Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And The Winner Of Round 2 Of The Top Twink Helix Competition Is......

Well you're just gonna have to go over to Str8upgayporn to find out ;)
Did your favorite win? Click here and see: http://str8upgayporn.com/andy-taylor-helix-gay-porn-twink/


CumFundMe.Com Launches In 14 Days

So it looks like someone finally got smart and decided to make a profit off all the porn stars-mostly young gay twinks-using GoFundMe and Indigogo to raise money for everything from paying their rents, buying cars, funding cross country road trips to even buying passes to Disneyland. This Tweet was posted a bit ago: https://twitter.com/CumFundMe/status/582968652057722881 with a link leading to this site: http://cumfundme.com/#
As the site says it is CrowdFunding for the adult entertainment industry and promises to be "the world's biggest adult entertainment fundraising website." I think this is a good idea for studios and directors looking to fund their films but I can see every greedy, dirt poor wannabe A list celebrity twink using this to take advantage of poor suckers who will pay for their new designer shades. Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm old and can't find anyone to pay for my new designer shades. HAHA. Thoughts?


Monday, March 30, 2015

Breaking News: Has Jarec Wentworth's Victim Just Been Identified?

Happy Monday my masturbating porn maniacs. :) Hope everyone's week is off to a great star. Okay so I have to admit I am obsessed with the Jarec Wentworth case. I have been obsessively checking every porn news site, typing every combo I can into the Google and The Yahoo and The Bing to see if there's anything new and, just a few minutes ago, the porn gods smiled on me with this: http://str8upgayporn.com/jarec-wentworth-donald-burns-sean-cody-extortion/
This is why I love Str8upgayporn and have basically accepted Zach as my personal lord and savior haha.
Okay, so a few months ago there was some pictures of Sean Cody model Ashton at some very exclusive galas in some very big cities. One of the photos showed him with the brother of Republican presidential hopeful Steve Forbes; hey they could be log cabin Republicans you never know. ;) Anyway, the other person that Ashton was photographed with was Donald Burns.
Now for those of you who don't know, Burns is the multimillionaire founder of the telephone sex company MagicJack. He has also donated a ton of money to various presidential candidates from both parties and, aside from Ashton, Burns was also looking to set up "private meetings" with other Sean Cody models Jamie, Curtis and Randy using who as a pimp? You guessed it sports fans: Jarec Wentworth.
I'm not going to try to paraphrase the texts he sent to a couple of the boys, because honestly they need to be seen to be appreciated; they can be viewed by following the link up above.
I know what some of you may be asking, how does any of this prove that Burns was the extortion victim? Well, also viewable in that link is a little indictment from the trial which lists the victim under the initials D.B. I put two and two together and call me Mrs. Fletcher ;) Add to that the fact that in Burns' text to Jamie he mentions that Wentworth allegedly told him that Jamie would be up to getting together with Burns and spending time at his place, it's not hard to piece together what may have led to the extortion and if you read some of the comments on Str8upgayporn we're all on the same page. Wentworth got jealous that Burns was able to get all these models and that these models were able to go to fancy galas and parties and hobnob with all these big shots so he thinks, hey I want more. I want to get the royal treatment and boom! Extortion is born. Not exactly Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie but it's pretty juicy right?
Keep checking back, I'll be posting more updates as they become available. What are your guys' thoughts on the case and on this, possible, new revelation? Leave me some comments below.


Breaking News: Jacob Dixon Retiring From The Industry

It's a sad day for Helix fans too. A couple hours ago Jacob Dixon took to Twitter to announce his retirement from the industry after two years to pursue his dream job.
Jacob will be missed from the company but I wish him well and, I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, I think everyone at Helix would say the same.
Again, I have to commend Dixon for knowing when it was time to get out of the business and to follow his dreams and do what he really wants to do; so many people don't and then wake up one day to realize it's too late or they just grow bitter and depressed.
To see the Tweet click here: https://twitter.com/JacobdixonXXX/status/582630369381380096
Jacob we'll miss you at Helix but here's to an exciting chapter in your life!


