Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet The Incredible Jiz Lee

I love performers who are brave enough to defy boundaries, blur lines and just be themselves. So it's no surprise that I am a huge fan of Jiz Lee and the queer porn movement They has created. Lee has been called one of the major stars of the queer porn set by AVN Magazine's Steve Javors and it is a highly deserved title. A Feminist Porn Award Winner in the category of Boundary Breaker, a three time AVN Award nominee and a 2014 Xbiz Award nominee-fingers crossed for you Jiz-no one, in my opinion has done more to show that sexuality is not as black and white as a lot of people think.
Assigned female at birth, Lee is gender queer and prefers the gender neutral pronouns They or Their. Lee made Their debut in 2005 in the film The Crash Pad for Pink and White Productions. A self described free-agent, Lee initially only did scenes with Their lovers and only worked with directors They knew or had met beforehand.

Lee has had relationships with fellow performers Dallas and Syd Blakovich; together in 2004 they created the performance art collaboration piece Twincest which ran for four years.
They has spoken at Stanford, Scripts College and UC Berkeley as well as creating Karma Pervs a membership pay site creative outlet which benefits non profits.
In 2011 Lee joined forces with Courtney Trouble and created International Fisting Day to bring awareness to the industries censorship of vaginal fisting. Besides fisting, Lee is also an advocate of uncensored consensual sex on film.
I'm telling you, this is one of the most interesting and amazing artists working in the adult entertainment industry today. I have only begun to breach the surface of everything Lee has done for the industry. I could probably write a hundred blogs and not even begin to do They justice.
Since this is a blog on the sex industry I decided to tease you with just a hint of what Lee has done and who They is so you will head over to Their site Trust me it's amazing and you will spend hours there.

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