told me about the solo I knew that it wasn't modeling but porn. I told them no thank you and turned them away but they were persistent. I was sleeping in my car at this time and was running out of money so eventually I relented. Then they brought me out to Arizona and the rest is history. As far as crossing over goes I'm not interested in doing straight porn. I have no desire to immerse myself in that world. 
JOE:  You started out at Fratpad and then Corbin Fisher before going to Gayhoopla, any particular reason why you worked for those companies? Were you a fan of the studios or they just seemed like the best fit for you? Some of the other Corbin Fisher models have done work for Reality Kings' Dare Dorm and/or Dick Dorm line, could we possibly see Zane Penn in a Dare Dorm or Dick Dorm scene?
ZANE: The order of the studios was more by chance then anything. I started at Fratpad because thats who recruited me first. When they kicked me out I went back to college but soon lost interest. I then started looking for other studios that would pay me for a solo and was talking to Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher. The reason I went to Corbin Fisher is because Sean Cody turned me away when I got to San Francisco because of the burns on my body. They said that it would look like they were taking advantage of me comparing me to someone who is handicapped. So Corbin Fisher flew me out to Las Vegas and had me do a solo and the guy/girl scene. Then they brought me out again for my first top and bottom guy/guy scenes. I then took a break and was trying to get back into Fratmen so I contacted the old recruiter who at that point was working for Gay Hoopla. I decided that because of the distance and pay that I was going to leave Corbin Fisher for good and work for Gay Hoopla. And thats why the order. As far as doing something for Dare Dorm or Dick Dorm goes I probably won't. I'm on my way from transitions from porn to mainstream and am going to be signing an exclusive contract for Cocky Boys who is going to help me transition.
JOE: You recently signed a contract with Cocky Boys and it seems like this announcement came days after Gayhoopla released your scene with Clay Anker, is that a coincidence? And how did you get involved with Cocky Boys and what made you want to sign with them?
ZANE: I haven't yet signed the contract because I'm still waiting on Cocky Boys to send it. As for the scene of me and Clay coming out the same day that was a total coincidence. That scene was shot in the beginning of April and was the last thing I did for Gay Hoopla. As for getting involved with Cocky Boys I was introduced to them by Ducati Models. They sent out some emails to some people when I signed with them to kind of direct my porn career. Cocky Boys actually was the first company to show interest and immediately wanted to work with me. They saw that I wanted to be an actor and decided that I would be perfect for there movies that they make. I decided to sign with them because what they do can ultimately help me in the long run and because it’s hard to get accepted and even more rare to be wanted by Cocky Boys.
JOE: When you worked for Fratpad you were known as Dolph and then at Corbin Fisher you were known as Liam, now I use various stage names myself but I'm just curious, did you pick those names or were you named by the studios? Do you have a favorite stage name? Is Zane Penn the one you'll be using for a while and how did you come up with that name?
ZANE: When I was at the pad I was the one that came up with Dolph. I felt like that name suited my Romanian heritage. At Corbin we actually sat there trying to decide what I looked like name wise without using a name that’s already been used. It was tough but we decided on Liam because it seemed to fit. Zane Penn was kind of a joke name that we came up at Gay Hoopla to poke at Fratmen Zane from the Frat Pad. Fratmen Zane isn't a nice guy so I wanted to take his name and make it my own so that anytime someone was talking about Zane it would be Zane Penn and not Fratmen Zane. I wanted this to bother Fratmen Zane and considering the fact that I hear they can't stop talking about me at the pad I'd say it’s working.
JOE: In your involvement in the industry so far, who has been your favorite scene partner and studio to work for?
ZANE: Gay Hoopla has definitely been my favorite studio to work with because there was a sense of friendship and nobody took anything too seriously. My favorite scene partner would have to be Ryan Winter because when we shot my bottom scene he was very easy to work with and the shoot only took us 1.5 hours.