Breaking News: Lukas Grande And Jack Rayder Retiring From Porn

Heartbreaking day for all you CockyBoy fans as Jack took to Twitter a couple days to announce his and Lukas' retirement from the industry-at least for a little while so there's hope that it's not a permanent retirement-citing the reason as a strained relationship.
I have to say I have to applaud both of them for being adult enough to put their relationship before their careers, fame and money. I don't know many people who would do that and I think it shows a maturity and love that we could all learn from.
It can be hard to have a relationship in the porn industry, even when both partners are involved. No matter how secure the relationship is or how much trust you have, it's human tendency to get jealous.
I wish both of them well and I hope that they can get over whatever rough patches their relationship is facing. To see the Tweet click here:  https://twitter.com/JackRayderXXX/status/581875404958355456
Love both of you Cocky Boys. Mwah!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spotlight On The Woman Who Opened The Door For All Trans Performers: Sulka!

Okay I have to say, this woman fascinates me to no end. Like, no joke guys, I'm border line obsessed with Sulka and it's so frustrating that a woman so famous in her day, so iconic, who opened the doors for all trans performers has virtually just disappeared off the face of the Earth. There's like no biographical information on her at all and the only pictures you can find are the ones from her movies and magazines so who knows what she looks like today, but I kind of like that. That only adds to the mystery and intrigue of her and, with only photos floating around from her past, we will always remember her as the gorgeous exotic beauty that she was.
Here is what I did find out about her:
She was born in 1962 in Dallas and was a male to female transgender who started the trend back in the 80s of transsexual adult actresses appearing in film and print. Unlike a lot of those actresses though, Sulka actually underwent full sex reassignment surgery, which was featured in her film The Transformation Of Sulka. Afterwards, she showed off her new body in the film Sulka's Daughter.

She began her career back in 1979 after meeting photographer Kim Christy in Los Angeles at an event he was photographing; Sulka was in the audience of that event. It wasn't long after that meeting that she started modeling for his magazine New Female Mimics before making her film debut in 1980 in the film Dream Lovers. Even though she had a supporting role in the film, Sulka was so popular that it lead her to posing for her very own magazine called Sensuous Sulka which promoted her status as a pre-op transsexual woman and also touted this on the cover: "Only Sulka could offer a man the big breasts of a girl and the hot, hard penis of a man." As her popularity rose, the magazines and DVD covers that she was featured in would use this adage to promote her: "The world's most famous and beautiful transsexual," a claim that many still say is true to this day.
Am I the only one who thinks that those quotes sound a little P.T. Barnumy? Like seriously, can't you just picture some carnival barker shouting that to the crowd trying to get them to come and look at an attraction? Anyway, back on track:
Sensous Sulka included pictures of her showering, posing nude outdoors, wearing lingerie and performing as a dominatrix. She was most famous as a red head but also was a blonde for a while. I do have to say, am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Mae West as a blonde? I prefer her as a red head though, that adds to the exoticness of her and really enhances her beauty.

In 1990, after ten years in the industry Sulka retired. There were reports that she continued to live in Hollywood and became a recluse; I love it when people become reclusive, especially stars. It adds to the mystery. I always said that I'd become a recluse one day. There were also reports that she was placing ads in the underground Hollywood papers giving transvestite makeovers for $100. Some reported seeing her at the bar Peanuts during "Queens Night" but since there are several Sulka lookalikes who knows if it was really her.
Whatever she is doing now, and wherever she is, I hope that she is happy and healthy and loving life. I also hope she knows just how great her contribution to the industry was. Sulka, thank you for paving the way for all the great trans performers we have today.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spotlight On My Favorite Female Black Porn Star: Misty Stone!

Since I'm going to her birthday party tonight in Hollywood and if I would have got cast in the last season of Co-Ed Confidential we would have worked together, I figure who better to spotlight today then my favorite, the incredibly beautiful Misty Stone!

She was born on March 26th 1986 as Michelle Lynn Hall in Inglewood, California. She spent some of her childhood in Omaha but moved back to Los Angeles where she attended Crenshaw High School her junior and senior years. A self-described tomboy, Stone was on the varsity basketball team. Go Cougars!
She originally wanted to be an accountant.
In 2006 she entered the industry and quickly became known as The Halle Berry of the porn industry because of her crossover appeal. I personally think she is a hundred times hotter than Halle but hey to each their own.
Stone has said that she was always interested in acting but didn't really get to indulge it until she was cast as Denise in the 2009 Cosby Show parody. She has also portrayed Oprah, Scary Spice, Oda Mae Brown and Loretta Brown in various parodies.
Stone describes her famous look as afro-centric 70s and has also said that it was inspired by Pam Grier.

