Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Celebrate Hump Day With My PlayBoy Series: The Truth About Sex

Happy Hump Day fellow porn perverts! I decided to celebrate the high holy day with a post about the closest I've ever come to doing pornography: The Truth About Sex, the PlayBoy TV series I did about two years ago.
This was a super fun series that I auditioned for just for fun. I didn't think that I had a snowball's chance in Hell of being on the show because I'm not tall, muscular or hot. If you've seen my stand up you know that I'm totally okay with the fact that my milkshake doesn't exactly bring all the girls or boys to the yard. But I went to the audition, had fun, was myself and for some reason I booked the job. I think it's because I made the casting directors-and later I found out the higher ups-laugh and I made it known from the start that I was bisexual and I think they wanted to have the views of a bisexual male on the show.

So what was The Truth About Sex? Directed by Jon Hotchkiss, who has written for Penn and Teller, this was the adult version of Myth Busters and the series set out to either prove or debunk some common sex myths. Some of the things we tackled were: are women with bigger tits dumber than women with smaller tits? Does the size of a man's foot equal the size of his dick? Does pain cause a better orgasm? Do beer goggles exist? Would women rather have a good looking guy who's boring or an average guy with a personality? Do men get distracted by beautiful naked women? Are all women bisexual? You get the idea.

We filmed the series over a period of two weeks. Monday through Fridays. I believe actor call was 7 or 8AM and we wrapped about 9 or 10PM. They were long days but they didn't feel long. Everyone on the set was very professional and respectful and all of the actors were very professional as well. I think it's because we all varied with who we were. There were some mainstream actors like myself but there were also hardcore porn stars, strippers, people who wanted to just be on PlayBoy, girls who wanted to pose for PlayBoy, some college kids looking for extra cash and a few people who just wanted to say they did it and worked on a series where girls and guys walked around without shame in their underwear or with their tits and dicks hanging out or just in a robe as if this was the most natural thin in the world.. I think that's what made the series so fun is we all came from diverse backgrounds and I made some really good friends; a few of whom I still talk to and hang out with.
I'm very proud to have been a part of this series. When it premiered I promoted it like I do everything else I do, I have it listed proudly on my resume and if anyone asks me about it I tell them what it was like. I didn't do anything, and wasn't asked to do anything, that I wouldn't do and haven't been asked to do in mainstream acting jobs.
The pilot episode is still available to watch on PlayBoy TV's website and I believe trailers and clips from other episodes can be found on YouTube and Dailymotion through a simple search.
So there you have it, my filthy little fans, as I stated in my first post one of my dreams is to bridge the gap between porn and mainstream and make it less taboo and this was the first step I took to making that dream a reality.

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