JOE: Do you get to pick the sexual role you play in the scenes, i.e. top, bottom, vers and the scene partner or is that decided by the studios?
ZANE: In every scene I've done the sexual role and scene partners have been given to me. Basically studios pair up models based on fan responses and the popularity of certain models. Also if you have a nice butt that everyone likes then you're more likely to bottom. The thing I try to do is be versatile so that I can get more scenes and to be comfortable working with anyone.
JOE: Do you get to pick the sexual role you play in the scenes, i.e. top, bottom, vers and the scene partner or is that decided by the studios?
ZANE: In every scene I've done the sexual role and scene partners have been given to me. Basically studios pair up models based on fan responses and the popularity of certain models. Also if you have a nice butt that everyone likes then you're more likely to bottom. The thing I try to do is be versatile so that I can get more scenes and to be comfortable working with anyone.
JOE: Is there any scene partner or studio you've worked for that you do not want to work with again?
ZANE: The only studio I've done a scene with that I wouldn't again is Maverick Men. The scene left me a little wounded in the back end for a week after. It was a lot rougher then I was used to but they were both cool guys.
JOE: Any tricks you do when you do not have good chemistry with a scene partner? What do you do to prepare for a scene? Do you and your partner talk and get to know each other a little before hand?
ZANE: I don't believe in bad chemistry. If you're not jiving with a model then it's not a problem they have but a problem you have. I stay very relaxed and light hearted so that any model can feel comfortable. I usually make a lot of jokes to ease everyone but when the scene starts its all business. I don't usually get to know my scene partner because I haven't had any repeats.
JOE: You are repped by both 211 Models and Ducati Models. Why two reps? Do they focus on different aspects of your career, i.e. one for porn and one for mainstream? For those who aren't in the industry explain what exactly your reps do for you and your career and do you think it is important for a porn star to be represented?
ZANE: The reason I have two reps is because one is for porn and the other for mainstream. Each one focuses on different aspects of my career. Ducati Models are the reason for my Cocky Boys contract and are very good at negotiating in the porn arena. 211 Models is working on my modeling/acting career. We are currently working on a way to use my back story to open up doors. Each person has a separate role but the two work together toward the ultimate goal of helping me become an actor. If you are in the industry and have popularity as a model I think that representation is important. That way you have someone negotiating contracts, scene rates, and any other bonuses. As a model your main focus should be your fans not what studio and what contracts you need to get. Let the people with experience take care of the small details because you'll go farther then you would have.
JOE: Do your family and/or friends know about your career porn? If so, how'd you tell them? If they don't know, is it tough keeping it from them? Do you worry they'll find out?
ZANE: My whole home town knows about my porn career but fortunately for me I'm not the only porn model from my home town. There is a girl that has done more porn then me so she has everyone’s attention for now. My family and friends also know and they found out because I told a guy who I thought I could trust that then turned around and told everyone. At first I really cared but now I'm more concerned with where I'm going and less worried about what some small town kids think.
JOE: Going off that, what advice, if any, do you have on how someone can tell their family and friends they do porn?
ZANE: If you do porn and you’re not 100% committed to the role you play then there is no easy way to tell people but if you don't care what people will say then it makes it easier. What models need to keep in mind is that straight or gay a video that you are paid to do doesn't define you. Porn is a commodity that everyone consumes and no one condones. At the end of the day you have to live with your choices and if you can do that then other people don't matter. Your parents are your parents and although they may not be thrilled they will still back you up. As for your friends if they can't accept that you shoot porn then find new friends that encourage you or don't care.
JOE: I recently auditioned for a non-sex role in a porn parody and my readers found that process fascinating. Can you tell us what an audition is like for gay porn? Do you have to audition for each scene you do or do the studios just offer you scenes? Did you audition when you first joined the studios you worked for? What was that like?
