Friday, October 30, 2015

My Experience Working For Marc Weston And Jessica Ryan

Happy Friday my freaky little fuckers! Hope all of you had a great week and have some horribly horny planes for The High Holy Day tomorrow. HAHA. Time permitting I am hoping to have some good Halloweenie themed treats for you guys on here but until then I thought I would tell you guys what it was like working with director Marc Weston and porn star Jessica Ryan on Marc's new movie Slut Squad.
So I originally emailed Marc my headshot, resume and demo reel back when he was still working as Axel Braun's assistant; special shout out to one of my Vice Boys, David, for giving me Marc's email. I had no idea that that email would lead to me being directed by Marc but I'm glad it did.
It was such a nice surprise when I got off from working Alone and saw the email from Marc with the simple subject line: porn shoot. He said that he was directing a movie the following week and he had a small non-sex role in it for me and after seeing the trailer and reading the reviews for Marc's American Horror Story parody of course I said yes.
We shot my scene Wednesday at this really cool adult shop in Van Nuys-I'll blog about them later-and I have to say it was such a wonderful and chill experience. Everyone was really nice and I would gladly work with all of them again; some of the most professional people I've met yet in this industry.
Ana Foxxx, who Marc was actually considering having me work with, was there and she couldn't have been more lovely and down to Earth. She is definitely on my porn bucket list of performers I want to work with and she even sent me a really nice Tweet afterwards.
I didn't have that much interaction with the male talent that was there; Richie Calhoun and Steve Rodgers, but from the little that I did see of them they both seemed like really cool guys and consummate professionals as well.
When it came time to shoot the dialogue scene between me and Jessica it went quick and Marc seemed very happy with what we did. Our dialogue was all improvised and let me say, I don't know if Jessica has any improv training but she is really good at it and just going with the flow of where the scene is going. She is also very cool with no hint of ego and seems very sex positive and comfortable with herself which I always admire in people. I sincerely hope this won't be the last time we work together and maybe in the next films I won't get cast as the guy who is creeping on her. HAHA.
And what is it like working with Marc Weston? Amazing. He is a hot, eager, young director who does everything he can to make his talent and his crew comfortable. He was constantly checking in with me and making sure I was okay and asking if I needed anything. He's easy to talk to and from the moment I met him on set we seemed to click and vibe really well together like we were old friends and as an actor that is always amazing when you have that kind of connection with your director. He even said that he'd like to work with me again; hopefully being able to give me bigger parts on some of the features he wants to do and I will gladly say yes anytime he calls because this guy is going to be big and it won't be long before he's winning awards and is in the hall of fame.