Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dallas Steele Signs Exclusive Deal With TitanMen

Industry vet Dallas Steele has just signed an exclusive contract with TitanMen. Steele has previously written several articles on everything from what it's really like to work in the industry to fitness for as well as already having appeared in the TitanMen films Blue Collar Ballers and Break A Sweat. He is scheduled to appear in numerous story driven films in 2016.
Keith Webb, vice president of Titan Media has called Steele one of the most powerful performers to hit the industry in a long time.
Steele was quoted as saying this about TitanMen: "There are a handful of legendary companies in gay male porn and TitanMen is one of them. TitanMen is a powerful brand that represents intense masculinity, sexuality and style. TitanMen’s production is tasteful, well illuminated, well photographed and intensely sexual, without feeling sleazy and low end. The editing is crisp, well-paced and gives thoughtful consideration to what the viewer wants to see. The trailers are so well done, I’m often tempted to show my parents, I’m so proud. I am honored to be a TitanMan."
Congratulations Dallas. Can't wait to see the films.