Friday, February 26, 2016

Tom Of Finland Foundation Hosting Benefit For Antebellum's Rick Castro At Faultline

On February 14th Rick Castro, owner of Antebellum; the only fetish art gallery in Hollywood, was attacked on The Red Line and sustained a leg injury. Due to that Castro has been out of commission and has not been able to work.
However the amazing people over at The Tom Of Finland Foundation are putting on a special benefit to help Rick tomorrow, February 27th, at Faultline on Melrose from 9PM until 2 in the morning and this promises to be a great party with demos, gay artists featuring their art and lots of surprises to satiate your deepest fetish desires and Barber Pete is even going to be the special guest with tunes being spun all night by DJ David Banjela and Alberto L Garcia of Gearworxxx Leather Designs is even scheduled to be there.
With only $5 cover and free parking why wouldn't you want to support Rick Castro who has spent years celebrating fetish art and gay artists at his lovely little gallery while giving queer performance artists a space to show off their work and feed their artists desires. With his sex positive and fetish positive attitude, Rick Castro and Antebellum are a staple in Hollywood and we, as a community, need to support him so he can continue to stay in business and not have this attack make us lose the only fetish art gallery in Hollywood.
We love you Rick and get well soon!
For more information about the event go here:


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tickets Are Now Available For The Transgender Erotica Awards

Tickets are now available for this year's Transgender Erotica Awards and this year there are three days of fun for all of you trans porn lovers!
Beginning March 5th we have the very first TEA Fan Con hosted by Stockroom to prepare you for the awards show on Sunday hosted at the fabulous Avalon in Hollywood and then of course the after party Monday night at Bardot.
So head on over to and get your tickets now before they sell out.
You won't wanna miss this year!


Nominations Are Now Open For The Prowler Porn Awards

Happy Thursday my titillating tally-whackers; I'm trying to go for a British theme here. 
Nominations are now open for The Prowler Awards which are scheduled to be held May 11th at Heaven in London; and with all those sinful studs with their delicious accents and yummy foreskins running around it's going to be Heaven for sure. ;)
So go here: and nominate your favorite British porn studs, studios and directors and hey, if you want to nominate my site for Best Online Media Supporting British Porn I won't say no. ;)


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Two Lost John Holmes Features Released By Hustler Video And Zero Tolerance!

This is truly a historic day in the industry.
Two long lost John Holmes' films, the first two the star did after he transitioned from doing loops to features, have been found and released by Zero Tolerance and Hustler Video.
The films, Balls In Action and Doctor I'm Coming, were kept hidden away in the director's personal library after he got a lucrative mainstream deal and was worried that his directing Holmes would hurt his mainstream career.
Well now thanks to Larry Flynt and the good folks at Zero Tolerance, who have remastered the footage we can see Holmes' glorious feature debut in this stunning double feature!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review Of Soles By Kay Brandt

I once called Kay Brandt the Stephen King of erotica. It's on Twitter, it's on the cover of the paperback cover of her novel Safe Landings and I meant it. Like King, Brandt knows how to weave together a dramatic story sprinkled with humor and characters who, while they may not always be likable or make the best choices, are believable and that's why we root for them and devour her books in one day. And for those of you who are longtime Kay Brandt readers you know that's true. I read Safe Landings in a day and I got through soles in about four hours; I even found myself reading it while cooking and eating dinner at the table! Clear signs of a good book.
And why would you want to put it down? Brandt has created a both fun and terrifying world that is a unique take on the classic haunted house/ghost story/possession story, taking something that isn't generally looked at as terrifying-shoes-and creating a story that will make you think twice before you ever walking into another shoes store and purchasing another pair of shoes ever again. In fact, you may find yourself purging yourself of every pair of shoes you own and just walking around barefoot for the rest of your life.
In this novel, Brandt's first non-erotic novel, we are transported back to the 80s. The best decade for, well everything, including horror and Soles has the feel of those wonderful 80s horror films that we greedily devoured; and still do.
Written with the feel of a young Stephen King with some V.C. Andrews sprinkled in for flavor, Soles is a terrifying rollercoaster that will leave the reader hungry for more, not able to stop until they have reached the very satisfying ending that no one will see coming.While I was reading I found myself wondering why the shoes were haunted and why they were tormenting this poor family for three generations and when I finally got that answer I was left with a big smile on my face and the only thing I could say was "well fuck. Pretty good reason."
Brandt also shows her talent for language and dialogue sprinkling those delicious 80s catchphrases and slang while she perfectly captures the voice of our hero, a nineteen year old miscreant and his companion an eighteen year old girl who already has a record and has spent time in juvie. Kay has developed these two so richly that you can see them-as well as all the other characters no matter how minor-in your head, hear their voices and root for them. Even though they aren't "good kids" and "come from the wrong side of the tracks" you can't help but like them and laugh at their banter back and forth hoping their rivalry is just a front and they will get together. Do they? Well you'll have to read the book and find out.
Brandt's story weaves us in and out of the present, past and even future, playing with our minds through several hallucinations that has us questioning our own state of sanity right along with her young hero's.
The most surprising thing about Soles is that this is the first "mainstream" novel Brandt has given us. Kay knows horror and she knows what, and how, to scare people, so it is shocking-saddening in a way-that it has taken this long for the literary world to discover this woman's amazing talents. If Stephen King is known as the master of horror, Kay Brandt will soon be known as the mistress of the genre if she keeps writing horror novels and she will soon find a place among the genre's other noted writers such as Anne Rice, Mary Shelley and Clive Barker.
Whether you are a long time Kay Brandt fan, a new fan, or just a horror fan who enjoys a spine tingling story, your collection won't be complete without Soles in your library.
Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And just a word of warning, make sure you keep your shoes in plain site while you're reading this one. Trust me.
Grade: Solid A+


