Monday, December 15, 2014

Celebrating 2000 Views With My Man Crush Monday: PlayGirl Model Doug Koziak

Wow! 2000 views! Thanks to everyone that has looked at the blog and shared the link. So let's celebrate with a man who has been my Man Crush Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, oh hell, he's my man crush everyday! Ladies and gentlemen it is PlayGirl Model Doug Koziak!

Isn't he the perfect man? Unfortunately there's like no information on him anywhere. He posed twice for PlayGirl in '94 and '95 and, not surprisingly, was The Man Of The Year. I also heard a rumor that at the time he was the youngest PlayGirl Model and Man Of The Year; allegedly he was 18 when he posed and had just graduated high school. He was also interviewed by MTV but after that he doesn't appear to have done anything and there's no recent pics or anything about what he's doing now, which is a shame because he certainly had the looks to be a model and actor.

But maybe it's better that I can't find anything on him. This way he'll always be young and beautiful and I can live with my fantasies that he is healthy and happy and loving his life.
But, my curiosity has always been my tragic flaw, so if anyone knows any info on Doug, leave a comment below and if anyone knows him, give him my number ;)

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