Thursday, September 10, 2015

Erotic Photographer Verner Degrey Hosts Exhibit At Vegas' Erotic Heritage Museume 9/10-11/10

Damn I wish I was still in Las Vegas! This is a treat not to be missed. But at least it gives me a good excuse and reason to go back and visit.
Famed erotic photographer, Verner Degrey, who spent the past ten years living in Tahiti and photographing all of the deliciously athletic and yummy Tahitian men on the island will have an exhibit of his work at the famous Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum.
The exhibit opens tonight, September 10th with a special opening night gala and runs through November 10th.
To read the full article click here:
For more information on the museum and the exhibit go here:
Congrats on the new exhibit Verner!



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