Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breaking News: Rylan Knox Commits Suicide!

Goddamn it! I hate writing these things and getting this news!
Earlier today Nick Cross Tweeted that porn star Rylan Knox has committed suicide by hanging himself in his boyfriend's apartment. I can't even imagine what this boyfriend must be going through right now and I can't even imagine what pain and demons Rylan must have been battling and facing. I recently did a long Facebook post about my own struggles with depression and the temptation of suicide. If any of you are thinking of taking your own life please talk to someone, even if you call the suicide hotline. Believe me it helps.
To see Nick's Tweet go here:
Rylan, rest in peace beautiful angel. Wherever you are I hope you are at peace and happy.


Stormy Daniels Holding Open Casting Call For Western Porno!

Yee-haw! Ride 'em cowboy, or would that be cowgirl in this case? Anyway, Stormy Daniels is holding an open casting call this Saturday for a western themed movie she is directing. The open call is from 1-3PM at Wicked's headquarters in Canoga Park. Daniels is interested in people who have horse riding skills, minimal ink and who can do some stunt work. Daniels has also said that the film will be shot on an authentic western style ranch and encourages anyone who wants to work with her to at least stop by, even if you don't feel you're right for the film, Daniels has several films she's directing this year.
For the full information click here:

Break a leg everyone!


Courtney Stodden Offered One Million Dollars For Masturbation Tape!

Jesus Christ! One million dollars just to masturbate on film! I would have already made two million just this morning and the day is still young! Anyway....
That's right, Vivid has offered Stodden one million dollars for her solo tape and, reportedly, Steve Hirsch, the head man at Vivid, has said that there could be other perks for Stodden which will make her even more money. I'm just still amazed at the starting offer! She must be a fingering wiz!
To see the full story click here:

Hey Hirsch, I could use a million dollars! ;)


Dillon Harper Dancing At Sapphire On May 1st!

Tomorrow is a great day to be a New Yorker. The stunning Dillon Harper will be dancing at New York Gentlemen's Club Sapphire for one night only on May 1st. Great way to bring in the month! Dillon will be on hand to offer private lap dances, photos, autographs and sign merchandise. Dillon is also giving her fans several upgrade choices including private room reservations for 30 minutes, a champagne and limo package and a limo and three course dinner package! Sign me up! For more information head here:
Another reason why New York is the best!


Tyra Scott To Begin Live Web Performing On May 1st!

Trans star Tyra Scott, who was a cabaret performer in both Vegas and Virginia, will be appearing live on starting May 1st. Scott has been working in the industry for about ten years and was nominated for Transsexual Performer Of The Year for last year's XBiz Awards.
Besides doing live shows, Scott will also be writing a blog for the site.
Other trans performers on include: Sunshyne Monroe, Nadia, Michelle Austin, Bailey Jay Granger, Jordan Jay and Tasha Jones. Quite a great lineup of beautiful ladies!
For more information click here:

Congrats Tyra!


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In Memoriam: Christopher Luke McAteer (August 7th, 1996-April 5th, 2015)

