Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Safe Landings Now Available On VOD And DVD From Adam And Eve!

It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
I am so happy and honored to announce that Safe Landings is now available on VOD and DVD from Adam and Eve Pictures and the DVD is loaded with some great features!
Congratulations to the amazing cast and crew: Kay Brandt, August Ames, Brenda James, Xander Corvus, Marcus London, Alison Rey, Ryan McClane, David Lord, Red, Mike Quasar, everyone! We couldn't have done it without all of us!
Brenda I want to thank you for helping me get the role and Kay Brandt a very special hug and thank you for taking a chance on me, trusting me with the role and making my first porn film so fun. I can't wait to do more non-sex roles for you! I owe you and Brenda my porn career and whatever other roles, awards, fame, success, accolades, etc come to me it is all thanks to you two!
So everyone go and pick up a copy of Safe Landings and, if you haven't already, read the book as well!
Hope you enjoy them and, as I have said before, if we don't sweep the awards then the damn things are rigged!


Join Feral Vinca And Other Talented Porn Stars Tomorrow At The Viper Room!

This is going to be such a fun event and not to be missed for all your porn star and music fans!
Tomorrow join beautiful hosts August Ames and Mia Malkova as they present Feral Vinca's Pornstar Pajama Party! You know I've already got both my sheer lingerie nightie and my feetie pajama's with the butt flap that never stays closed already laid out haha.
Joining them are some musical acts by some of the most talented people in the industry today: Evan Stone, Seth Gamble, Joanna Angel and everyone's favorite Porn Star Karaoke hostess Nickie Hunter!
Tickets are still available for the event tomorrow at The Viper Room! If I am wrapped on set early enough I will totally be there but if we run over I'll be there in spirit.
Get your tickets here before they sell out!
Congrats everyone!


A Fellow Porn Blogger Has Outed A Performer And It Bothers Me

Okay this has been eating at me for the past couple days and I can't keep quiet anymore. I posted about my disgust about this issue on both Twitter and Facebook and even talked about it last night when I was on The Dragon's Lair. I'm not going to mention the name of the blogger or his site but I'm pretty sure that anyone who follows porn blogs will know who I'm talking about.
I honestly don't care if this puts more bad blood between him and me, if he tries to trash me on his blog-hey go for it that's just more press for me and I'll even help him make fun of me and choose some really embarrassing pictures so the post will be even funnier and snarkier-but I really feel that I need to address the issue of bloggers using their sites to out performers, to out their families, to out other bloggers who win awards when they don't and who use their sites to embarrass and smear the industry and give all of us who are blogging because we love the industry and are trying to put it in a positive light a bad name. I think it's especially sickening when, right on the front page of this site, the blogger claims "no agenda" when his posts are nothing but agenda filled and anyone who does call him out on his crap is either smeared or blocked from commenting on the site. But I guess this is what you get from someone who's big accomplishment at this past Grabby Awards was the bragging rights that this was the first time he WASN'T kicked out of any of the parties and when all the people involved with the nominating process for awards tell me, "your blog will be nominated but make sure you post a lot and keep posting or else (insert porn bloggers name here) will complain." So basically he's getting nominated so that he won't bitch and moan too much and then when he doesn't get awarded, probably because he slams and insults the awards shows like The Grabbys, he then outs the winners, I still feel sorry for what he did when Queer Me Now one The Grabby, and makes it so that people like Queer Me Now have said that they probably won't attend ANY more award shows.
But here's what really pissed me off.
So retired straight performer, Rocco Reed, who did do some gay for pay porn, and who has kept his private life private is getting married. The paper of his current hometown ran an article on how he proposed to his girlfriend and even included a video of it and interviews with Rocco and his now fiancee. Of course there's no mention of his porn career and this has NOTHING to do with the industry, or gay porn, except that Rocco was once involved in the industry and has no made it pretty clear that he does not want to be outed or involved anymore.
So what was on this blog that made me angry? First a picture of Rocco with a headline that insulted him even using the word "terrible." Okay so if he was terrible and you don't like him why put him on the blog? When you click on the picture it was a link that took you right to the article which mentions Rocco by his full real name, mentions his soon to be wife's full name, where she works and even the name of their hometown. There's nothing about porn, nothing about the industry so why are you outing someone and potentially causing him and his wife and their families embarrassment? Are you that lonely and bitter and self-hating that you have to ruin other people's lives? Knowing this blogger and his history I would say the answer is probably yes. And unfortunately, also knowing this blogger, I'm not surprised he did this.
And this is why a lot of people in the industry hate bloggers and don't take us seriously and don't want anything to do with us. Because they are afraid we are going to out them or embarrass them or use our sites to smear them.
Well I promise you, and anyone who has been interviewed on my site can attest to this, I am not here to out anybody or embarrass anybody. When I interview people I tell them, anything they don't want to answer or don't feel comfortable answering they don't have to. And I never post someone's real name unless I am doing a memorial to them or a spotlight on a performer and then I only do it if the performer has made their real name public either on their own site, their Twitter, or if it comes up on page one of a Google search using only the performer's stage name i.e. it's on IMDB or Wikipedia. But if it's a thing where you have to really search for it or put in a bunch of key words to find it, it's NOT going on my blog. Which is maybe why I've had performers thank me for not outing them when they do mainstream projects or even when I have spotlit them or interviewed them.
I promise all of you in the industry, like I said in my very first post, I am doing this because I love this industry, I have friends in the industry and I am a part of the industry. I want to show people how great most of the people in porn are and that we aren't degenerates or degrading women or turning men into rapists or any of that other propaganda crap.
I just feel that as bloggers we have an opportunity to educate and inform and teach outsiders about our industry and world, and I have even gotten compliments and messages from people outside of porn who have said "wow, I've learned stuff from your blog" or "wow, my views on the industry have changed because of you."
So to anyone who has been embarrassed or hurt or smeared by a porn blogger I apologize and just remember All The Porn That's Fit To Fuck is on your side and will be an advocate for the industry.
And Rocco I am sorry for any pain and embarrassment this asshole has caused you, your wife and your families. He's a loser and a joke in the industry who is desperately trying to hang on to his fifteen minutes.


