Thursday, December 11, 2014

In Memoriam: Jarod Diamond September 11, 1987-August 8, 2013

I don't know why but when I found out about Jarod's death it really hit me hard. Maybe it's because he was so young, only 25, or maybe it's because he's only a year younger than me, but whatever reason when I found out this young man had been taken from us I felt sadness. The really strange thing is I didn't know him personally but he seemed like someone I would be friends with and hang out with in real life.
I always liked Jarod, there was just something about him. He just seemed like the kind of friendly guy that you could share a beer with while watching the game.
Unfortunately there's not a lot of information available on Jarod. I always wondered how he got into porn. I can't really describe it but, even though it seemed like he was enjoying what he was doing, Jarod just always felt out of place to me. He almost seemed to be a little above porn. When I first saw him I wondered if maybe he was one of those guys who tried to make it as a mainstream actor or model and, when that path didn't pan out, got into adult entertainment. He certainly had the looks to do mainstream modeling and soaps.
Whatever his story was I just hope that wherever he is now he's happy and resting peacefully.
Now here is what I was able to find out about this very handsome young man.

He was born Jarod Arnsten Johnson in California. He didn't do that many scenes or films but, if he would have continued in the industry he probably would have been a huge star. Like I said before, it looked like he was enjoying his job and he was a very good looking dude. Six feet tall, nicely muscled with a great looking dick and ass.
Besides his porn work he also appeared in the Cinemax films Online Crush, Cougar School and The Sex Spirit and the Cinemax series, Co-Ed Confidential; I actually auditioned for that series and was so sad when I didn't get cast. It was one of my favorite series. But back to Jarod.

After he retired from the business, Jarod moved to Utah where he started his own business refurbishing old firearms. Tragically, a firearm accident is how he died.
When he was living in California he lived in both Simi Valley and Mammoth Lakes. He reportedly loved those places because of the mountains and natural beauty. Maybe that was part of his appeal to so many of us, he wasn't the typical LA dude.
Jarod was a Boy Scout who loved the outdoors and nature preservation as well as skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain and dirt biking, rock climbing, shooting, BMX, fishing and drawing.
I like to think that he his happily spending eternity in the outdoors doing all the things he loved, eternally young and never having to endure the ravages of time.
Rest In Peace buddy.