In 2013 Misty co-hosted the XRCO Awards with Ed Powers and also the Nightmoves Awards with Ron Jeremy. Stone would win the Nightmoves Award that year for Best Ethnic Performer-Editor's Choice.
Aside from that, she is also an Urban X Award winner, CAVR Award winner for Hottie Of The Year and a two time Xbiz and twelve time AVN Award nominee!
In February of 2014 Misty announced that she was working on doing more mainstream productions and would only be doing solos and girl/girl scenes in porn. Later that year, in December, she was the Penthouse Pet Of The Month and was featured on the cover. Her pictorial was shot by photographer Holly Randal.

Misty has always been very outspoken about the unequal treatment of ethnic performers in the industry and how they are paid significantly less. She has also talked openly about how these asinine practices are even upheld by some of the ethnic production companies. Stone has been very vocal about crediting her agent, James Bartholet from Galaxy Publicity And Management, as being the reason why she gets paid substantially higher per scene then some of the other black actresses in the business.
In 2013 she launched her own production company called, appropriately enough The Misty Stone Productions. She also produces and sells her own line of organic beauty products which includes a body butter candle-child you know I'm gonna spend all my royalty checks ordering her products!
Stone's body was also molded for a line of sex toys and she was the first black performer to be molded for The Fleshlight.
Aside from her hardcore films, Stone has appeared on Zane's Sex Chronicles and, as I mentioned earlier the last season of Co-Ed Confidential; I'm still bitter I wasn't cast and we didn't get to act together! She was also in the film and accompanying book by photographer Deborah Anderson, Aroused. Stone has also appeared in VH1's Basketball Wives, Sexy Warriors, Don Jon and the season 7 premier of Sons of Anarchy and she lent her voice to a character in Grand Theft Auto 5.
Quite a list of achievements and she's still going strong!
Misty happy happy birthday and see you tonight girl!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Batman V Superman XXX Has Wrapped After Three Months

And after three months of shooting that is officially a wrap on Axel Braun's latest film, Batman V Superman XXX. The film is slated for release in May almost one year before its mainstream counterparts is released in theatres. This is Braun's second release under Wicked's new Wicked Comix imprint.
The film sees the return of Giovanni Francesco in his third time playing Batman, Ryan Driller portraying Superman for the fourth time and Brendon Miller reprising his role as The Joker who came out of retirement-he's been focusing on his music career-and flew out twice from Texas to film his role for the film. Braun is quoted as saying that Miller's Joker is even creepier this time around.
The film also features Alison Tyler as Wonder Woman, Kleio Valentien as Harley Quinn and Carter Cruise, who recently won both the Best Actress and Best New Starlet awards at this year's AVNs as Supergirl. Interesting to note is that comic fans are saying that Cruise's Supergirl costume is better than Melissa Benoist's costume in CBS' upcoming Supergirl series!
I do have to say as both a comic book nerd and porn lover I am really looking forward to this one, especially the threeway scene at the end of the film between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman! How many of us haven't been fantasizing about that one?
For the full article including some awesome quotes, click here: http://business.avn.com/articles/video/Axel-Braun-Wraps-Batman-v-Superman-XXX-592646.html
Congrats Axel! Can't wait!


Staxus Has Released Twink Hotel

Good news for all you twink lovers out there, European porn studio, Staxus, has released it's latest bareback twink film, appropriately titled Twink Hotel.
The film takes place in a hotel in Prague and stars Noah Matous, Erik Franke, Victor Diamond, Florian Mraz, Arthur Kral, Jace Reed and Roman Smid as well as newcomers Pyotr Tomek and Staxus exclusive, Leo Ocean in his debut. The film, directed by John Smith is available either as a direct download from the site or as a DVD.
The full article, which includes links to buy the film can be found here:  http://www.xfanz.com/news/192727


James Deen Set To Guest Star On Showtime's Happyish

Both AVN and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting-haha that sounds funny-that porn superstar James Deen will guest star, as himself, on Showtime's new comedy series Happyish. The series premiers on April 26th and stars Bradley Whitford and Steve Coogan. The date of Deen's episode has not been announced yet but as soon as hear anything I will let you guys know.
Congrats James!


