Monday, November 2, 2015

USC Cru Begins Pornography Is Discussion; Hosting Talk Wednesday Night

 Hey guys. First let me apologize for not giving you guys the Halloween posts I had been hoping to do. It was a crazy day and yesterday I needed to just take a day for myself but I promise I will get this site back to where it should be.
Anyway early today I had an audition at USC and while I was on campus I saw the members of USC Cru, a Christian group, setting up the above sign. Me being me I of course went up to them and asked if they were pro porn or anti porn explaining that I was a member of the industry and protective of it. Their answer, which I love was, "we're staying neutral for now and want people to give their honest opinion." They then asked if I wanted to sign it and express my opinion and they seemed really interested in having the opinion of someone in the industry. So of course I wrote on it.

I then went to my audition, which went really well, and then decided to go back and get some pictures for the blog. See I'm always looking out for my readers haha.  Anyway when I returned more people had written on it.  Good, bad and smart ass; of course, it's college kids lol.

And then something great happened. I had about a forty-five minute friendly conversation/debate with two of the USC Cru members and they really restored my faith in young people and our future. There was no name calling, no anger, no yelling. It was very friendly and civil and we discovered that we had some things in common, we agreed with each other on some points and we walked away woth respect for each other and as friends. I didn't try to change their minds and they didn't try to change mine.  And because of that they have my respect and support. Other groups could learn a thing or two from them.
They even gave me a flyer for a talk they are having on porn Wednesday at 8PM.  The flyer is the only thing that bothers me about the event but they even acknowledged that but I understand why they have worded it the way that they did.
I am going to try to attend and report on the event. Hopefully it won't be too one-sided or anti porn and will continue the nice back and forth discussion I had with them.
But as I said for now they have my support and I am putting this out there if they want someone in the industry to talk at any events I gladly will.