I Will Be On Papi Chulo's Reali-Tea Tomorrow Oct 1st!

Wow! Two radio interviews in one week within days of each other! Super super grateful.
Well my appearance last night on The Dragon's Lair, which was my first time doing a live radio interview, went so well and was so much fun-I've actually been invited back to do more shows-that I decided to not chicken out and cancel my spot on Papi Chulo's Reali-TEA radio show which will air tomorrow at 8PM ET on
Check it out. What will I be talking about? Who know. HAHA. And if you can't listen in I will be posting a link to the archived interview as I will with my Dragon's Lair segment as soon as that becomes available.
Thank you Papi Chulo for this amazing opportunity! Love your show and happy to be a part of the family!


Monday, September 28, 2015

I Will Be On The Dragon's Lair Radio Show Tomorrow!

I am also so grateful and honored whenever I am asked to do any kind of interview and I am super grateful and honored to be doing my first live interview tomorrow at 7PM for my friend Colleen's awesome show The Dragon's Lair!
This promises to be a lot of fun so you won't wanna miss it!
Tune in and see what I have to say about everything from mainstream, to writing, to my involvement in porn.
Thanks Colleen and hope you guys enjoy it!


So What's A Release Party For A Porn Film Like?

So last Tuesday myself, my home girl LaTerra AKA Queen LaTittie and my Vice Boys, Sam and David, along with Sam's girl Tanya were able to get into the release party for Stormy Daniels' new western feature for Wicked Pictures, Wanted. And honey, this was one of the funnest release party I've ever been to and just reminded me why I love going to porn events more so then mainstream events. Sorry mainstream Hollywood, I love you and will walk down any red carpet I can get on but when it comes to the porn parties you guys can't compete. Maybe it's because everyone is there to have a good time, see old and new friends, and genuinely support each other, maybe it's because we all know and understand our place in the porn hierarchy and  no one is trying to act bigger than he or she is. Whatever it is, at the events I've gone to, the people are friendlier, more relaxed and people just have a good time. I can't tell you how many people were just dancing, and twerking, with abandon, not caring who saw or what others thought.
It was also nice to see some people I haven't seen in a while. Peter Warren from AVN who I've had lunch with was there and it was nice to catch up with him as was Tod Hunter who I first met on Safe Landings and sometimes see at Porn Star Karaoke and it was such a pleasant surprise to run into producer David Lord, who produced Safe Landings so it was almost like a little Safe Landings reunion. HAHA.
The interesting thing, we almost didn't get in to the party.
So a little backstory, Sam and David have worked on a number of Stormy's productions. David actually knows her. I have never met Stormy Daniels. I have never even talked to her on Twitter or anything and I haven't worked for Wicked, yet.
Anyway, last Tuesday David and I left Porn Star Karaoke early to head over to the party which was being held at Tiffany's On Vine. I've actually been to a couple mainstream red carpet events here so it was kind of nice to be back.
So David and I get out of the car walk to where the bouncers are and the first thing he asks is "are you guys on the list?" David says, "I don't think so" and we walk back to his car trying to decide what to do because don't forget we've got three other people who are planning to join us and if we can't get in we may as well just have them stay at Sardo's and join them for the rest of PSK.
