Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The 2016 COLT Calendars Are Now Available!

All you COLT Studio fans, or just fans of looking at hot naked and half naked men in general are in for a treat because the 2016 COLT Studio Calendars are now available. Order 'em quickly though because these babies won't last.
Priced at just $15.95 there are six different themes to choose from:
 Hairy Chested
 Butt Beautiful for all you tops and ass lovers ;)
 Boys which features my boyfriend though I don't know who he is. Leave me a comment with his name and give him my email ;)
And Men which features my future husband on the cover. I don't know who he is but I want him. So if anyone knows who he is leave me a comment, as you did for my boyfriend, and give him my email as well ;)

And if you are like me and can't choose, or are just greedy, you can get a bundle pack of all six calendars for just $89.95.
So go here: and get your XXXmas shopping done now ;)