Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spotlight On The Most Beautiful Woman Of Porn: Devinn Lane

I love this woman. I have been a fan of hers for years. I can't really explain it. There was just something so likable about her. Maybe it was because she didn't give off the typical porn girl vibe. She wasn't blonde, she didn't look like she had had a ton of bad plastic surgery or was trying to stay 18 forever. She actually looked like a real woman. Devinn gave off the vibe of a professional business woman, a career woman, maybe a soccer mom who was on the PTA or baked cookies for school fundraisers who just happened to make a living getting fucked on camera. Whatever it was about her, I always thought she was the most beautiful woman in porn and, as evidenced by her roles in 7 Lives Exposed, which she hosted for six seasons, and various softcore movies for Cinemax, she wasn't a bad actress. She appeared in 92 films, directed 24, was the 2001 Best New Starlet nominee for the Hot D'Or Awards and has several AVN nominations including two for Best Female Performer Of The Year, two for Best Supporting Actress and a Best Actress nomination. She has won two AVN's; Best Actress for her performance in Breathless and her work in In Style earned her the Best Solo Sex Scene Award. Pretty impressive.
Oh yeah, am I the only one who thinks she resembles the actress who played Katie in the Paranormal Activity movies? I swear to God when I first saw that movie I ran to IMDB to see if Devinn had transitioned to mainstream. Sadly it wasn't her but I did enjoy finding out that she was on Howard Stern's radio show, The Man Show and several episodes of The Helmetcam Show.
Anyway, enough rambling. Here's a couple pics to enjoy before we begin.

She was born Cherilyn McCarver on March 28th, 1972 in Newport Beach California. From what I've read Devinn was actually adopted and her adoptive dad, a fundamentalist Christian pastor, actually disowned her when he found out she was a porn star. It always breaks my heart when I read something like that.
When Devinn, who has also worked under the names Devin Lane and Devon Lane, was 16 she got pregnant. In 1990 to support herself and her child she began working as a stripper. In 1996, while she was still dancing, she was offered to pose for hardcore men's magazines. Three years later, in 1999, she began her career in porn performing only in lesbian scenes. In October of this same year, Devinn was also named The Penthouse Pet Of The Month.

In December of 1999 Devinn signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures. It wasn't until 2003 that she began performing with men. Her first heterosexual sex scene was the final scene of the film The Devinn Lane Show 5: Save The Best For Last. Devinn also directed all five installments of The Devinn Lane Show and fans seem to agree that this series is some of her best and most notable work as both a performer and director.
In 2002 she produced her first movie, Beautiful/Nasty, which was nominated for an AVN Award for Best All Girl Feature.
In 2005 Devinn sadly announced that she was taking an indefinite hiatus from performing to focus on directing exclusively for the porn production company Shane's World.
In October of 2008 Devinn filed a lawsuit siting copyright infringement against various companies including Digital PlayGround, Vivid and Moniker Online Services. The lawsuit alleged that these companies profited from domain names that were similar to her stage name and she never received any form of compensation. The defendants claimed that the lawsuit was frivolous and a retaliation attempt on Devinn's part for the "ebbing of her career as a contract girl due to her age and the diminishing public demand for her services."
In February of 2009 Devinn dismissed the claims against most of the companies leaving only Privacy Protect and Pixel named in the lawsuit.

Devinn has stated that she is bisexual and that coming to terms with her sexuality was the hardest thing she had to do. As a fellow bisexual I can completely empathize with her. You feel like a minority within a minority but I applaud her for being open to herself and accepting who she is.
If you watch any of Devinn's work be it hardcore, straight, lesbian, bi, softcore, whatever you can tell she was one of the few women who really enjoyed what she was doing. Maybe that's part of what drew so many of us to her and why so many of us loved her, admired her and respected her. I don't know if I would use the word charisma or "it" factor, but Devinn definitely had something that set her above the rest and whatever she is doing now I hope that she is happy and healthy, loving life and still smiling.