And then it was like God sent a guardian angel honey. Daniel Metcalf who works for Wicked comes out, sees us and says "Hi David. I have to get something out of my car and then I'll walk you guys in." He walks us in with no problem and suddenly I knew what it was like to be on The A List. HAHA.
Luckily Sam, Tanya and LaTerra were able to get in without having to pay the $20 you aren't on the list cover. Yes child, God was smiling on all of us and Christmas came early.
The rest of the night went beautifully. We all had a great time and I got to meet some amazing people including Jessica Drake who couldn't have been nicer or more lovely.
But the icing on the cake was when Sam and David said, "hey Joe you want to meet Stormy? Maybe you can get some work on her sets." Now I love Stormy and her films and being able to be directed by her and work for Wicked would make so many of my non-sex performer porn dreams come true so of course I said yes but I must admit I was a little intimidated. Now I will admit I'm very bold and have pretty big balls but even my balls aren't big enough and even I'm not that big an asshole to just walk over to Stormy Daniels and say "hey how you doing? I wanna work with you."
So they take me over to where Stormy is and introduce me to her assistant, Jack Vegas and me and him really hit it off. Jack is a great guy and super friendly. He introduces me to Stormy who is even more beautiful in person and very friendly, soft spoken and down to Earth. I knew I had a good in with her when she offered me her hand first. So I congratulate her on Wanted and her night and then say that I'm an actor and have worked for Kay Brandt and Tarantino XXX. Much to my great delight she gives me her email address and tells me to send her my stuff. So fingers crossed that this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship and friendship with Stormy Daniels and Wicked. Especially since i love westerns and have started writing more western themed romance and erotica.
But as great as that was I do have to say I think the best part of the night was when a woman from The AVN's mistook me for Tarantino XXX. I got onto his Twitter and told him making a bad joke that had the punchline Invasion Of The Porn Body Snatchers to which he responded with "nah. I'm your evil porn twin brother." So now that's how I will refer to him until the end of time.
So for those of you who have wondered what a release party for a porn feature is like there you have it. I just want to thank Sam and David for not only inviting me to the event but for introducing me to Stormy and Jack. Jack Vegas for the formal introduction to her and the woman of the hour Stormy Daniels herself for talking to me and accepting my offer to eventually work for her.
Congrats Stormy, Wicked and everyone involved in the production and make sure to go and pick up your copy of Wanted! Yee-Haw!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pre-Lubed Folsom Weekend Kickoff Party Tonight!

Hey San Francisco you lucky motherfuckers! Head on over to Lookout tonight for Pre-Lubed, which is the best Folsom kickoff party event name ever from 9pm to 2am and celebrate the release of Naked Sword's Hooker Stories 3!
Rumor has it Bray Love will be there....
Reason enough to attend.


Free Speech Coalition Hosting Superhero Costume Show Tonight At Supper Club

I am so terribly late in promoting this event I'm a bad, bad porn blogger. So Free Speech Coalition I apologize.
But, if you guys have nothing going on tonight Free Speech Coalition is hosting an awesome event tonight at Supper Club in Hollywood. A superhero fashion show and auction. This is a great event that promises to be a lot of fun, plus you got sexy porn stars dressing up like your favorite superheros how could you afford to miss this event?????
For more information and tickets go here:


