Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bromos: Fact, Fiction, Open Minded Straight Dudes Or The Real Bi And Gay Guys That Are Scared To Come Out?

Hey hey to the yo fellow porn fans. Sorry this second post has taken a little longer than I intended but I couldn't decide what topic I wanted to write about then last night while surfing Facebook the porn gods and goddesses smiled upon me and gifted me a bounty that I couldn't ignore. This article from a very interesting website I follow called The Gaily Grind:
I'll give you a few minutes to read the article. It's actually pretty fascinating, especially for someone like me who has a psychology background and has always espoused the virtues of people being open instead of being slaves to silly labels that don't mean anything.
Okay, read the article? Good. It's interesting right?
The thing that really struck me was how the article and the Reddit user strives to bring to light what I like to call the bromo culture. I actually can't take credit for creating that word. I've heard it from a few people, mostly straight guys or "bros" aka frat guys who are open minded enough to talk about sex with a guy, fool around with a guy or even jerk off while watching porn with a guy; all genres. I have some friends who are straight-yes most are in frats-but even some married friends who have confessed that they sometimes want to mess around with a guy: cuddle, shower together, kiss, give and receive blowjobs, jerk off together and sometimes even fuck to see what it's like to be with a guy. And yes, a couple have said that they want to do this with me. A few it's because they trust me some others it's because we're close and they say that this will really "cement our bond as brothers." I guess that's what they mean by the term bromance.
The thing that really struck me about the confessions from the straight guys, although I hate that word as it makes it sound like they are doing something wrong, is that most of the guys liked watching gay porn because it seemed more real than straight porn. That I agree with. You can tell when the guys are really into it, unlike the female orgasm it's pretty hard to fake a boner and a male orgasm. For the most part the moans are real, the affection between the performers is real. When it comes to the younger guys the playfulness is real and I wonder if that's why a couple of the straight guys said they liked watching twinks, or maybe they just aren't that comfortable with their sexuality and it makes them feel better to watch more feminine looking guys with smooth bodies and delicate, skinny features then buffed out gym guys or frat boys.
So let me pose this question to all my bromos, bros, straight boys who may read this. Do you watch gay porn? Would you/ Have you ever been curious? What about bi porn? A threesome between a woman and two guys? Do you notice the guys in straight porn? Do you agree or disagree with the guys in that article? Would you ever do anything with one of your bros? Have you ever had a bromance? Do you consider yourself a bromo? A curious maybe bi guy? A curious straight guy? Or an open minded straight guy who just likes to fool around whenever your dick gets hard? I'd like to know.
Until next time