Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Exclusive Interview With The New Girl In Porn Summer Day!

 I love impromptu things. Doesn't matter what it is, if it's unplanned, I'm down and that's how this interview with newcomer Summer Day happened when she accompanied fellow new porn boy Dray Stone to my house; his interview is coming soon as well.
Summer and I started talking, found out we had a lot in common and were really vibing well together so I asked if she wanted to be interviewed on the blog and to my great joy she agreed.
Now for those of you who aren't familiar with her yet, Summer is one girl in porn to watch out for: beautiful, smart, confident, with a great body and a love for sex Day is the type of empowered strong feminist that lasts in the industry. With her infectious smile and personality she is going to be one of those girls who has a meteoric rise to fame just because directors are going to want her on their sets.
So without further ado, on this beautiful Spring day, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Summer Day!

JOE: How long you've been in the industry, what made you want to get into the industry and how you got into porn and where did your stage name came from?

SUMMER: I used to dance at a strip club and the name Summer always suited me because I'm bright and I make people smile, it was how I always lured people in. I've been in the industry for about three months now and I've loved every day of it. Since a young age I knew I wanted to do what I do but I've always had many hobbies as well so I always kept porn and my sexual interests as a hobby, when it came time it's what made and makes me most happy and I believe you should love your life doing what you love. It's more than just loving sex, there's lots of work to it and I learn more everyday, but that's what pushes me forward.

JOE: Going off that, how hard is it to go from being a fan of porn or someone who just watches porn to actually being in the industry and being a performer? What advice would you  give to guys and girls who are thinking of getting into the industry?

SUMMER: There's definitely a difference between just enjoying sex and being a good actor or actress. To be a performer you need to be able to take criticism and learn to adapt, that's my best advice. Going from watching porn to being in it, fulfills more fantasies for me than it might others so I've spent time thinking how it would be. All I could say is every shoot is different, some are what I imagine and some aren't but there's where the progress comes from.

JOE: Do your friends and family know? If so was it hard to tell them if not is it hard to keep it a secret especially now in the age of social media where it's harder to keep the anonymity of the industry? Any advice on how to come out as porn performer to your friends and family?

SUMMER: I told my family early on because I have a very loving environment, they also all know me well enough none of them were surprised. This is coming from the girl who ran around naked at 5 wanting to be in Playboy. My family is all artists and they trust me and the head on my shoulders they're just happy I'm finally happy.

JOE: How difficult is it to have a relationship while you're in the industry?

SUMMER: I'm anti relationship so I wouldn't know!!! Single forever!

JOE:  Summer are you currently repped? If yes who with? How important is it for a performer to be repped and how important is it to have a strong social media presence?

SUMMER: My agent is Motley Models. I think it's important to be repped but that is an area I know little about from experience. Before I ever shot I already had a contract. For having a strong social media presence as long as it is positive I think it's extremely important because your fans want to know what's on your mind and who you are and the more you're out there and making a presence the more people will notice you.

JOE: A lot of performers either came from mainstream or have mainstream aspirations do either of these hold true for you?

SUMMER: I did some mainstream modeling and I may in the future but all my aspirations are within the industry.

JOE: What's been the biggest surprise or shock about the industry?

SUMMER: I would say there's more pleasant surprises than there are shocks, but like I said I learn new quirks and tricks everyday. I was most surprised when I started on how professional everything is, not that I didn't think it would be, but it definitely satisfied my expectations. Out of all jobs I've had in the past these are the nicest, most professional, dedicated and goal oriented people I've been able to work with and I feel blessed just being able to learn from people who's been in the industry for so long.

JOE: Who are the people in the industry-performers, studios, directors-you want to work with most?

SUMMER: I'm not good with names but anal is my favorite forte so sites, studios, and producers who focus on that will always be my first option!

JOE:  What won't you do on camera? Anything you do on camera that you won't do in your personal life? How do you decide what you will and won't do in a scene?

SUMMER: There's nothing I do in my personal life I wouldn't do on camera, I just may not have gotten to all the scenes yet hehe. I'm a very open person and I'll almost always try something once so pushing me sexually isn't very hard to do.

JOE: You recently attended AVN; was this your first AVN? What was the experience like? Were you surprised by anything there or by the fans that showed up?

SUMMER: I was surprised about how many fans I met at AVN, with being so new still. They were all so nice and sweet. This was my first year and it  was insane. Next year my main plan is to just not drink as much; gotta save your energy for the very end!

JOE: Summer I ask this of all the girls I interview, a lot of the radical feminists try to shame the women who are in the industry and argue that women are degraded and forced to perform what are your thoughts on this and what would you tell these women who think that?

SUMMER: Ah those types of woman are my least favorite. I don't blame them because in any area you will always have people pro and against you, and I'm sure they grew up where porn was looked down upon. They always likely have never been sexually awakened so for them sex is a completely different term then it is to us. These woman or people, need to put themselves in others shoes- they imagine being a girl who's forced to do acts but have they ever thought of being a girl who loves sex and wants to be in magazines for it? Because I do for myself not for anyone else. Porn doesn't take away a woman's power, porn and sex completely empowers me to stand up for myself and be who I want. I don't believe in putting down what others love is wrong. If a woman believes she should wait until marriage and all that then good for her as long as she is a good, nice human being. But just as I don't want that for myself, I demand for these woman to realize I don't want to get married and I don't want kids. I don't want any of that conventional life- I want to be in my 60s on nude beaches fucking frat boys still drinking tequila. So for certain people who want to put down what I do, although I disagree, all I can say is we are just too different in the way we think and I would never judge a book by its cover.

JOE: What do you do in your free time?

SUMMER: I love to workout and hangout with my girls. Prank calls, shopping, tanning- all the fun girly stuff. I don't date but I do love to socialize.

JOE: Any upcoming scenes you would like to promote?

SUMMER: I just shot two scenes with Evil Angel, I won't say too much but they will be out soon!

I would like to thank Summer for taking the time to appear on my blog and I wish her all the best in the world! And keep an eye on her folks, with her passion I wouldn't be surprised if Summer Day is the next Candida Royale or Nina Hartley.