This one really breaks my heart and I struggled with doing a memoriam for Luke; from all the posts from his friends it seems that's what everyone called him. His death really shook me up, not just because of the circumstances surrounding it but because he was so young and, from his pictures and form the accounts from his friends, he seemed so happy and was a super nice guy. His suicide definitely shocked everyone. I ultimately decided to do a memoriam to Luke because when you Google his name all you get are articles about the incident but there's nothing that tries to pay respect to the person behind the incident. I heard that he was the victim of bullying and that his short career in gay porn, he only shot three scenes for Corbin Fisher, was the subject of homophobia and even death threats when a coward outed Luke to his friends and family. I hope the piece of shit that did that and all the assholes who bullied this beautiful young man rot in Hell and have sleepless nights and guilt filled nightmares for the rest of their lives.
Anyway, born to a veterinarian and a nurse in Tennessee, Luke was an athlete and outdoor lover whose hobbies included hunting, fishing, going to the beach, playing practical jokes on people and writing. I'm seriously sitting here almost in tears. Me and him had so much in common! We probably would have been friends. I wish I would have known him, maybe if he had someone to reach out to or talk to who he knew wouldn't judge him I wouldn't have to right this.
I've read many posts from his friends that talk about his love of doing impressions, his friendly smile, which, look at the pictures folks, you can tell he was a kind soul, and his willingness to help anyone. I read one post about a former schoolmate of Luke's who recalls a day that Luke saved him from being beaten up on the playground and Luke and the boy he saved didn't even know each other!
He loved spending time with his brother and the two of them would often go turkey hunting together.
Luke was an organ donor and through his death, six people reportedly received the gift of life. His last words were reportedly, "I love Jesus and I want to go home to be with him." He was raised in a very devout Christian home and I don't care what anyone says, I know this young man is in Heaven!
Luke, rest in peace and I hope that wherever you are, you are happy.


Bray Love Signs Exclusive Contract With Naked Sword

It was a good day yesterday for Bray Love. Not only did the porn twink reach eighteen thousand Twitter followers but he became a Naked Sword exclusive. He took to Twitter yesterday to share the good news:
Congrats Bray. Oh and I totally wanna direct a food themed porn staring him just so I can call it Eat Bray Love. Corny I know but welcome to my mind.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lolly Ink To Appear On Just Guy Talk Tonight

The Just Guy Talk podcast, airing tonight at 7PM, will feature Lolly Ink. Among the topics Lolly will be talking about are her life in the industry, her new films that are coming out, and why she's infamous for all her ink.
For more information about the show including a link on where to listen to it click here:


Porn Star Karaoke Is Back At Sardo's Tonight!

This is awesome news! After a three month hiatus, caused by a fire that closed Sardo's, porn star karaoke returns tonight at 9PM and, just as it was, the tradition will continue every Tuesday night!
One good thing did come from the fire though, new booths, big screen TVs and a new karaoke book! So who wants to get their singing on? See you guys there! For the full article click here:


Holly Heart Now Co-Hosting Inside The Industry

Congratulations Holly Heart! She was recently named the new co-host of the radio show Inside The Industry. The show airs Wednesday nights from 7-9PM on To see the full article, though there's not much more than this click here:


Lexxxis Kanyon Launches Official Site

Awesome news for fans of the beautiful transgendered porn star Lexxxis Kanyon, her official site has launched and she is celebrating the event with a live cam show on May 5th!
Her site features some awesome content for members including a weekly blog, cam shows, scenes-both hard and softcore-and solo and partner scenes as well.
For more information click here:


Ela Darling Hosting A Contest For Her New Company

This is pretty awesome. Ela Darling, whom I met at The XRCO Awards and who couldn't have been nicer, is hosting a contest for her new company and it sounds like a lot of fun. The cut off date is May 10th so get those creative juices flowing and what does the winner get? A custom made hologram of Darling doing whatever you want her to do, within reason of course ;)
For the full rules and details click here:
I'm not tech  savvy in the slightest so I don't even know what the hell the contest is about or what the company is looking for, but for those of you who are smarter than this humble porn blogger good luck!
Congrats Ela!


Kendra Sunderland Update

Okay, for those of you who don't know, Kendra Sunderland is the 19 year old former Oregon State University student who stripped in the school's library and masturbated online in the hopes that her video would stream. Well it did and her 17 minute video has gotten over 4 million hits.
Sunderland was arrested back in January on public indecency charges and is actually scheduled to appear in court today. But that's not all, AVN is reporting that she has flown to Toronto and recently auditioned to be the newest anchor on, yep you guessed it, The Naked News!
More information and updates as they become available. To read the full article which includes a link to her video click here:


