Monday, February 1, 2016

Transgender Pornstar Kimberly Devine Passes Away At 39

Transgender performer Kimberly Devine who made her debut in Bizarre Video's 1997 film, Portrait Of A TS has died. She was only 39.
Devine appeared in 10 compilations and 54 features during her career and worked for such companies as Leisure Time Entertainment, Boy Chick Productions, Vivid, Metro, 130 C Street Corporation, All Worlds and Odyssey Group. One AVN reviewer described her as having "the face of a slutty babe and the dick of a stud" and also said that Devine "serves up a delicious balance of womanly charm."
Admired, respected and thought of as a trailblazer for transgender porn by those who worked with her, knew her and respected her, Devine stopped performing in the mid 2000s however she did make a popular comeback in 2008 for Buddy Wood.
Rest in peace beautiful angel. You helped pave the way for many and I thank you for that.



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