Alexis Golden Returns To Performing After Five Year Hiatus

How's this for a happy hump day? Everyone's favorite golden haired, big busted cougar, Alexis Golden, has announced her return to performing after being gone for five years to focus on producing content for her studio Alexis Golden Productions.
Even better news? Golden is marking her return by shooting with one of my favorite studios, Naughty America.
No word yet on when we can see Alexis back in action but we're told that her first scene pairs her with Brick Danger in Seduced By A Cougar.
Golden has also announced that not only will she be touring Europe with Emma Starr but she is also revamping her website,, and teaming with Vicky Vette and doing live webcam performances through Vette's VNA webcam group.
Wow! Talk about coming back with a bang!
Welcome back Alexis. You have been missed.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Former WWE Diva, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Makes Porn Debut With Vivid's Sunny Side Up

Those of us who are old school wrestling fans and remember the days of WWF when it had daring story lines and wasn't afraid to push the boundaries will no doubt remember the beautiful Tammy Lynn Sytch AKA Sunny. With her blonde hair, perfect tan and All American girl features she was the girl next door, wrestling's sweetheart and her and real life husband Chris Candido were the perfect wrestling couple.
Well now we get to see a side of Sunny that we only dreamed about back in the day. The former wrestling diva has accepted Vivid's offer, you may remember I blogged about this when she was still considering, and her porn debut, Sunny Side Up, drops today on VOD with the DVD being released February 9th and she is making her industry debut with a bang-forgive the pun-appearing in three sex scenes one of which features anal sex and us wrestling fans always thought Francine was the queen of extreme and hardcore. ;)
And what does wrestling's girl next door have to say about the experience? When asked about her experience Sytch was quoted as saying: "I've always been a fan of adult movies. I consider myself extremely sexual and I'm also a voyeur. When I first thought about making the movie I was terrified. But then, as I was making it, I loved it. Vivid made the process a pleasure and I found everything about the company more professional than any wrestling experience."
Sytch's porn debut also coincides with the release of her autobiography, A Star Shattered, from, coincidentally enough, one of my publishers Riverdale Ave Books; small world huh? The book is scheduled to be released in both ebook and paperback this week.
To check out Sunny Side Up head over here:
And am I the only hoping they somehow were able to get the rights to use Sunny's old I Know You Want Me Theme? Take a listen to it here:
Congrats Tammy and welcome to the industry.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Mickey Taylor's Album, Puppets Lament, Now Available On iTunes

Gay porn's favorite mainstream Brit can now add recording artist to his impressive resume.
His new album, Puppets Lament, is now available on iTunes and I can't wait to purchase it.
Congrats Mickey!


Transgender Pornstar Kimberly Devine Passes Away At 39

Transgender performer Kimberly Devine who made her debut in Bizarre Video's 1997 film, Portrait Of A TS has died. She was only 39.
Devine appeared in 10 compilations and 54 features during her career and worked for such companies as Leisure Time Entertainment, Boy Chick Productions, Vivid, Metro, 130 C Street Corporation, All Worlds and Odyssey Group. One AVN reviewer described her as having "the face of a slutty babe and the dick of a stud" and also said that Devine "serves up a delicious balance of womanly charm."
Admired, respected and thought of as a trailblazer for transgender porn by those who worked with her, knew her and respected her, Devine stopped performing in the mid 2000s however she did make a popular comeback in 2008 for Buddy Wood.
Rest in peace beautiful angel. You helped pave the way for many and I thank you for that.


Best Selling Erotic Writer And Award Winning Porn Director, Kay Brandt, Releases First Horror Novel, Soles

Happy Rent Day everyone!
Sorry I've been MIA but it has been crazy around here lately.
But here's something to brighten your day and a great way to begin your week and month, best selling author and award winning porn director, and my very good friend, Kay Brandt, has released her first horror novel entitled Soles and it sounds like an awesome read.
Here's the Amazon description: "Roland, an anti-social teen, inherited the family business—a specialty shoe store—a decade after his parents were murdered there. Having no choice but to accept his fate as the new owner of the creepy, run-down and very haunted store, Roland returns to where his childhood and bloodlines was stolen. The store had taken not only his parents from him, but his grandparents, and he could feel it wanted him dead, too. His psycho aunt, Grace, had run the store into the ground, and the ultimatum he'd been running from was finally given. A year had past since Roland was supposed to take over the business, and at nineteen, it was time for him to make his unwanted return. Terrified of facing the evil that lives in the stockroom, and the blood stains of his lineage embedded in the cement floors, he confronts his demons: eight vicious, blood-thirsty shoes alive and waiting to take possession of his soul. Will Roland succumb to the demonic curse that's plagued his family for generations? Or will he fight the madness that consumed his father, and release the evil embedded in the shoes' soles?"
Sounds creepy right? I know I can't wait to read and review it for you guys!
And could this also mean that we will be getting a mainstream adaptation of Brandt's latest novel, written and directed by her, of course? Hopefully the answer is yes!
Congrats Kay!