Devil's Film To Release The Tranny Bunch On June 1st

I think The Brady Bunch gets the award for most porno parodies ever! And it should. You can just see the sexual frustration between the kids as they aged into puberty.
Well for all you fans of trans porn, Devil's Film is releasing The Tranny Bunch on June 1st. The trailer has already dropped, you can view it here: and it is awesome! I can not wait for this one!
Delia Delions and Wolf Hudson star as Mike and Carol so you know it's going to be side splitting with these two hams involved! Aubrey Kate, Holly Parker and Khloe Hart are cast in the roles of Marcia, Jan and Cindy respectfully.
The film will be available on VOD May 1st and on DVD June 1st. For more information click here:


Monday, April 27, 2015

A Post All About My Very First Porn Audition

Yeah. You guys read that right. I auditioned for a non-sex role today for The Goonies XXX parody that Ralph Long is directing and Jessica Jaymes and her studio, Spizoo, are producing. Just another normal Monday in my life haha.
So why did I do it? Well first of all, it's a parody of The Goonies one of the best 80s movies ever! And since Ralph has stated that that was his favorite movie growing up I figured he would treat it with the respect it deserves. Also, as I stated when I first started this blog, and have stated many times, I hope to be able to not only unveil the myths-both good and bad-of the industry but I also want to be one of those people to help bridge the gap between porn and mainstream and make it less taboo and eventually make it okay for mainstream actors like myself to appear in non-sex roles, and maybe one day eventually sex roles, and for porn stars to be able to appear in more mainstream things as well! Plus I had nothing else to do today, God damn it, and I've never been to North Hills so my sense of wanderlust got the better of me and I knew that this would probably make an interesting blog, it would help answer the truth of exactly how an audition for a porn film works and, maybe, give me some material for my stand up.
Okay, so when I got the invite from Ralph to audition for him I was both scared and excited. I was excited because I thought, okay this is it, I am helping do what I set out to do, I am bridging that gap, I am being edgy and hip and this is getting me one step closer to possibly being able to open up my own studio-a big dream of mine-and I was scared because, duh!, I'm not stupid. I was being asked to audition for a porn film. Non-sex role or not, it's still a porn film and even though we have had comedians host The AVNS and The Hookies, so far none of them have had the balls to actually be in a porn flick.
But I decided to do it because, heck, you only live once and I must admit, I have always been one of those people that was curious about what a porno audition would be like.
So this morning, I got ready. I treated this like any other audition. I showered, shaved-just my face you perverts though I was tempted to shave other areas just in case ;)-put on a nice pair of jean shorts, though I did wear a shirt I have that has a picture of a rooster on it and the words "Does This Shirt Make My Cock Look Too Big?" Hey I'm up for a part in a porno parody I figured why not?
So I take the red line to North Hollywood and the bus from North Hollywood to North Hills; I don't drive. What can I say I guess at heart I'm a Brooklyn Italian boy.
Anyway, the audition location was very close to the bus stop so that was a good thing being as I have never been to North Hills before and had no idea where the fuck I was at. And on the walk to the audition location that's when I started getting nervous and just the normal audition nerves of "oh I hope I do a good job. I hope they hire me. I hope they like me. Am I dressed okay? Do I look alright?" I started also getting the, "I am walking to an audition for a porn film," nerves so besides the normal actor audition inner monologue I then start thinking, "what exactly is this place that I'm going to? What are they going to make me do? Will I be safe? Will I be the victim of a snuff film? Will Ralph turn out to be a creepy pervert? Will they laugh at me? Will they make fun of me? Will they force me to do things?"