My Experience Working For Tarantino XXX

So this past Sunday I worked as an extra on my buddy Tarantino XXX's new horror themed scene. Truth be told I had no idea what the scene was, what I would be doing or who else would be there. The only information I got was a DM on Twitter from Tarantino saying he wanted me to come to the set at noon and he gave me an address in North Hollywood. And because there have never been ANY TV movies or TV shows about up and coming Hollywood actors being brutally murdered or lured to the deaths and having it filmed on a snuff film I of course went without question. HAHA.
Actually, I jumped at the chance and was super excited when Tarantino asked me as I have been bugging him since we first met on the Safe Landings set to work together. We're both from Denver, both love horror movies and I was actually mistaken for him a couple nights ago at the Wanted release party Wicked put on-more on that later-so now he's known as my Evil Porn Twin haha.
So I arrive at Dillinger818 Studios which was provided by Lisa Daniels, who couldn't have been lovelier or nicer and her husband who is also super friendly and down to Earth. They even were taking some behind the scenes pics and videos and posting them on Snapchat to get people interested in the upcoming scene.
There was no crew, just Tarantino, two lights and his camera. The cast consisted of five of us. Myself and my Vice Boys Sam and David; also from Safe Landings so it was like a Safe Landings mini reunion haha were playing extras and the two talent were Jack Blaque and Cupcake Sinclaire two awesome African American performers. Seriously studios hire these two and give them frequent work! They are talented, hot as Hell, super friendly, professional and easy to work with. And here's a funny bit of trivia Jack and I were actually on the same bus to get to the studio.
So since Halloween is coming up Tarantino has been doing some horror scenes spoofing/paying homage to classic horror movies: Donnie Darko, Child's Play, etc. I won't tell you what this one was and spoil the surprise but I will say that candy was involved. Lots of candy. More specifically Skittles. Yes, Sam, David and I were dead bodies covered with Skittles while Cupcake and Jack fucked on a metal table. Seriously I love my life. How many other people can say that that has happened to them? And I love the macabre voyeuristic element the three of us added to the scene.
It was a super easy and quick shoot. We started around noon and were wrapped by two and afterwards Tarantino even treated us all to a delicious lunch at a Thai restaurant just down the street from the studio.

So second porn shoot, this one a gonzo scene, check. And it was great to be a part of a scene that showcases how fucking sexy African American performers are AND to be in a scene that wasn't thug porn because honestly I'm tired that that's ALL we seem to get when it comes to non white porn.
Plus it was great to finally get to work with Tarantino and, fingers crossed everything goes well, if a few people's schedules are open I may-please porn Gods please-be working with him again in a few weeks on a very special project but I can't tell any of the details. Tarantino made me sign a non disclosure agreement in blood. Kidding.
But seriously porn industry, Tarantino is the guy to watch out for! His shoots are innovative, fun, creative and he is a great director who not only gets things done quickly, but he is a genuinely nice friendly guy who cares about the well being and comfort of his talent. He kept giving Cupcake and Jack plenty of breaks as well as me and The Vice Boys so we could stay hydrated and stretch our legs and if a position was too uncomfortable for Cupcake and Jack on that slippery metal table he was totally fine with changing it and finding a position they were comfortable in and could both enjoy. He was also constantly making sure he wasn't stepping on me or kicking me since I was lying right on the ground in front of the table. Oh yeah, I had the best seat in the house and a great view of the action. A pansexual's dream position haha.
But keep an eye out on the blog, I will let you know when the scene is released and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Safe Landings Trailer Goes Live On YouTube; Release Date Announced!

I've been talking about it a lot and this morning I spammed my social media with it but now I am happy and beyond excited to announce that the SFW trailer for Safe Landings has launched and is live on YouTube as of this morning!
To see a preview of this beautiful film click here:
Pretty great huh? Everyone was so talented and you can see how amazing the story is and why I did the film. Like I've been saying, edit out the hardcore sex and this would be a LifeTime movie or a film on HBO!
And even better news, the release date has been announced and Safe Landings will be available on DVD and VOD September 30th! Only six more days! WooHoo!
Hope you guys enjoy the film and once more thank you Kay Brandt and Adam and Eve Pictures for this AMAZING opportunity and congratulations August Ames, Xander Corvus, Brenda James, Marcus London, Alison Rey, Ryan McLane, Mike Quasar, David Lord, Sam Vice, David Vice, Red and everyone involved. We should all be proud of ourselves and I can't wait to work with each and every one of you again!


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Morgan Bailey And Aubrey Kate Hosting Leather And Lace Party At Tranny Strip

All of you lucky New Yorker,s are in for a treat tomorrow as Aubrey Kate (leather) and Morgan Bailey (lace) will be hosting The Leather And Lace Party at Tranny Strip from 8PM until 4 in the morning! So it's going to be a great night!
Being put on by Headquarters Gentlemen's Club, 552 West 38th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, and sponsored by and this promises to be a super fun night with giveaways throughout the night provided by Eros as well as 15 champagne rooms, bottle services and beautiful Trans dancers who will be providing lap dancers you won't want to miss this.
Also scheduled to appear are: Selena International, Dina Delicious, Seasone Beste, Leslie Polanco, Ebonee Excell, and Miss Pearl. There will also be performances by Jamey Paris, Aby, Noriko, Chelsea Malone who will also be MCing with music provided by DJ MK AKA Brooklyn's Baddest and sexy bartenders Amber and Karen Covergirl.
For more information go here:


Kendra Sunderland Pleads Guilty To Public Indecency Charge

Kendra Sunderland, whom we all know as The Library Girl, has plead guilty to a charge of public indecency a misdemeanor which she was charged with in January. Instead of the year in jail and over six thousand dollar fine she could have gotten Sunderland will face no jail time-which I agree with why should she be locked up for what she did?-and only have to pay a thousand dollar fine.
For the full article, though there's not much else to tell go here:


Axel Braun's Batman Vs. Superman XXX Trailer Passes One Million Views On YouTube

I bow down to The King. I am also bitter that I was not in this film. HAHA.
Axel Braun, who has every right to call himself The King Of The Porn Parody, released the trailer for Batman Vs. Superman XXX and it has already passed a million views on YouTube. More than that, the comments are all mostly praise ranging from such great comments as: "Can't be porn the acting is too good", "This Harley looks better than Suicide Squad Harley," this actually isn't the first time fans have said the costumes were better than mainstream when photos of Supergirl from the movie were released fans immediately commented that her costume was better than the one in the soon to be released CW series. Other comments include such gems as, "I haven't bought porn in years but will buy this," Yay! We need more fans to buy porn.
To view the trailer click here:
Congrats Axel. Oh and here's something to wet everyone's appetite. Braun has reportedly offered Christine Ouzanian one million-yes you read that right-dollars to appear as Batwoman in the sequel which would be interesting as Ouzanian is Ben Affleck's former nanny. God I hope she says yes! And Axel cast me in your films! HAHA.


Michael Lucas' Documentary Undressing Israel Screening In Palm Springs September 30th

What a treat! This documentary looks amazing and who among us doesn't look for an excuse to get away to Palm Springs?
Michael Lucas, of Lucas Entertainment, will be screening his documentary Undressing Israel September 30th at 7PM at Temple Isaiah down in Palm Springs. If you are a member of the temple tickets are only $5 but don't worry if you aren't a member, tickets are only $10. Best deal in town. You can't beat that!
For more information on the event please go here:
And for more info about the film head here:
Congrats on the screening Michael! Can't wait to see it.


Michael Lucas Is Looking For New Lucas Men

Guys, do you want to get into gay porn? Well now's your chance! Michael Lucas, of Lucas Entertainment, is looking for new Lucas Men. If you think you have what it takes go to
Good luck fellows!


Friday, September 18, 2015

Danny Wylde's Band Chiildren Playing Saturday Night In North Hollywood

Y'all know that I love Chiildren. They are awesome and if you haven't seen them live you are missing out. Well lucky for all of us they are playing tomorrow night, September 19th in North Hollywood and not only will there be beautiful girls GoGo dancing but Tatti Vladis will be there offering onsite ink! And, from what Danny has posted, the cover is only $5. All of these perks are well worth the price of admission.
See you guys tomorrow night!
Congrats Danny!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Will Be On Reali-Tea On Papi Chulo Radio October 1st!

So remember a few posts back when I said about how I was going to be on The Dragon's Lair-tune in September 29th by the way for that-and I mentioned that Papi Chulo had expressed interest in having me on one of his shows?
Well mark your calendars because on October 1st I will be on Reali-Tea.
I am super excited and very grateful for this opportunity.
Thanks Papi Chulo. And I hope this is the first of many times I will be on your site.


Sex Nerd Sandra Interviews Tristan Taormino Live On Stage Tonight At The Improv

This is short notice I know and I apologize but it will be worth it to drop all of your plans and head to The Improv tonight located at 8162 Melrose Ave in beautiful Los Angeles California as Sex Nerd Sandra will be interviewing Tristan Taormino live on stage for Butt Stuff: A Retrospective. Shit honey the title alone makes me want to buy a ticket not to mention the fact that this is only Taormino's second, yes second, public appearance since she moved here from New York.
Also scheduled to be there is comedian Andy Wood. This is one show you won't want to miss.
For tickets click here:
and for the full story go here:


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happy Anniversary Porn Star Karaoke!

