Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Marcus Mojo AKA Landon Mycles Has Returned To Gay Porn!

My birthday has come a month early!
Everyone's favorite straight muscled power bottom and my pretend porn star boyfriend, Marcus Mojo has returned to gay porn after a much too long absence from the industry in a new scene from in which he tops, yes you heard that right, tops, the equally studly Brenner Bolton.
And I have to say Marcus, who is using the name he first used when he entered the industry, Landon Mycles, looks even better than before. I am totally in both love and lust with the new Landon Mycles. I love the chest and stomach fur and how he's aged into a nice otter/cub. Totally makes me want to do a gay porn scene with him, although to be fair I've always wanted to do a gay porn scene with him! HAHA.
Anyway, welcome back Landon and stick around for a while. Can't wait to see you bottom again! If you need a top call me maybe?...... ;) HAHA.