Monday, November 17, 2014

Spotlight On Tanner From StraightCollegeMen.Com

So I decided to start the week off with a true post about a true 100% porn scene and I figured what better way to start this off then a spotlight post on one of my favorite male performers who I have had a huge crush on for many years; so if anyone knows of any other scenes he's done: gay, straight, solo or even any shoots or if anyone has any info on what he's up to now let me know in the comments. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my XXXtreme pleasure to introduce you to the most perfect guy ever created. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to Tanner from Straight College Men AKA SCM.
For those of you who don't know, SCM is a site that features straight college guys mostly jerking off on film, though occasionally the guys will suck and fuck each other though my favorite scenes are when the boys either go on vacation or just hang out, get naked and play games with each other. This is the kind of straight guys doing gay porn stuff that I have the biggest hard-on for: good looking guys, stroking their cocks and just messing around with each other and having a good time on camera. If you haven't, I strongly suggest you check out the site.
Now back to our regularly scheduled hunk:

Seriously I could stare at his pics all day and I have no shame in admitting that I've watched his scene and jerked off to him many many many times.
Tanner is a good looking, well muscled dude with awesome bleached tipped hair, that he says his mom did and pierced nipples. He also has completely shaved pubes; I love when guys are completely shaved like that; same goes for ladies too.
The camera man follows Tanner around as he gasses up his truck and they toss the football around together. Then it's a quick shower before Tanner sits on the couch and jerks his huge cock. His dick is one of the reasons I keep hoping, praying and offering sacrifices that he has done other scenes as I wanna see how he uses that huge thing.

 Impressive right? I love the way his dick throbs against his navel and the faces and noises he makes just before he cums and when he shoots his impressive load all over his chest and stomach drive me absolutely mad. I don't know what it is but I've always loved watching the faces people make while they fuck and I love hearing what someone sounds like when they just give themselves over to an orgasm. Those two things are the most erotic thing and sexiest thing there is in porn at least to me.
Sadly even with the help of Google and online message boards I can't find any info on him. He seems to have just done this one scene and disappeared. Who knows if Tanner is even his real name, we all know how names go in the porn industry. But on the other hand, maybe it is better that I can't find anything on him because now Tanner can always stay perfect forever and never grow old. Wow that sounded very corny and stalkery. So on that note I will end this post, but seriously, any info or other scenes he's done, post it in the comments.