So for the past few weeks I have been going to Porn Star Karaoke with my Vice Boys, Sam and David, and I have to say it is one of the funnest times you will ever have! Seriously guys, if you haven't been or have been looking for an excuse to go to Sardo's go on Tuesday and sing with your favorite porn star.
Hosted by performer and director Nicki Hunter, PSK, starts at 9 and goes until closing. There are some tables that are reserved for those in the industry but don't worry there's plenty of seats available for non-industry folks. And for those of you who haven't gone to PSK because your scared it will just be porn stars or you have visions of beautiful debauchery dancing in your heads I can tell you that on some nights, the number of "regular people" outnumbers the porn stars and the only debauchery that goes on is if someone sings a dirty song haha. These are just new friends, old friends and people who work together who get together once a week to sing and enjoy some good food and drinks.
And I have to say that most of the people who sing are pretty talented, especially the porn stars. For example when Lucky Starr sang Let It Go from Frozen and Don't Cry For Me Argentina from Evita myself and the rest of Sardo's were left going "Idina Menzel who? Madonna who?" They're that good. And it's always a treat when our lovely hostess Nicki Hunter sings as she has an amazing voice and knows how to work a crowd and sell a song.
Plus you got to love a place where you can get up and do The Cupid Shuffle with porn stars! That alone is worth the two item minimum. And yes, there is a two item minimum but it's not going to break you as it would if Sardo's was say Flappers or The Laugh Factory. The drinks and food are well priced so if you play your cards right you'll only spend about eight bucks and there's no cover charge. Plus the waitresses and bouncers are super nice so you will want to order food and tip them.
Tonight we celebrate the twelve year anniversary of Porn Star Karaoke and I look forward to at least twelve more years. So what are you guys waiting for? Get your asses down to Burbank tonight and let's party!


Gay Porn Newcomer Matthew Bosch Signs Exclusive Deal With TitanMen

Hunky newcomer Matthew Bosch has now joined the ranks of The TitanMen Exclusives after signing the deal yesterday. It is already reported that Bosch will make his gay porn debut in a feature to be released in 2016 in which he plays a closeted conservative senator who gets outed during his presidential campaign. Sounds hot. And I love that TitanMen is releasing the feature in time for the presidential elections.
For the full article, including some really nice quotes about Bosch click here:
Congrats Matthew. Look forward to seeing the film!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Mia Isabella Launches A Signature Shirt With Profane

Beautiful trans performer Mia Isabella has teamed with Profane Clothing to launch a new signature collection shirt which will donate 20% of all proceeds to Isabella's trans-youth scholarship. That's reason enough to go and buy one or seven.
Profane is already accepting pre-orders for the shirt which will ship next Monday.
For the full article which includes some great quotes from Mia go here:
And to order your shirt click here:
Congrats Mia!


Eli Lewis Stars In New LGBT Series, Mess

Well let's continue with what is becoming Mainstream Monday haha.
The trailer has been released on Vimeo for the new LGBT series, Mess, which stars gay porn performer Eli Lewis.
The series looks amazing and I am super excited to see it. I'll give the series a review on the blog once it's out.
To check out the trailer go here:
Congrats to everyone involved and if you guys need a cute little nerdy guy who's good with comedy contact my reps at BBA. HAHA.


Here's Some Awesome Nicki Hunter News!

This is my favorite kind of news to report: awesome, nice and talented porn stars doing mainstream stuff.
So I've been lucky enough to get to know and become friends with Nicki through porn star karaoke and let me tell you besides being one of the nicest performer I've ever met she's also a super talented singer. Oh my God, seriously, do yourselves a favor go down to Sardo's tomorrow and hear her sing!
Okay, enough ass kissing, haha ;), onto the news.
First, mark your calendars for September 17th and you will be able to see Nicki in Strike One the new film from David Llauger Meiselman which stars the amazing Danny Trejo. You can see the movie at 8PM PDT
Super awesome news number two: On October 1st Nicki will be singing with Feral Vinca at The Viper Room as well as performing a solo set of her own! If you guys haven't heard Feral Vinca, treat yourselves and get your asses down to The Viper Room.
Congrats on everything Nicki and see you at PSK!


My Interview On The Dragon's Lair Has Been Pushed Up To September

Happy Monday my merry muff munchers. Hey that's pretty good alliteration.
I apologize that things have been a little quiet. It has been hectic, still recovering and getting caught up from when I was in Vegas and then I spent Thursday through Saturday on a little mini vacation down in Tustin plus I've been busy with mainstream acting and writing, have a new book coming out in October and editing another one before I send it out.
But I am slowly getting caught up and will start to give this blog the love and attention it deserves of a blog that has been nominated for awards.
Anyway, quick little update, remember how I was supposed to be on The Dragon's Lair Radio Show in October, well that's been pushed up and I am now going to appear on the September 29th show. Super excited so make sure you guys tune in!
Also, it looks like I may be a part of my good friend Tarantino XXX's new horror porn film. More deets when I know if this is truly happening; which I really hope it is. I love his stuff.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Erotic Photographer Verner Degrey Hosts Exhibit At Vegas' Erotic Heritage Museume 9/10-11/10

Damn I wish I was still in Las Vegas! This is a treat not to be missed. But at least it gives me a good excuse and reason to go back and visit.
Famed erotic photographer, Verner Degrey, who spent the past ten years living in Tahiti and photographing all of the deliciously athletic and yummy Tahitian men on the island will have an exhibit of his work at the famous Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum.
The exhibit opens tonight, September 10th with a special opening night gala and runs through November 10th.
To read the full article click here:
For more information on the museum and the exhibit go here:
Congrats on the new exhibit Verner!