Breaking News: Jarec Wentworth Pleads Not Guilty To Felony Extortion Charges

Str8upgayporn has just reported that Jarec Wentworth has pleaded not guilty to felony extortion charges yesterday and I have to agree with Zach over at St8upgayporn either Wentworth is delusional enough to believe that he is really not guilty or him AND his lawyer are just that stupid if they really think he's going to be found not guilty if this thing goes to trial; but then again lots of guilty people have gotten off during trials: Zimmerman, Simpson, Kobe......
Also reported is that Wentworth's request to be released on bail, while not granted has been denied either. Instead, the court has decided to "continue the matter next week" so the government has time to "produce discovery to the defense counsel."
Another interesting thing of note is that Wentworth has refused to sign the document stating that he was made aware of his constitutional rights. Very interesting indeed and this makes me even more anxious to see how this will play out.
To read the full article and see copies of the documents take a trip over here: http://str8upgayporn.com/jarec-wentworth-arrested-and-pleads-not-guilty/


Here Are Your 2015 Prowler Porn Award Winners!

So yesterday in London the second annual Prowler Porn Awards were held at The Shadow Lounge. The sold out event was hosted by international porn star Theo Ford and BAFTA Award Winner Daran Little.
And now without further ado let's get this party started. Ladies and gentlemen here are your 2015 Prowler Porn Award Winners!

Best International Porn Star: Lukas Ridgeston

Hottest British Porn Star: JP Dubois

Best British Top: Kayden Gray

Best British Bottom: Darius Ferdynand

Best British Newcomer: Mickey Taylor

Best British Stud: Kayden Gray

Best British Daddy: Scott Hunter

Best British Twink: Alex Silver

Best British On Screen Couple: Paul Walker And Paddy O'Brian

Best British Fetish Porn Star: Ashton Bradley

Best British Fetish Film: Cruised And Abused

Best British Porn DVD: Get Thee Behind Me

Best British Scene: Nathan Gets Gangbanged

Best British Website: UK Naked Men

Best British Director: (Tie) JP Dubois And Sam Barclay

Best Online Media Supporting British Porn; Queer Me Now (Side Note: I'm nominating the blog for this category for next year's awards. Prepare to get swamped by The British!)

Lifetime Achievement: Nick Baker

Apply To Be A Model Achievement Award: Luke Tyler

Congrats to all the nominees and winners and see you guys next year!


Spotlight On Veronica Caine

If you are a wrestling fan, more specifically if you were are a fan of XPW, then you are no doubt familiar with Veronica Caine. She was basically the naughtier, trashier version of WCW's Miss Hancock or TNA's Miss Tessmacher. Veronica did the kind of things we fantasized Hancock and Tessmacher doing, separately and together, and that's why we love her!
She was born Leah Bassoni in Hollywood, CA on May 31st 1970, though I've seen some sources list the year as '78.
She was working as a stripper at The Kit Kat Club in Sunnyvale, CA before making her 1998 debut in the adult entertainment world with a string of pro-am and gonzo style videos using the names Ginger, Barrett Moore and Barreit Moore; get the last two? I think that's cleaver and kinda funny.
She was also a regular on The Howard Stern Show where she famously took a male listener's virginity after he won Caine in a contest. Lucky motherfucker.

She is most well-known in the industry though for the work she did with Extreme Associates under the Veronica Caine where she appeared in many of the films directed by her real life best friend Lizzie Borden.
In 2001 she joined XPW as a valet for the group The Enterprise and also had many feuds with Borden including one famous match where Caine was stripped completely naked in a match just before the lights in the arena went off.
After the closure of XPW, Caine worked for a while for Lucha Xtreme Wrestling and also as a promoter for Revolution Pro.

Caine also worked as a lap dancer and did some internet modeling for a while and in 2002 she posed for Oui Magazine and did a twelve page interview for them.
She retired from the industry a decade ago, back in 2005, and is currently married to wrestler Johnny Webb. The do currently reside in California.