So finally I arrive at the location of the audition, which is being held at Spizoo Studios. There is a sign outside the doors that says "Auditions" with an arrow pointing towards the open doors. Okay, that's pretty normal and I feel better that the doors are wide open. I walk in and I see in the back that a couple people are sitting around. I stand by the door, ready to run just in case. Then porn star Jessica Jaymes walks towards me and she looks very beautiful and very professional, she's wearing a nice shirt, jeans and cute boots; dressed very business casual and professional. She asks me if I'm here to audition and I say yes and then she extends her hand to me and says, "I'm Jessica Jaymes and I'm the owner of the studio." I say, "Hi. I'm Joe Filippone. Nice to meet you." So we're off to a good start. She's friendly, professional and she hasn't laughed in my face and said I'm too plain or ugly to be there.
We walk to the back of the studio, past a couple of sets and sit down. Ralph is behind the camera in the middle of an audition. It's another guy. Very casual. He's asking him some questions and then he reads the script. Yeah. There's a script. With dialogue. Funny dialogue.
Then it's my turn to audition and, mainstream casting directors take note, Ralph started by having me sit on the couch-go ahead make the casting couch jokes I'll wait....All finished? Good-and he begins asking me questions just getting to know me and my personality which relaxed me and put me perfectly at ease. If casting directors did this for mainstream projects no actor would hate auditioning ever!
The one thing I like is that both Jessica and Ralph were very respectful when I said I was a mainstream actor. They didn't make fun of me, well Ralph knew from talking to me through email, but Jessica even asked, "so are you interested in just a non-sex role or would you be willing to do a sex role?" Complete with out any judgment. I said non-sex and everyone was very cool with it which I liked. I think it helped when I told Jessica that I would not subject a girl to having to fuck me and the whole budget would have to be spent on just that girl's day rate to get her to fuck me. The whole room cracked up at that. I even found out that Jessica and I are both Lisa Lampanelli fans, and she even complimented my shirt so that was a good choice; though when Ralph found out I did stand up he did ask me to tell a joke. I could only think of a dirty one which involved a white woman and her desire for a long black dick but it seemed appropriate and I got a laugh from the room.
After the interview, Ralph then had me cold read the script and for those of you wondering, he had me read for Mouth. I read the script, felt fine about it and that was that. I did mention that I would be willing to help out behind the scenes if they needed me and Ralph even walked me out and offered me a bottle of water and some chips.
So there you have it. I wasn't asked to take my clothes off, I wasn't asked to fuck anyone, I wasn't asked to do anything I didn't want to do. I don't know if all auditions for porn are run this way, I doubt it, but I feel lucky that I got to deal with some of the most professional, nicest people I have ever met and this was one of the funnest auditions I've ever had. Ralph Long is a very funny, friendly guy with a great sense of humor and I get the feeling that if we were to work together we would become friends and share beers over pool while watching the game and Jessica Jaymes is one of the nicest, sweetest women I've ever met and Spizoo is such a great space for shooting!
So I am happy to report that my first porn audition went off without a hitch and as soon as I hear anything about whether or not I got the job I will let you guys know. And of course I will send my scenes to all of the porn awards to get nominated, and maybe win, Best Non-Sex Role. If the scenes are funny enough I'll even put 'em on my reel and on YouTube. ;)