Gay Porn Performer And Tha Life: Atlanta Cast Member King B Dies At Age 24

Wow it's been a bad couple of weeks for the industry. First Cleopatra Of The Nile, then Candida Royalle, then David Frost and now King B who was taken from us much too soon at the young age of twenty-four.
The handsome, charismatic and very photogenic gay porn performer was also a cast member on the webseries Tha Life: Atlanta.
Born Mehran Chestnut on November 9th, 1990, King B passed away September 3rd. There is a rumor that it was due to an epileptic seizure however this is unconfirmed.
Tha Life posted a very nice video tribute to Chestnut online but I will warn you it will make you cry:
Rest in peace baby. Heaven has a new beautiful angel.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Transgender Erotica Awards Pushed Back To March

Stupid Grammys thinking they're more important then The TEA's.
That's right, because of a scheduling conflict with The Grammy Awards, The Transgender Erotica Awards have pushed the date back to March.
The show will be held at The Avalon and the after party will take place at The Bardot which is Avalon's connecting property March 6th and 7th.
If you have already made travel arrangements for the original date,  marketing director Kristel Penn has said to contact her immediately at:

See you guys in March. And if you need a fun loving, nerdy co-host hit me up. :)


I Will Be On The Dragon's Lair Radio Show October 13th!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I apologize for not updating this blog in almost a week but I was in Vegas Thursday until Sunday night performing in a wonderful 1940s film noir style stage show called Mickey and Worm and spent yesterday recovering. HAHA.
But fear not, there are some awesome updates coming including a review on the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, reviews on three gay erotic novels from the 80s, memorials to both Cleopatra Of The Nile and Candida Royalle, a review of Porn Star Karaoke and reviews of the content from Fat Girl Fantasies.
But first some exciting news. I will be a guest on Colleen Dragon's radio show, The Dragon's Lair, on October 13th! Colleen and I have become friends on Twitter recently and I am super excited to be on her show.
I have also been contacted by Papi Chulo to appear on his show, possibly on two different programs, and I will give you more deets as I know them.
And Safe Landings, is scheduled to be released in a couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that, I would love to know what you guys think of my porn debut haha. And I have been busy sending my materials off to other directors in the industry so hopefully more sex roles will follow, and maybe some best non sex acting nominations. HAHA.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Am One Of The Four Finalists In The Adult Awards Best Male Model Category!

Yeah, trust me child, no one is more shocked by this then me but there you have it.
For those who don't know I was nominated in two categories for The Adult Awards this year: Best Content/Review Site and Best Male Model. Surprisingly I made the final four for Best Male Model but not in the site category.
I am not ashamed to say I started crying. And yes, I called my mom and told her and spammed all of my social media pages with the above pic.
I am so beyond grateful and humbled and thankful that I am one of the top four up against some really sexy dudes. I'm grateful that I do get the chance to model here and there and that I even have a modeling agent. For someone who has never considered himself hot and only thinks of himself as mildly attractive at best this is a really nice achievement. And even if I don't win, I still won because I made it this far.
Thank you Adult Awards and good luck to everyone who is nominated.