ZANE: When it comes to gay porn there isn't really any audition. All they want is for you to be confident and follow direction. I was pretty comfortable with the whole process and like anything the more scenes you do the better you get and the less direction you need.
JOE: Is it hard to balance a relationship and social life while being in the industry? How do you do it?
ZANE: That’s a funny question because I don't have a social life. I do have a relationship with a girl and keeping the two separate is easy. If I have to travel I say it’s for a modeling shoot. The fact that I am repped by two agencies is also beneficial in hiding where I get my money from. Rule of thumb is the less moving parts you have the easier it is to keep porn a secret.
JOE: You also work as a personal trainer. Tell me more about that. How long have you been doing it? Where do you do it? What type of clients do you work for?
ZANE: The personal training is just something I do on the side. I've been doing it for about 2 years on and off. The problem with being Zane Penn and a personal trainer is that most of my clients want to pay me for other things besides training and they don't focus on the workouts. I do two types of training. I do online progress tracking and updates. I give these clients workouts and diets. I also do house call/gym training. This is for clients that live in the area.
JOE: You're obviously very into fitness and take it seriously, is fitness modeling a potential next step we could see from you?
ZANE: Fitness modeling is definitely on the horizon. It's something that I've been aspiring to do along with becoming a supplement company spokes model.
JOE: Going off that, you and I have talked a little about your mainstream acting dreams. Tell me about that. How long have you wanted to be an actor? Why do you want to be an actor? What kind of experience do you have? Can fans see you in any mainstream films or TV? Do you think your involvement with porn could help or hinder you?
ZANE: My aspiration to be an actor has been with me since I was little. I never thought I'd be able to but after doing all the porn and modeling I think that I can transition that to acting. The reason I want to act is so that I can do something that is a mark of my potential and success. I don't have any experience yet but working with Cocky Boys on their movies I think I can get some good practice. Fans may be able to see me in a Canadian Indie Horror movie. I've been thrown the proposition of playing the monster so we'll see. I do think that done the right porn can help me become an actor so I'm making sure that I'm making all the right moves.
JOE: Do you have any plans for when your time in porn is up? Would you ever direct porn? How long do you think, or do you want, to be in the industry?
ZANE: My time in porn is definitely on its last leg. I'll be with Cocky Boys for about a year and then that'll be it. By that time I should be doing more acting/modeling. I don't think I'll ever direct porn but I may open up my own agency one day.
JOE: What do you do in your free time?
ZANE: In my free time I workout and draw. I'm really good at portrait art and find it very relaxing. I also like to read books on topics that interest me and also love to cook.
JOE: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about, or just entering the world of gay porn?
ZANE: If there is one thing that I could say to someone thinking about or is entering gay porn is to stay true to who you are. No one likes a phony. Most of my success comes from the fact that I have been honest about who I am and how I treat people. I'm human and make sure the fans can see it. As a model you’re not above your fans because without them you don't have a job. Also I would tell them to make sure that they have a clear picture of what brand they want to build and then work with studios that fit that brand.
JOE: If you could go back in time and tell a younger you that one day you'd be doing porn what do you think your younger self would say? How would your younger self react?
ZANE: If I told myself that I would one day be doing porn I think that I would say I was crazy and then do everything possible to not let it happen. But then again I was more naive and small minded back then so that wouldn't be a fair assessment. I think that I came into porn for a reason and that I'll ultimately end up being something else in the end.
JOE: How can fans reach you or keep in contact with what you’re doing?
ZANE: If fans want to reach me they can email me at or hit me up on twitter @zane_penn. I'll always do my best to respond to fans. I'll definitely put up an Instagram and Facebook eventually. I also want to thank you for this interview and the opportunity to share my thoughts. Also thank you to my fans for the support and love. I hope to be able to do something one day to express my gratitude for a few lucky followers.
Zane, I want to thank you for agreeing to the interview. I hope you guys have enjoyed my interview with, probably, the nicest guy in the industry. That is why he is going to go far!