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spotlight On Ovidie

Oh my God you guys! I love this woman. I love everything she stands for, I love what she brought to the industry, I love what she did for the industry, I love her reasons for getting into it and, most of all, I just love her name! I think she wins the award for best porn name ever and it suits her, beautiful, intelligent, classy, just like she is. And I'm totally naming my first daughter after her.
Nicknamed L'intello du porno, which translates to the porn star intellectual, she was porn Eloise Becht in Lille, Nord, France on August 25th, 1980. She describes her parents, who were teachers, as liberals and also says that she came from a good family. She was married to a professor at The University Of Paris who left his job there to edit a porn magazine. They later got divorced but Ovidie has stated that her job was not a factor in it.
She always refused to give her real name to the press but it is on IMDB and that's why I included it here. My rule is if someone can find out a performer's real name on the first page of Google, be it via Wikipedia, IMDB etc, then I'll publish it, if you have to do a ton of searching or put in specific key words, the real name stays private. Anyway......

Describing herself as middle class, Ovidie has stated that she did not enter the industry for money but instead it was her involvement in choreography and dance as well as her interest in the human body and its expression that led to her interest in porn.
A self-described "active militant feminist" Ovidie has also stated that she first viewed porn as a way to get a sense of the injustice that was being perpetrated on the girls in the industry but instead was shocked to see the powerful sexual images the girls impressed on her and this realization was also another factor that led to her entering the industry: she wanted to attain that same kind of sexual strength.
After only one year as a performer Ovidie made the transition to directing. Her first film was 2000's Orgie en Noir which was produced by Marc Darcel. The film was a hit and she would continue to direct women friendly films for Darcel as well the companies Blue One and VCommunications and soon she was considered a specialist of porn made by women for women.

In 2002 she published her first book, Porno Manifesto. She said she wrote the book out of anger over the ignorance about the porn industry. Gee, that's kind of like why I started this blog. Interesting.....
Until 2005 she also owned her own sex shop which catered exclusively to women only and in 2006 she wrote and directed numerous political documentaries.
Beginning in May of 2008 she started directing sex education films for FrenchLover TV and by March of 2011 she was FrenchLover TV's program director. She continues to host a weekly talk show for the channel.
In 2003 she had a mainstream appearance in the film All About Anna, which is an amazing film I highly recommend it. Produced by Lars Von Trier's Zenotropa Productions the film featured Ovidie performing unsimulated oral sex on Gry Bay. It is also interesting to note that Ovidie was the only porn performer cast in the film and the only one who does not appear nude. Innocent Pictures would use this task in other films, hiring adult performers and having them either not be the ones who would appear nude or in sex scenes which I thought was awesomely awesome :)
Her other mainstream appearances include roles in Jean Rollin's La Nuit Des Horioges and Bertrand Bonello's The Pornographer, an amazing film go view it now, in which she has an unsimulated sex scene.
Ovidie is also active in music circles and has organized many underground concerts for martial musicians such as Position Parallele and Derniere Volonte and in 2006 she directed 8 music videos for the French electro punk band Metal Urbain. She would return to directing music videos in 2009 when she directed and performed in the music video for the German electro rock/glam band The World Domination and in 2012 she co-wrote along with Eric Debris the book Metal Urbain.
She released another book in 2012, a collaboration with the philosophy PHD Francis Metivier called Sexe Philo.
Ovidie has actually written over ten books and while most of them are about female sexuality, she has also written about pregnancy, philosophy and punk rock. Check out her Amazon page here: if you are feminist, a fan of feminist porn or interested in sexuality in general I highly recommend her books.
In November of 2011 her film, Rhabillage aired on France 2 and attracted six million viewers! It was produced by French director Jean Jacques Beineix, whom Ovidie worked with on Mortel Transfer.

Not surprisingly, Ovidie is also an animal rights campaigner and devout vegan.
In the industry for just five years, Ovidie appeared in over sixty movies and was the recipient of three Bruxelles Awards, two Hot d'Or Awards, a Ninfa Award and two Feminist Porn Awards. She was also a European X Award nominee and in 2012 she was awarded the Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Award for Original Incidental Music for the play The Word Progress On My Mother's Lips which played at Chicago's Trap Door Theatre! How cool is that?
Ovidie, thank you for what you did for the industry and all the doors and windows you opened for those who came after you!