Review Of Safe Landings By Kay Brandt

First before I start this review I have to say two things: One congratulations to Kay on a wonderful book and to all of us who were involved in the film-cast and crew-on bringing these rich characters to life and two: it is really cool and also a little weird to read a book that is the basis of a film you were in, especially when you read your character description and the scenes you were in. It's funny because after working on the phone you see the other actors in your head while you read the action and hear their voices while you read their dialogue. It's kind of trippy at first but then it's really, really cool.
Okay enough of that. Let me also say that just because I was in the film and have gotten pretty close with Kay, that did not influence my review or bias it at all. Those who know me know I don't bullshit and if something is crap I have no problems saying it is crap. Safe Landings is the furthest thing from crap I've read in a while. In this day and age where everyone and their dog is self-publishing erotica, and not very good erotica at that, it is nice to read a novel that is not only sexy but also riveting, has depth, characters you care about and root for because they are so real and has a nice balance of funny parts, parts that will turn you on and parts that will make you cry. I'm not exaggerating. Have some tissues while you read this thing because you will be weeping. I was in the damn movie, I know the damn story, how it ends and I was balling like a little baby.
I will also caution readers too, read this when you have a day to kill. I could not put this book down and even when I set it aside I found myself picking it up five minutes later because I had to find out what happened next. I wasn't exaggerating when I called Kay the Stephen King of erotica writers and I am now anxiously awaiting her next novel.
The story follows Elaine and Jessica, two women who have survived a terrible tragedy and who are brought together and develop a great friendship and then a great affair because of it; something that both need to help them move on and feel alive again. Along the way we get to know Elaine's husband, Ryan, and Jessica's boyfriend, Steven, two men who love the women they are with yet feel powerless to help them move on and find the loves of their lives slipping further and further away from them.
Will Elaine and Jessica be able to move away from the tragedy and become the women they once were? Will Ryan and Steven be strong enough to stand by them? Will Elaine and Jessica's relationship last? Well to find out you're going to have to read the book for yourself which is available here:
Bottom line, if you are a fan of good, well-written emotional erotica that packs a huge punch and delivers a satisfying payoff as well as hot sex scenes that will have you reaching for a cigarette this is the book for you. Kay brings us back to the good old days of the classics from Emmanuelle Arsan and Pauline Reage which is a welcome change from the awful tripe we've had come out in the last few years.
Grade: Solid A+ A must own.


Protest For Rentboy Persecution Happening Tomorrow In New York

I must say it makes me so happy to see the solidarity and support that people both in the industry and out of it, both in gay porn and straight porn, are offering to Rentboy and all the victims of this horrible persecution and witch hunt.
The good folks over at Xbiz are reporting that a demonstration and protest is planned for tomorrow, Thursday, at noon at The U.S. Federal Courthouse; 225 Cadman Plaza East on Cadman Plaza Park near the corner of Tillary Street.
Damn I wish I was in New York right now but I'll be there in spirit.
Keep strong everyone! We won't let them get away with this.
For the full story click here:


Marcus Mojo AKA Landon Mycles Has Returned To Gay Porn!

My birthday has come a month early!
Everyone's favorite straight muscled power bottom and my pretend porn star boyfriend, Marcus Mojo has returned to gay porn after a much too long absence from the industry in a new scene from in which he tops, yes you heard that right, tops, the equally studly Brenner Bolton.
And I have to say Marcus, who is using the name he first used when he entered the industry, Landon Mycles, looks even better than before. I am totally in both love and lust with the new Landon Mycles. I love the chest and stomach fur and how he's aged into a nice otter/cub. Totally makes me want to do a gay porn scene with him, although to be fair I've always wanted to do a gay porn scene with him! HAHA.
Anyway, welcome back Landon and stick around for a while. Can't wait to see you bottom again! If you need a top call me maybe?...... ;) HAHA.


Pornhub Offering $25000 Scholarship

And they say porn is bad.
The good folks over at Pornhub are offering a $25,000 scholarship to students who have a 3.2 GPA or higher; the field you are studying does not matter so long as you are eighteen or older, currently enrolled in an accredited post-secondary education institute and can verify that with your transcripts.
Their ideal candidate is someone who will be creative in their approach to applying for the scholarship, someone who has leadership and someone who pays it forward.
Now here's how you get that scholarship:
Submit a 1000 to 1500 word essay answering the question how do you strive to make others happy and submit a two to three minute video that elaborates the good work you do and includes anything else you may want to say about yourself.
I personally know a lot of kids who could benefit from this.
Thanks for doing this Pornhub and good luck everyone!


Xander Corvus' Band Circle Of Violence Playing Tonight In Hollywood

This promises to be a fun night. I told you guys that porn has some of the best musicians out there and tonight you can see that I'm right.
Xander Corvus, who I worked with on Safe Landings and who is a super nice guy, and his band Circle Of Violence are playing tonight, September 2nd, at Loaded right in the heart of Hollywood: 6377 Hollywood Blvd.
Also scheduled to appear are Iron Kingdom, Resistance and American Hoss so this promises to be a great night. It's only a $5 cover, you seriously can't find a better deal. The 21+ event opens the doors at 7 and the event starts at 8PM.
Don't miss out.
Congrats buddy!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All The Porn That's Fit To Fuck Has Been Asked To Review Content Produced By Fat Girl Fantasies

Happy Taco Tuesday everyone!
I am very happy to announce that Kitty Stryker over at TROUBLEFilms has asked me to review some of the content that their site is producing on the blog here.
I am very happy, honored and excited to be teaming up with them and can't wait to review some of their amazing content for you guys!
Also, I am leaving Thursday morning to do a 1940s film noir style stage show in Las Vegas and won't be back until Sunday night. I will try to update the blog as much as I can but if it's dark for a while that's why.