Spotlight On Crave

So of course, I couldn't do a blog on the industry without talking about Crave. I find her story fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time and I am surprised there has not been some kind of juicy TV movie on Life Time or BET about her; I mean come on people you are missing out on a golden opportunity! The youngest daughter from Family Matters ending up in hardcore porn!!!! No one saw that coming!
She was born on December 17th, 1979 in Belleville Illinois as Jamie Foxworth. She began modeling at five years old and was soon appearing on TV in national ads. It wasn't long before she was cast in her most famous role as Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter on the show Family Matters. Unfortunately with the introduction and rising popularity of the Urkel character, Foxworth was left with little for her character to do and because of budget cuts she was written off after the fourth season. There is also a rumor that she asked for a raise and that just added fuel to the fire. She disappeared without any explanation and for the remainder of the series The Winslows acted as if she had never existed. It may be an interesting thing to note that the rumor has always been that the reason Jo Marie Payton left the series was also because of The Urk Man and that she didn't like how it soon became all about Steve Urkel and less about The Winslows. Juicy right? I actually worked with Jaleel White early in my Hollywood career and he couldn't have been nicer and he only speaks fondly of his Urkel character and credits that character for him having fame, success and financial stability. It's nice when actors give credit where it's due. Anyway, back to Crave.
After she left the show she formed a musical group called S.H.E. with her two sisters but apparently it was short lived. She unfortunately battled alcoholism and a dependence on painkillers as well as depression and eventually became destitute.
There was another rumor going around that she became poor because her $500,000 trust was used to pay off her family's debts and keep them from going bankrupt but she later denied these rumors, stating that while her family did become poor they never went bankrupt.
In 2000 she made her porn debut with the film More Black Dirty Debutantes 30 using the name Crave. She would use this name for all but one of her films, Chilling With Jake Steed's Freaks Whoes And Flows 25, where she used the name Monet.

Her last adult film was in 2009 with an appearance in The Jeffersons porn parody.
Her work in the industry was documented in an episode of Oprah, and if you can find a copy of the interview online I highly recommend you watch it, with some tissues, it will break your heart.
On May 29th 2009 Foxworth gave birth to her first child, a son, with her longtime boyfriend Michael Shaw and in the fall of that same year TV Land chronicled her story in their Life After series, again if you can find a copy of the episode check it out, with tissues.
Today Jamie, along with her two sisters, are represented by her mom, Gwyn Foxx who is a talent agency out here in LA so hopefully a comeback is in the works. There were rumors several years ago that she was working on a reality show about her life as well as writing her autobiography but I looked and couldn't find any information that either of them were ever released. In the very least, I hope Jamie is happy and I really do hope that if she wants to come back to acting she is able to. She actually did have talent and was a very cute kid who grew up to be a very beautiful woman.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The ImpregNation Offering Writing Contest

Have you ever wanted to write a feature length porn script? Do you have an idea that will make you sweep all of the industry awards? Well now's your chance to turn that idea into a reality; as long as that idea involves incest porn. That's right.
The ImpregNation is holding a contest and the winner will have their idea turned into the studio's latest incest porn.
The contest opens May 1st and you have until the 23rd to submit your idea. Voting will then begin on May 24th and continue until the 31st. The winner will have their idea made into a full feature and will not only receive a DVD copy of the film but also the director's cut of the movie, a bottle of Spunk lube (I've used it it's good lube, especially for anal but be warned it'll make you cum super fast with a hand job, or maybe that's just me) and an autographed photo of the cast. The second prize winner will receive a week's free membership to the website of the internet's most interactive sex star, Lelu Love.
For more details on the contest click here:
Get those creative juices flowing and good luck!


The Rub's Erika Icon Featured In Cosmo

I love it when people in the industry get respectful mainstream attention and I am loving that Erika Icon, an amazing woman who works behind the scenes, has an awesome write up in Cosmo's Sex Work series. I am really excited about this series and you should be too.
Sex Work is a weekly series, with a new article every Tuesday, this will highlight women who work in the sex industry and not just porn stars they will also feature sex researchers as well. I'm excited to see who all they interview.
Anyway, Erika Icon is the founder of The Rub, the PR firm for porn stars and in this week's Sex Work, Icon talks about how she got into the business, how she got into PR, what she looks for in a man, how her involvement in the industry affects her dating life and other awesome insights. I'm not even going to try to summarize it because that will take away from the article so instead, I hope all of you will click here:
Congrats on the write up Erika and here's to 2015 being The Rub's best year yet!


Two Batman Vs. Superman XXX Wallpapers Released

I can not wait for this one! And, from what I'm hearing, neither can a lot of people. The release date is right around the corner and to really hype us up, Wicked Pictures has released two free-God I love that word-wallpapers and, they are totally G rated so you can post them everywhere! I've already Tweeted both images and made the all female one my new Facebook cover photo.
So the first image features Ryan Driller and Giovanni Francesco in their respected roles as Batman and Superman.
The second one is a tribute to the gorgeous ladies who look amazing in their costumes; and I agree with the crowd, Carter Cruise's Super Girl costume is loads better than the one in the new mainstream series.

Pretty cool, huh? For more information, or to download one or both of the wallpapers click here:


Celebrating 15,000 Readers With A Spotlight On My Favorite Straight Boy: Chase Mejia

Okay I don't know what it is but I love this guy. Maybe it's because his story is very heartbreaking, we'll get to that in a minute, or if it's just a physical thing and I'm attracted to him just because of his body. I have always loved white guys with small to average sized cocks for some reason, maybe it's because they're easier to deep throat. Anyway, I decided that to celebrate, and say thank you, for bringing the readership to 15,000 (!) I would introduce and spotlight my favorite straight guy: Chase Mejia.
His time in the industry was very, very blink and you'll miss him brief, but I think he has left a mark.
He was born Chase Michael Mejia on November 4th, 1989. He was a football player in high school and in college, he attended Kansas State, Northern Illinois University and Oklahoma City Community College, and was actually named one of The Faces In The Crowd by Sports Illustrated.

Now here's where it gets interesting and where, unfortunately, it starts to go downhill for Chase. While attending Kansas State, he made his debut in the adult industry working for my favorite company Dare Dorm, maybe that's why I like him, in the episode Our Secrets where he went by the name Brody; in Chase's porn career he would always go by names that started with a b, maybe they sound more jockish.

And let's keep the obvious jokes about the recruiter's notes about size being a need for improvement, we know, the kid doesn't have the biggest cock. It gives him character. Makes him look like a real dude, which I love in the Dare and Dick Dorm vids.
Anyway, shortly after he did the Dare Dorm episode he was kicked out of college. Of course the college and everyone said that it was because of his appearance in the porn but a rumor began, and I can't substantiate this more than a rumor although if you Google Chase's name the kid has more mug shots and an arrest record longer than Alex Jones' dick, and for those who know Alex that's a pretty big dick, anyway, there was a rumor that Chase got kicked out because he allegedly stole from the school and they caught him. After he left Northern Illinois another rumor started that he was asked to leave because he was once again caught stealing.
Sadly, after it was revealed who Brody was, he started getting harassed on his Myspace and, in true Cody Cummings or Michael Hoffman form, told all the haters to "fuck off" and then said how he got a free trip to Miami and $1500 to do the scene.
Once he cooled down a little, Mejia then released another statement that said he did it because he needed the money and was trying to help out his family because his mom was sick and him and his dad didn't have a good relationship. I don't know if that's true and I don't care but I did start to feel a little sorry for him because I saw a kid who came from a small town and was, I'm presuming, the star jock most popular guy in school, and who made some bad choices and saw his life start to unravel before him. And if you do Google his public arrest records you want to strangle him for continuing to make choices and throwing his talents away because of who he was hanging out with.
Anyway, he disappeared for a while, I heard he was here in LA for a bit trying to do a mainstream modeling and acting career, again don't know if that's true and I don't care but what I do know is Chase showed up on a gay porn site, doing a solo for Corbin Fisher under the name Bronson.

 After his solo with Corbin Fisher Chase, thankfully, left the business and seems to have turned his life around. He has become a born again Christian and currently lives in Edmond Oklahoma where he works at a church. He seems very happy with his faith based life and I just hope and pray that he is able to stay on the right path and keep making good choices and learn and grow from all his past choices and mistakes and not fall into those same patterns.